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Win A Custom Jack-o-Lantern from Go Jules Go!


Yes. Yes. Yesyesyesyesyesyes!

It’s my favorite time of [the bloggy calendar] year! Time for…

The World’s Most Amazing Halloween Contest*

*according to me

The rules are always a little different, but the prize remains the same: A custom jack-o-lantern, designed and carved by yours truly. I base the design on you/your entry, and am so excited to see what this year will bring.

2011 Winner: Deb from The Monster in Your Closet



2012 Winner: Misty from Misty’s Laws




The Rules

I mentioned in my last post that I made a spicy pepper-infused apple pie. Today you can find out it if it sank or swam on my hub, Peppermeister’s, blog.

Sometimes Frankensteining (eh? Get it?) a recipe together goes awry, other times it blows your mind.

To enter the contest, simply tell me about an unusual food or drink combo you’ve invented or sampled. You can a) leave it in the comments section below, b) blog about it and link back to this post (note: this contest is open to everyone – not just bloggers!), or c) email me:

I’ll pick a winner based on insanity originality – it doesn’t matter if the recipe fails or flourishes, just that you gave it the old college try.

The Prize

A custom jack-o-lantern designed and carved by Go Jules Go.

Like this, only, you know, for you, instead of my dog, Uncle Jesse, (this is him cheating while playing Uno).
Like this, only, you know, for you. (This is my dog, Uncle Jesse, playing Uno, obviously.)

Oh and Uncle Jesse says there might be an autographed picture in your future.

He doesn't do this for just anyone, you know.
He doesn’t do this for just anyone, you know.

The Deadline

Monday, October 28th, midnight EST. Winner announced at 7am EST on Halloween, October 31st.

Happy Frankensteining!


54 thoughts on “Win A Custom Jack-o-Lantern from Go Jules Go!”

  1. My friend made me a birthday cake once with a mocha buttercream frosting that had ancho chili powder in it. It was awesome. Also, my kids wouldn’t touch it. Speaking of kids, we took them out to eat at a local Cuban place and got one of our favorite appetizers: a date stuffed with almonds and goat cheese and wrapped in bacon. It’s amazing. But #5 saw the bacon, bit into it, and literally started crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “The bacon betrayed me.” He’s apparently not a fan of dates, goat cheese or almonds.

    1. That cake recipe sounds like Peppermeister’s next guest blog post! We have dark chocolate with chiles in it in the house right now – it’s a great combo.

      I’m crying now, too. Because #5 is so amazing.

      I think if the dates were stuffed with feta, I’d have found my new favorite thing.

  2. This was neither a recipe or something I tried, but I recently saw a candy bar being sold at a drugstore that was a Beef Jerkey chocolate bar. It seemed all kinds of wrong.

    And, I’m not trying to win, but felt like I needed to contribute in some way. Can’t wait to see what people come up with and what you design!! 😉

    1. Man, if you HAD a tried beef jerky chocolate, that would be quite the entry, Ms. 2012 Winner! I guess it’s not THAT much of a stretch from the bacon-chocolate I heart so much, but… I dunno. I’ve never had beef jerky, so I guess I should stop hating on it.

      Thanks!! I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who gets really excited for this contest… 😉

  3. The first one to come to mind was when I was a senior in high school. A bunch of us went to McDonald’s and bought Shamrock Shakes. I thought if we added vodka, they would taste like Grasshoppers. All of the vodka sat at the bottom. I know because I drank the vile concoction through a straw.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Do the shrimp with the heads still on them count? What about the alligator on a stick that I had in New Orleans?

    You would think I should have this contest in the bag since I’m pregnant and am having cravings. Alas, I am craving nothing crazy. Unless you count graham crackers dipped in cinnamon cream cheese…or just a spoonful of the cream cheese, which Kiefer says is gross,

    I heard about a pregnant woman who would dip Pop-Tarts in queso. Surely I’ll crave that soon. Any day now….

    1. Alligator + stick is a hilarious combo!

      Pop-Tarts in queso?! It’s gotta be the ones without the frosting then, right? Hmm. Maaaybe.

      I just had graham crackers and cream cheese this week! And I don’t have the excuse of a bun in the oven. I could eat a half a bar of cream cheese by itself any day of the week. I put it in omelets, in sandwiches, on toast… What were we talking about again?

