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Hold onto Your Hats: My Halloween Contest Starts NOW!

Oh. Oh. Oh. My God. Deep breaths.

I can’t believe IT’S FINALLY TIME.

I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR for this.

No, it’s not giving the middle finger. I never said I was good at this.

Last fall, when this blog was still called Go Guilty Pleasures!, I asked readers to make a 30-second video blog about a favorite guilty pleasure. The winner received a custom jack-o-lantern, designed and carved by yours truly.

Imagine apple picking with THIS.

I know. As if fall wasn’t already the Darren Criss of seasons.

I had so much fun with it, I immediately started thinking about next year’s contest. Video blogs are tricky; I wanted something easier for participants.

Then this happened:

Did you hear Renée likes to win? (

And this happened:

Donah, aren’t slap bracelets royally awesome? (

And it hit me. I love hats. All hats. It’s, without a doubt, a top guilty pleasure. Thus, I bring to you:

The Rules

Design a hat incorporating something fun / funny / silly that speaks to your inner chipmunk. Use ANYTHING, so long as you can find a way to put it on your head and take a picture.

If you want to stay anonymous, you can put the hat on a pet or stuffed animal, or I will gladly superimpose a head of your my choosing onto the picture before posting it.

Submit your pictures via email, Twitter, or your blog (just be sure to let me know you’ve done so).

One submission per person.

The Deadline

Friday, October 26, 2012, 12 MIDNIGHT EST.

DEADLINE EXTENDED to Saturday, October 27, 2012, 12 MIDNIGHT EST.

The Prize(s)

1st Place: A custom jack-o-lantern from Go Jules Go. Since I can’t ship that to you, you’ll also receive a pair of ‘stache glasses!

Runner-up: ‘Stache-glasses, ‘o course.

(If you already have a pair of ‘stache glasses, I’ll give you some other fun, ‘stache-y options.)

I’ll post your submissions throughout the month, and announce the winner on Halloween (Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 6am EST).

If you didn’t just pee a little from excitement, you’re dead to me.

Good luck! …I love you.

59 thoughts on “Hold onto Your Hats: My Halloween Contest Starts NOW!”

  1. I am delighted to inform you that the images here exceed the Maximum Hotness Rating Per Post standards set by . . .oh, wait. I guess there aren’t any. Hats off to you for this fun idea. I’m looking forward to the parade!

    1. It’s funny you say that, Debster, because I actually use Second Hub’s picture sparingly for that very reason. Neither WordPress nor I can handle much more.

      And thank you – I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with…!

  2. Obviously Hugo will be the wearer of any chapeau I create with my ham hands, but isn’t his bald head what makes him magnificent? Isn’t putting a hat on his head the equivalent of blocking out the sun? This is tough because, as you know, my life goal is to win a pair of ‘stache glasses.

    1. Wowwww. Um. I love you. This is precisely the type of creativity all chipmunks should strive to achieve.

      AND you used the phrase “jaunty bow.” Thank you.

      Thank you.

          1. I would never flatter you just to win something.

            HEY! Have you lost weight? Your hair looks really shiny and lovely today. You MUST tell me what moisturizer you use to maintain such a glowing complexion!

  3. Ooh! I am still in awe of the closet monster pumpkin!

    Great contest idea, JD. But no video this time? dangit.
    Can I enter my recent Crackatoa hat pic? Who doesn’t like a volcano hat?

    1. Oh, D Pants. Every day I love you a little more. I kind of want to write a song about/for you.

      Please feel free to make a hat vlog. Just know that it will make everyone else jealz.

  4. Awesome! I am basically a hat short of a Halloween costume as of right now (go, go jaw surgery!) so this might just be the motivation I need to make my look complete!

      1. Doing pretty good! I mean when I talk I sound kind of like Darth Vader mixed with Bane, haha and I am glad I could make your day feel a little more fulfilled! :p

  5. Hmmm, hats. That is indeed a tricky idea. I’m not sure who’s head I would put it upon as there is that whole anonymity thing to consider. And I’m not really sure that the world is ready for a feet hat just yet. (Stache glasses, yes . . . hat? Nope). I will need to work on this, for sure.

  6. I can’t believe you are doing this. This was going to be my winter gig. Kind of. I mean hats. Oy. You saw my hat dance, right? I lurve hats. And I have a million! I might have to still do it. My prize is different. And what I’d be asking people to do is different. Omigosh, Jules! I don’t want you to think I’m a copy cat.

    Can we go with great minds think alike?

    PS: I look yummy in that picture. I mean, my hat looks yummy in this picture. 😉

    1. Noooo! Really? I feel TERRIBLE! But, you MUST do it; it doesn’t sound like the same thing at all!!

      This great mind also thinks you look yummy. The animal crackers on your head did special things to me. Clearly.

      1. You said you were doing a hat thing, but I pictured Julie wearing a different hat everyday. Duh! How stupid. Of course you would pull in the blogosphere.

        Anyway, we are due to collaborate. Maybe we can figure something out together for winter. Or spring. 😉

  7. This might finally be my chance to get me some ‘stache glasses. I AM the hat girl. I adore hats and wear them as much as I can, which is just one more reason I love winter. I’ve got a lot of them, too.

    Funny hat story: When my sister got married back in the 90s, I wore a crushed velvet hat with a silk flower and a big feather sticking out (Sadly, I don’t have it anymore.) To say it made a splash would be an understatement. This was in November. I was visiting home several months later either for Easter or over the summer, and my sister, my mother and I went to mass because the priest that did my sister’s wedding was there that day. After the mass, we went up to say hello. He greeted my sister, asked how she was, etc. Then he saw me. “Heeeeyyyyy! It’s the hat sister! How the heck are ya??” I think my sister is still a little annoyed at me.

    I love me a hat. And as you well know, my Zelda and Mrs.Parker love them some hats too. Oh, the possibilities…

  8. Why does all this fun sound like so much WORK? Just assume I did the very best hat and SEND ME THE DAMN PUMPKIN ALREADY, ok?

    Sorry. I have a bad cold and most of my brains have been displaced by lime jello. Next week I’ll be all rainbows and puppies and sprinkles. For sure.

    1. Peggles! I’m sorry you’re sick!

      And you’re right. I keep forgetting not everyone has a bag of back hair and a surplus of gold glitter at their disposal.

      Then again, I have it on good authority that you have yellow pipe cleaners that curl like a dream…

  9. Oh god, hat making? I have no crafty talents. And hats? I — well I was going to wear hats but I guess that’s a lie since my picture has me in a hat, but that is clearly not for style sake!

    Bah! I really need a pair of ‘stache glasses, this real ‘stache just isn’t enough anymore.

  10. I rarely wear hats because my head is too big. Literally. Although my ego can use some downsizing. So maybe making one’s the answer. Hmmmm may have to do something edible…

  11. Oh, if only I could enter a pre-made hat…the wretched train engineer-inspired Easter bonnet my great-aunt bought for me in 1979. I have posted pictures of it on my blog and made even the hardest hearts ache with pity. I would rule this contest. You’re going to actually expect us to be creative? Geesh. More homework. You’re so tough on us, Jules.

  12. Oh my sweet lord. This is the contest i was born for! One of my wedding themes was fancy hats!!!! But can i make one? Homework? What homework 0______0 SUCH a great idea, but i guess you probably get tired of hearing of your genious 😉 Game on!

  13. I do not wear hats. Ever. So thank goodness my daughter is already cute. We totally have this thing in the bag…

    P.S. Finally did the slap bracelet post. And I kid you not that slap bracelets have gone political.

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