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My Life is Hanging in the Balance!

Hiya, Chipmunks.

I know it’s been a little over a week since I’ve regaled you with talking animals and my ceaseless wit, so I thought I’d pop in just to let you know my life is in utter turmoil.

I kid, I kid.


Right now I’m sitting in a spare office waiting to see if I still have a job [in project management]. They’re laying off 20% of my division’s workforce this month, and today everyone in my department is getting called down to the principal’s office to find out their Fate.

You might think this is an odd time to blog. Especially since I might have a lot of time to blog in the very near future (ba-da-BUM!), but what else am I gonna do? Work?

Nah. I’d rather reminisce about last weekend in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where I did a little of this…


…and a little of that…


…and a whole lotta this:

Troegenator might -seriously- be the best beer I've ever had.
Troegenator might -seriously- be the best beer I’ve ever had.

You know, with some time off, I could do a lot of traveling. And video blogging. And pumpkin carving.

Especially once we sell the house.

Oh hang on. I think my phone is ringing.

Have you ever gone through company lay-offs? How did they/you handle it?


64 thoughts on “My Life is Hanging in the Balance!”

  1. What a lousy thing to have to wait to go through. I’m rootin’ for ya, Jules! I’d hire you to work for me, but it’s mostly changing G$’s diapers, wiping Cool’s ass and fetching me beers. The pay is terrible but the boss is a prince of a man.

    1. Aw, thanks, your highness (heiny-ness?)! You might notice a lot of beers missing, though. Wait. No. Not if it’s Bud Lite Lime. Those are safe.

      It’s totally brutal because you don’t know when you’re getting called, just that it’ll be sometime before 4pm. Gah!

      1. Shame on them if they’re not letting people go with all the earliest appointments! What a gyp to be let go near quitting time after spending the whole day at work! I don’t like to burn bridges, but that might make me snap a little bit.

        1. I really have nothing but good things to say about how they’re handling this (or at least nothing but good tihngs to say publicly, because I’m not an idiot), but I really wish they could email you your notification so everyone gets theirs at the same time, and then give you the option of an in-person meeting.

  2. I was laid off once. I cried. But then I got my old job back from the previous company I had worked for and everything turned out fine.

    1. That’s the part that probably stresses me out the most – I have such a fear of crying in public, especially at work!

      But ultimately I know everything will turn out for the best, and I’m so glad it did for you!

      1. Haha, it is rather embarrassing when it happens. 🙂 & thanks! Good luck to you. I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

  3. Oh no! Oh Jules, I am so sorry. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. And all my other appendages as well. So, you probably won’t be the only one not getting any work done today.

    I’m glad you had a grand ole time at the sweetest place on earth! We took the boys for my oldest’s birthday this year and made our own chocolate bars as well. Good times, good times.

    Please tell me you bought that hat. You must wear it at our next bruch. It’s the law!

    1. Thanks, Ninja Snaps! The ‘make your own chocolate bar’ adventure was worth every penny!

      I was just looking at that picture thinking, “WHY didn’t I buy that hat?!?!”

      This might be the biggest regret of my life.

      That and going into a tanking industry.

        1. Word. I am SO marrying for money the second time around. I’m too pretty to work this hard! 😉

          And I can’t believe you didn’t buy that hat. I guess you’ll have to comfort yourself with a homemade chocolate bar. And booze, of course. Always booze.

  4. Good luck dear! Layoffs suck and are hard, but I know that you’ll find something awesome no matter what. Because you’re awesome. So you know that helps.

  5. Hang on, sweetie. I’m betting that company is not so stupid they’d give up one of their best (if not THE best) employees.

    I’m with you on the ” not marrying for money” regret – I blame my Mom for not teaching me that.

  6. My wife’s company just held a round of layoffs. Fortunately, she survived, but it was a trying process indeed.

    But hey, unemployment should provide plenty of blog fodder!

