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EPIC POST ALERT: This Year’s Custom JACK-o-Lantern Winner Is…

SQUEE! It’s time! It’s finally time!

For this year’s Custom Jack-o-Lantern Giveaway Contest, I asked you to describe a FrankenFood – some odd food combo that you invented or sampled. Your submissions were spooktacular. Thank you!

It was a friiiiightfully difficult choice, but the winner is:

Marta from Oh My, Marta!

Marta’s entry:

Marta-gravatarI so have this! I invented the best thing ever (still need to get in contact with someone about marketing this) when I was perhaps not low but ____. What you do is take two nacho cheese Doritos, the crumbs are the best for this, and then take a somewhat stale (staleness dependent on preference) chocolate raisin and sandwich it in between the Doritos. Pop it in your mouth and experience heaven. Seriously.

I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Could it possibly be good? I liked Raisinets, and I loved Doritos, but together?

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

I had to know. I called for reinforcements:

Has there ever been a more polarizing FrankenFood? The overall verdict: WIN! You are my hero, Marta. But I already knew you had impeccable taste, given our shared love of Leonardo DiCaprio.Titanic-pumpkin-gourdThus, I present your prize – a custom jack-o-lantern:





Step 3: Tape Design On Pumpkin While Palms Begin to Sweat


Step 4: transfer design And question everythingTitanic-Pumpkin-4

Step 5: Tell Yourself, “There’s No Turning Back Now” over and over while shoving Raisinitos in your face


Step 6: Begin to Realize Self-Worth


Step 7: Marvel


Congratulations, Marta! (And seriously. Get on this Raisinito thing, pronto.)

Oodles of thanks to She’s A Maineiac, Rachel’s Table, Accidental Stepmom, Cal-Hockley-titanic-3032768-720-540PEPPERMEISTER!, my family, and Magical Neighbor Jeff for your bravery. You are my double rainbow, the wind beneath my wings, the helpless little girl to my Cal Hockley.



77 thoughts on “EPIC POST ALERT: This Year’s Custom JACK-o-Lantern Winner Is…”

  1. Congrats, