How To Peel An Apple Like A Boss By Babs


Whoamygod. Today is [my mom] Babs’ birthday!

And because Babs is the Mommasita Extraordinaire, she’s giving YOU a gift instead.

Prepare to be amazed. Again.

Any burning questions for Babs? Did your parents perform any wizardry when you were growing up? 

P.S. – You still have one more week to enter my Custom Jack-o-Lantern Giveaway Contest! It’s so easy and fun you’ll think you did something both easy and fun!


37 responses to “How To Peel An Apple Like A Boss By Babs

  1. . . . inny-outty things. . . 🙂
    Babs, you’re awesome. Happy birthday!

  2. God, how I love your mom. My mom can also peel an apple like that. How did I miss this memo? I usually do short little digs then end up slicing off my finger.
    Happy birthday Babs!

  3. You are the apple of my eye, Jules. Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh! Too bad we didn’t have a pitcher of my Sangria in which to put the apple slices.

  4. I think the swig of wine at the very beginning is the key to excellent apple peeling.

  5. This is awesome! I can peel an apple like that too, but I can’t pull off wearing a mustache with as much panache as your your mom does (look at that, I used two words ending with ‘ache’ in the same sentence, you don’t see that every day do you!).

  6. What’s gonna happen when all of these mad skills from that generation disappear? My grandma could slice up a banana onto a bowl of cereal in about three seconds… like a ninja.

    • There is a depressing lack of ninjas and wizards on the horizon; I’m with you there, Steve. This is why I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the cross-stitch.

  7. nicely done! she is the boss!

  8. Babs, I love the stache. I’m going to have to pretend I didn’t see this though, or people will expect me to start making homemade baked apple goods.

  9. My family is lazy. We have one of those peeling machines where you turn the handle, and the blade goes around the apple.

  10. I will never peel, or EAT an apple without thinking of this video again! Love it.

  11. Babs is the apple-peeling-cooliest-Mom EVAR!

  12. Wow, what an amazing woman Babs is! If only she had a grandbaby to keep those hands occupied or to pass on that amazing skill too! If only…

  13. Why is it whenever I use a peeler, I ended up peeling off more of my finger skin than anything else? Your moms is boss.

  14. Babs is the bombdiggity.
    Although, I love apple peels and it’s a shame it landed on the floor. 5 minute rule? 🙂

  15. Happy Happy Birthday Babs!!! Only a day late. But who’s counting?

    Your mamacita has all sorts of skills, Jules. Who knew? You both could be an unstoppable duo . . . she peels it, you bake it with hot peppers in a crust!! I smell a winner. 😉

  16. My grandmother used to peel apples like this! I was always amazed. My mom, on the other hand, would take so much apple off with the peel, all that was left was core. She did the same thing with potatoes.

    Happy Birthday to You, Babs!

  17. Babs might need her own YouTube channel! But she has to wear the stache always. It’s the Jules/Babs brand.

  18. That’s completely badass. Happy belated birthday, Babs!

  19. I love you all to the core. Thank you.

  20. Babs,

    Sorry I missed your birthday. I love you. That’s not weird at all. Just let it happen.

    -Soul Walker

  21. Go Babs! Happy belated!
    There are contests she could enter with skills like that. Up in Bayfield, Wisconsin for instance. She should enter The Apple Festival next year!

  22. Well done, Babs!
    happy belated birthday!

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