  7. I got laid off the day I came back from a vacation and immediately after graduating with my Master’s degree. I got another (better) job anyway and didn’t have to work 60 hours a week. I did not cry (at work) anyway -things worked out.

    I need to marry for money the next time…I’m looking for a olderr one, though…

    1. Oy! But these things really do work out for the best in the end. I actually got a call in August [that this was on the horizon] whlie I was on vacation; we just didn’t know exactly when it was coming and how many people it would affect.

      I should really take a walk down the hall to the executive offices and see if anyone’s single and ready to mingle, eh?

  8. Jules…you’re awesome. You’ll be fine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    If something does happen, we have a spare room…till February.

    I’m a contractor for the govt, so although I’m ok, our building is pretty empty this week. It’s sad.

    1. Thanks, Thoughtsy! Any need for a live-in nanny?!

      That is sad. Oy. I keep saying oy. Are there any jobs that consider that a skill? “Ability to multi-task while expressing herself emphatically. And to type 90 WPM.”

  9. Happened twice which is 2x too many. On the other hand I landed in much better places I only dreamed of. Ok, I’m lying, I don’t dream about work. But u smell what I’m cooking, right?

    It’s surprising that PMs would be laid off – they’re usually jn vital high demand positions in companies.

      1. Thanks FWH! “Two times too many” – you said it! I haven’t had more than 6-9 mos. of job stability since I graduated! And I have the blood pressure to prove it.

        I do smell what you’re cooking. And I want some.

  10. If the news isn’t good, please promise that you’ll pack your box and wear that Hershey kiss hat proudly as you walk out the door. The would be the only silver lining, and it’s all about me Jules. So, I hope you won’t be wearing your hat to walk out the door. But I’ll still be imagining it. Good luck!

  11. Ouch! so sorry about the waiting. It can be difficult to seat through, I’ll probably do what you’re doing (blog) till I know my fate. Hope you don’t get to be called in after all. All the best Jules

    1. Thank you so much! It’s definitely the waiting that’s the worst, although other areas have to wait 2-3 more weeks, so in a way, I’m lucky. (It’s all relative today, isn’t it? LOL Pass the chocolate!!!)

  12. Ah darn it for you! As the old cliche says, the waiting is the worst part. I’ve never been in that exact situation but at the university where I work, and have worked since 2002, it’s been all short term contract after short term contract, so the possibility of it is ALWAYS there. The way I look at it though, whatever happens, we’ll always have beer and chocolate right? Hope it works out good for ya!

    1. Thanks so much! Luckily I do have a chocolate stockpile at home with my name all over it. …Literally.

      And I hear that! Even though I’ve stayed with this company for almost 7 years, I don’t even know what job security IS. My manager/position/role has changed constantly. It’s exhausting.

  13. Yep. I’ve been laid off, and so has my hubby. It sucks, but it also opens the door to new opportunities. Can’t say I minded having a little time to breathe, and I was lucky to be living in a poverty culture at the time, so I knew how to keep myself entertained without feeling the pinch so much. No internet back then. The dog got walked a lot, and I saw some beautiful parks.

  14. I say it you do unfortunately get laid off, get all “dramatic” start bawling your eyes out and ugly crying.Make long phone calls that people can over hear making plans to pawn stuff for food and rent,,etc. Make them feel all as uncomfortable as you have been put thru all day.
    Then as you are walking out the door,,,say Bye Bitches!

    1. Dang it. That would have been the perfect angle for this post – suggestions for the best way to quit a job! Actually, I DID do a post about that once and if you ever doubt bloggers’ creativity…whew! I’ll send you to that post!

      Thank you for the laugh – I’m suddenly regretting my decision to wear waterproof mascara… 😉

  15. Oh man Jules! I broke out in a cold sweat for you. We had room 217 in high school for anyone in trouble. It must have been a counselor’s office…I can still hear it over the loud speaker. Susie McCartan. please come down to room 217….

