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“Hold Onto Your Hats” Halloween Contest: The WINNERS!

A few weeks ago, I asked readers to submit wacky hat pictures, either hats they owned, or ones they designed. The winner would receive a jack-o-lantern (designed and carved by yours truly) and Sun-Staches mustache glasses, and the runner-up would also get some ‘stache glasses.

And now the time has come to announce the winner(s).

So. Let’s not waste any time here, Chipmunks. There’s candy to steal and kids to traumatize!

1st Place


Congratulations, Ladies! Now, let’s kick this Monster Mash up a notch… Misty, here is part one of your prize, a custom jack-o-lantern from yours truly – featuring your favorite mac and cheese maker! (Wait for it…)


This will all make sense soon. If you know Misty. If not, it’s still cool. …Right? Well hey. Ha. I had fun.


While I designed this pattern, I used the Pumpkin Masters method of poking holes into the pumpkin to transfer the pattern. And no, they didn’t compensate me in any way to say that. In fact, never mind. I transferred this pattern using only the powers of my mind.


There are So. Many. Jokes. about Cracker Barrel here. But I won’t. Because I love Misty. And mac and cheese is delicious, wherever it comes from.


Congratulations, Misty and Speaker7! I’ll be in touch via email to award you with all that is ‘stache-y.

Thank you so much for playing along, Chipmunks! This contest is one of my faaaavorite things. EVER.

Happy Halloween!

45 thoughts on ““Hold Onto Your Hats” Halloween Contest: The WINNERS!”

  1. Oh my god! I won ‘stache glasses!?! I have no problem admitting I lost control of all bodily functions when I saw Hugo’s butt-plugged head on your blog. I have so many people to thank….Hugo, of course, butt plugs, people who make butt-plug buttons, E.L. James, Donald Trump. I have fulfilled my life dream and now I can just hang out for the next 45 years. Thank you Jules!

    1. Congrats Speaker!!! Now as soon as I can figure out how to package things in the dark, we’ll be all set! I’m at Starbucks now, on my phone, and just wanted to let you know I’m alive, but even my company is without power, so I may have a little trouble accessing email for the next couple days. We expect to be out (at the house) for two weeks or more. Please tell Hugo this is how I’ll think of him as I’m drinking in the dark by jack-o-lantern light.

  2. If I had known how to send you a pic I am sure I would have won (ha ha) love the pumpkin but if I had won you would have had to do something warm and fuzzy, and really, how much fun would that have been?
    Happy Halloween and congrats to the winners of whom I am extremely jealous.

    1. This makes me realize I probably should have tried to incorporate a chipmunk into the pumpkin pattern no matter who won. Chipmunks like Cracker Barrel, I’m sure.

      I say blame your son. He didn’t need to go to school when he could have been showing you how to send a picture to me.

    1. Renzzz, thank you! In case you didn’t see the comments on the entry post, know that I’m not alone in saying you of all people could pull off that hat, and frankly, I think that was the problem. You’re just too hot to look goofy. How sad for you.


    1. Thanks, Susie! Happy belated Halloween, to you, too (well, technically Hapy early Halloween, since they rescheduled it to Monday in NJ, ha)! Misty’s hat was cheesy in all the right ways.

  3. Fabuloso! Congrats to the winners. And Jules, I can’t believe you came through like this with your primitive living conditions. Hang on, sweetie!

    1. Thanks, Peggles! I actually did the ‘entrants’ and the ‘winner’ posts both on Sunday, because I knew I wouldn’t have time during the week. Turns out that was wise for a LOT of reasons!!

      (Pretty sure even my inner chipmunk would have told me to go stratch if I thought I had to carve a pumpkin and somehow publish the post without power.)

  4. Hahahahaha!!!!

    Oh Jules. You truly light up my life! Even if you yourself are without lights and power. 😦

    Thank you so much!! Halloween is my absolute favorite, so it is completely appropriate that THIS is the contest of yours I would win. Woo-Hoo!

    AND, I beat the Byronic baby? I guess she’ll have to learn sometime that cuteness won’t always win. An early lesson in humility, sure, but a good life lesson nonetheless.

    But what I need to know is, how on earth did you get that picture of me sitting in front of the Cracker Barrel?? I am usually so good at staying incognito! 😉

    Thanks so much, Jules. And I hope the power gods visit you soon. Love you!!!!!

    1. Oh Misty. I love your puns like I love that hat. And see – I told you you’d find out this week why it was funny that you sent a mac and cheese hat! You see, to avoid choking in the magic moment, I come up with ideas for all of the entrants before it’s carving time. So when you said you were entering, I immediately thought I’d do a Cracker Barrel-themed pumpkin if you were the winner. Then you sent the mac and cheese hat and it was so perfect! Meant to be.

      Can’t wait to add some more ‘stache to your house.

      Why does that sound dirty?

  5. So, you don’t think my baby is cute, is what you’re saying. I see. I see. Fair enough… Just because she was only wearing a normal hat in direct contrast to the parameters of the contest…

    1. I had soooo many good jack-o-lantern ideas for you. Maybe if your baby was just a little cuter.

      Oh man. I can’t even say that jokingly.

      She is so flippin’ cute. I heart that picture. Thank you!

      1. Yup, we do. Not to rub it in but out of everyone I know, we’re one of the few with power. So weird. I feel bad for everyone. I hope you get it back soon…a few weeks? No! Bundle up!! 😦

        1. That’s what I thought you had said the other day – I’m so glad you do! What a relief.

          OMG. I had to take the comforter from the guest room last night and add it to the pile on top of me, LOL

          But hey. This is what vodka’s for.

          1. Definitely fortunate but I almost feel guilty for having power, lol. I saw lots of people stocking up on alcohol instead of water, and I can’t blame them one bit! Drink upppp, keep warm! 😀 Crossing my fingers for you guys to get heat back asap!

  6. Big congrats to both Misty and Speaker! Love the pumpkin! You are incredible, a carving queen. Well done, Julesy! And like Peg said, to do all this in the conditions you’re dealing with? Amazing. I certainly hope everyone is okay where you are, granted having no power is bad enough. Stay safe.

    1. DP! Don’t you feel like a winner just by having that awesome LL Bean hat and because I love you and write songs about you?

      But as I confessed to Peggles, I actually did all of this contest stuff on Sunday because I knew I wouldn’t have time during the week. I don’t think I would have had the heart to try to blog during the madness of the storm and clean-up. The power-less crankiness is starting to settle in. I think that means it’s time to start drinking. It is 10am after all. (That’s when I started yesterday, HA!)

  7. You are a Pumpkin Carving Queen! Nicely done. I’m planning my hat for next year starting now.

    I wonder if Misty has ever tried the Chicken and Dumplings at Cracker Barrel…

    1. Thanks, Rache!! In a way I’m glad you didn’t enter your costume into the mix, because then the decision would have been even harder! But that pumpkin IS local… 😉

  8. Misty’s Law (and Hugo),
    Congratulations to both of you! If I had more enthusiasm, I would be dressing-up as a symbiotic version of the two of you for Halloween, with the butt plug hat. But as I am one lazy clown, I’ll just sit on my window ledge and throw rocks at kids.

    Jules, kudos on a great contest.
    Le Clown

    1. ME TOO! LOL

      Thank you for entering such an ADORABLE hat – sometimes I think I’m a glutton for punishment for doing these contents, because it’s so difficult to pick a winner!

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