Where I’ll Be While You’re Entering My Vlog Contest (ENDS TODAY!)

Cheeky chipmunks, my video blogging contest ends today (October 22, midnight EST)!! You have about 14 hours to enter your 30-second video. By my calculations, this means you could do 8 billion (maybe slightly less) takes and still have time to qualify for the WORLD’S BEST PRIZE! You don’t want to miss out. Just ask Sprinkles.

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying a lovely, relaxing Saturday with my two besties (b-day celebration in the hiz-ouse!), Uncle Jesse, Peppermeister annnnnd….a puppy!!!

My chipmunkalicious friend, Jenn, volunteers for 11th Hour Rescue, and is currently providing a foster home for a lil’ pitbull named Kelly.

Here’s Kelly. Get ready for an aww-attack.

Hi! I'm Kelly. You know you love me.

Imma show Uncle Jesse who's boss.

...Unless I get too sleepy.


19 responses to “Where I’ll Be While You’re Entering My Vlog Contest (ENDS TODAY!)

  1. OMG!! That second picture looks like it was done professionally. Are you a dog whisperer, too? That puppy’s speckled nose is a killer!!

  2. She is incredibly gorgeous….who doesn’t love puppies?

    • Thank you! And, my thoughts exactly. In fact, this is my current train of thought: “Puppies, puppies, puppies, beans, puppies, puppies, puppies.”

      (Okay. I’ll explain. I made REALLY good slow-baked beans with bacon last night. LOL)

  3. Have a great day. Just know I’ll be dancing the entire day. Oh, and I just posted my Mash-Up… but I might have to include a little revision to include your fun contest. In the meantime, look at the picture that I posted there and see another guilty pleasure: dressing up in costumes.

    And not even on Halloween.

    Just because.

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  5. I adore Kelly (and you as well, Uncle Jesse!).

    My heart goes out to pit bulls. My sister has one, and is a big advocate for the breed. I follow this group on FB: https://www.facebook.com/VAPBAC … mostly for her so she’ll forgive my former misconception about them.

  6. Oh my goodness, that puppy is just precious! Oh I loves her!

  7. I HOPE I WIN!

    what is v-i-d-e-o blogging? Sounds like I’d have to get dressed and brush my hair.





  9. Good morning! 😉

    *yawns and stretches*

    So um… what’s going on?

    WHO WON?!

  10. That Renee is a real corker, isn’t she? Just promise me that you’ll let her down easily when you tell her that I’ve won! 🙂

    • You ladies tickle me to pieces! (Let’s just keep it to this metaphorical way, though, shall we?! <– I only know this is an "interrobang" thanks to Renee, but this should in no way influence the vote.)

      Honest to goodness, I forgot this was a contest when I did my submission. I just thought it would be fun. Now I just want the results to be posted so I can put 'em up on Facebook without linking directly to my page. Again. 😉

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