  16. That wait has to be killing you. I am so sorry that you have to deal with this movie-like suspense. Corporate America sucks like that. I certainly hope you are able to maintain your position and I’m rooting for you.

  17. I was laid off a few years ago due to budget cuts. Even though I knew it was coming and had other stuff to fall back on, it was a lot more difficult and disheartening than I thought it would be. (Feeling better yet?) Before I had a chance to embark on a career as a professional whiner/winer, I was rehired. I did cry a lot when I was told of the layoff. It wasn’t pretty. Now that I’m back there permanently I always look comparatively glamourous.

  18. I got laid off once. I hated that job – but I also hated someone else telling me I couldn’t work there anymore. I hate that someone else sometimes controls your life. I feel for you.

  19. Fingers crossed for you, Jules! I know how you feel. I was laid off last year. At first I was sad, then I was like, HELL YEAH, THIS IS THE LIFE! Then I got re-hired, and now I’m just sad…lol.
    But seriously, best of luck to you!

  20. In an odd coincidence I’m in the market for a live-in project manager with a cute dog. Let me know what you find out–I’ll take my ad off Craigslist .

    And no matter what happens, remember that you are talented and recruitable and lovely. I should know–I work in HR.

  21. I feel for you, Jules. While I’ve never gone through layoffs, I have gone through furloughs. I’d like to thank the political a-holes in Washington for the Shutdown that has forced most of my office to stay home, while I have become the touch point for all data calls and requests. Oh, and did I mention we’re trying to close out the fiscal year, start the new fiscal year, AND roll out a new system that we’ve received little training on? To say the least, 2013 has been a very interesting year for us civil servants. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your job is safe… we can’t have Uncle Jesse in the soup kitchen line! 😉

  22. Being laid off/fired sucks. no matter what the circumstances. hope all is well. whatever happens, things will work out. OK. Enough homilies from uncle coopernicus….

  23. If by “laid off” you mean “the show closed,” then, yes. I trust that however this plays out, you’re going to kick ass. After all, we have some fraggling at a renn faire to attend to.

  24. On the bright side if the government doesn’t start back up the currency will collapse and we will mostly all of us lose a lot more than our jobs. Although this prospect may seem appropriately terrifying at least you will have comfort if things didn’t work out at the job… and you can totally break out the ironic laughter and direct it directly at your new old boss. But I hope we still have a dollar and you keep your job none the less. Cheers.

  25. I think this is the perfect time to mention that fave quote of mine: “When one door shuts, another one opens, and you should really just run on through it because on the other side of that door are loads of chocolate and bacon and champagne.”

    I know you’ll be fine, JD. You are a pretty badass, kick-ass woman.

  26. Been there friend. I got laid off in 2009 for 9 months and it was a major bummer, but it was also awesome because my Mom had a major surgery and I was available to stay home with her and take care of her and we watched every episode of Bones and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything in the world. Give me a shout if you need anything, I will happily sing NSync and other favorite 90’s tunes for you over the phone. OR you could move to Texas because I could use a good project manager and that’s no joke.

  27. I’m hoping that by today you know your fate and that you will NOT have time to blog a lot because you will be busy at your current job! Got my toes crossed for you, Jules!

  28. Oh man, Jules. I’m really sorry to hear your company has to let so many employees go. My own work announced hours cutbacks a month ago, but since then had a last minute opportunity fall in their laps that made it all moot. Everyone’s back to full time. I’m hoping your company is being proactive and protective of its people and that hopefully a lot of workers will be asked back soon!

    But, drinking beer and creating customized chocolate is a good way to spend that excess time on your hands. 🙂 I’ll be thinkin’ of ya!

  29. I managed to get WAAAAY behind in my blog reading and just saw this. Hope it all worked out for you. I’ve been through the dreadful layoff experience. No bueno. Drinking helps at first. Then, you just dust off and keep going.

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