      1. I flippin’ love cream cheese. Sounds like Kiefer is the weird one.

        I’m totally trying the omelet thing.

        This week I mashed up cauliflowers and mixed it with lots cream cheese and some parmesan and garlic salt. Delicious!

  5. I had some maple cupcakes with some crispy bacon crumbled on top of the maple buttercream…in my dream. I saw the recipe for real and then dreamed of it! Does this count?

    JM Randolph’s comment reminded me of a recipe I made last christmas – dates soaked in rum, stuffed with blue cheese, then wrapped in parma ham. That was scrumdidlyumptions!

    If I win, you don’t have to ACTUALLY post the pumpkin to me, because shipping that to the UK would probably cost the equivalent of a whole year of bacon.

    1. Hey, I did a similar recipe with maple and bacon, but I put them on bakery croissants. It’s all better with bacon.

      I’m so trying that dates recipe- yum indeed!

  6. I have to say, Jules, I’ve never seen a better looking pumpkin in my life.
    And I’m not referring to the jack-o-lantern, but rather the opening pic!
    Although, come to think of it, the model embracing the pumpkin may have influenced my decision…

    1. Thank you! I started with those ‘Pumpkin Masters’ kits when I was a kid (they’re GREAT – the knives are the best for small detail), and at some point in my 20s thought, “Hey, maybe I could draw my own pattern.” I carved my boyfriend (now husband), ha That was a tad ambitious. 😉

  7. My entry pairs my most loathed food in the world with my most favorite. Beets with Chocolate Sauce. It’s for real – I reblogged it today with a link. The Question is, what kind of Jack-O-Lantern would that inspire? Monster beet oozing chocolate out of its ears?

  8. I so have this! I invented the best thing ever (still need to get in contact with someone about marketing this) when I was perhaps not low but ____. What you do is take two nacho cheese Doritos, the crumbs are the best for this, and then take a somewhat stale (staleness dependent on preference) chocolate raisin and sandwich it in between the Doritos. Pop it in your mouth and experience heaven. Seriously.

    1. Marta, both Babs (mom) and Peppermeister (hub) have brought this combo up since reading your comment. It sounds HEINOUSLY intriguing. I’m afraid to believe it could be good, but how could one not try??

  9. A) Why aren’t you being paid to carve pumpkins? Career shift!

    B) I used to own a chocolate-making business with my husband; we sold at a farmers market. The weirdest truffle we ever made that actually tasted good and sold was the Blueberry Pancake: a rich, dark chocolate ganache infused with maple syrup, dipped in a dark chocolate shell, and topped with tiny dried blueberries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Before that truffle, we had trouble getting people to sample our sweets before 11am. After? Not a problem.

  10. This is the BEST contest! And you, my friend, are a talented pumpkin carver. Would you do my pumpkin portrait? I’ll pose for you.

    I’m going to have to think about my entry for a bit…more later.

  11. Do you have some kind of pumpkin carving machine? Did you use one of your three genie wishes to become the greatest pumpkin carver ever known to man? Because, damn girl, you’ve got skills. You could open up a little Etsy shop, or just throw some signs up around your nearest wildly overpriced trendy preschool, and make an absolute mint carving pumpkins. And, also, then you could put professional pumpkin carver on your resume, which is awesome.

    I’ll get back to you with my weirdest food combo — i’ve got a lot of contenders to narrow down.

  12. i love the pumpkin competition! I recently had roasted beet and chocolate cake – I’m not sure if this is well known in the US but here it definitely isnt. Tasted a bit like a muddy, yet super chocolatey puddle. We are pumpkin carving this weekend, ready for pumpkins that look like theyve been carved at a nursery? hahah

  13. I can’t get over how talented you are as a carver, Miss Jules! I gave up on the process when my 7-year-old kids’ attempts looked smoother than mine.

    I’m not big on weird food combos. I just eat a lot of different things right AFTER one another, so that doesn’t count. I’ll need to think more about this…

  14. I agree, there might be a pumpkin-carver occupation in your near future! I am the worst carver of pumpkins. I can barely do the three triangles and a mouth thing.

    As for odd combos? uh, does that nasty chocolate shake with tabasco sauce and pepper I had as a kid count? Granted, I didn’t drink it willingly, my brothers kinda tricked me into drinking it….

    Happy happy Halloween to you, JD!

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