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“Hold Onto Your Hats” Halloween Contest: The Entrants!

Well, by the time you’re reading this, I may be under water and/or without power thanks to Hurricane Sandy, but luckily, your favorite project manager planned ahead!

A BIG thank you to the below “Hold Onto Your Hats” contest entrants – you just really get it, don’t you? I’ll announce the winner and runner-up at 6am EST on Halloween (Wednesday, October 31st), as planned!

Click on any of the pictures to access the entrant’s blog page. (Yeah. That’s right. We’re fancy at Go Jules Go. Wait’ll you see Wednesday’s post.) Listed in the order in which they were received:

Thanks again, Chipmunks! Stay safe out there – and by that I mean, let someone else check your candy for razor blades. You don’t have time for that. You’ve got blogs to read.

43 thoughts on ““Hold Onto Your Hats” Halloween Contest: The Entrants!”

  1. I have no chance of winning this after seeing the other entrants. You told me the dorkiest one would win, JD! I had no idea we could use cheese or neon green hair or cute tiny babies. Not fair.

    1. I just realized it might be a mistake to mention an infant and your entry in the same comment reply.

      Um… how about this hurricane, huh? I’m sure Hugo will protect you. He could plug up any leaks in the roof.

    1. Ha! Yours or the judge’s?

      I’m surprised people don’t realize that compliments on my presentation of the entrants’ hats is a major factor in the judge’s decision.

      You people are so spoiled.

  2. I was going to apologize for not entering, but as soon as I saw what my competition would have been, I knew it was the right decision. I don’t like to lose, and coming in dead last would have been a strong possibility, despite my penchant for whimsy and uncanny fashion sense. I’m glad I don’t have to pick a winner.

    As for my opinions…what?… you didn’t ask? You asked for “a reply”…that’s a call for opinions in my mind. Anyway, I side with Greatsby, in that Renee is entirely too fashionable and attractive in her hat. That’s the mark of a true hottie: looking good in stupid clothes. Darla’s hat was nice, but somewhat predictable and bittersweet to those of us who didn’t win one in her contest. Byronic should be ashamed of himself – we all know that picture was staged, and as such, it would have been infinitely more amusing if the book was upside down. As for Speaker 7 – the butt plugs and Hugo’s being a good sport never go out of style. The cheese head is impressive – remind me to go stock up on hot-glue sticks and dairy products. Catstache’s entry would have been more impressive had we not already seen it at one of the royal weddings. Last but not least, Tinkerbelle’s hat would have been better received had she actually bought it and not just taken the pic in the store and then put it back on the shelf (although, from what Jenna Maroney was charging for them on a recent episode of 30 Rock, I can’t blame Tink for being reluctant to buy one). I’m confused as to whether le clown’s entry is an entry, and my interactions with him tend to leave me crying and feeling alone, so I’ll just defer making any sort of comment.

    As I pointed out earlier, I didn’t post an entry and I have no right to judge. You zany kids with your wacky hats are all winners in my book.

    1. 1 Point Perspective,
      I thought my entry was quite clever: add a body to a fedora hat. How’s that for a twist? And Le Clown doesn’t want you to cry. That’s actually quite sad… Why would that be?
      Le Clown

  3. Would it help if I pointed out that none of that was attached, but just BALANCED on top of that hat? Doesn’t level of difficulty add a couple more points? And, you forgot to mention that it is not just a cheesehead……it is a MACARONI & CHEESEHEAD. That’s right. 😉

    I am sitting here waiting for the power to go out as well. I told my kids we have to do all electronic things early this morning, so video games and movie watching are the current activities. Books and games will come later. I’m sure stir craziness is pending any minute. Good luck to you and everyone else dealing with the storm!

    P.S. B-man’s baby is totally cheating. I’m starting to think he had that baby just so he could have an unfair cuteness advantage in your contest. :p

  4. Oh sweet hat goodness. That cheese hat is beyond my wildest hat contest dreams. I like a hat that can double as a snack as i love to eat. All i need is a bread hat and a wine hat and i’m set to party.

  5. These entrants are hysterical, cute, inventive. I’m so glad I didn’t subject myself to the humiliation of a pathetic entry.

    But may I point out the masterful presentation of said entrants? Jules, your HTML powers are super-human!

  6. Jules,
    I have a feeling Hugo’s butt plug hat might become 2013’s trendiest fashion accessory. I will only believe it of course when I’ll see Tim Gunn wearing it.
    Le Clown

  7. All of these are awesome, a great way to get into the Halloween spirit! For sheer cuteness my vote goes to the lobster hat, and for ingenuity, Misty’s Deconstructed MacHat.

  8. Did anyone here about Suzy the seven hundred pound pumpkin on NPR? I’m pretty sure she is doping… but I’ll still give to the cancer charity she will inevitably set up.

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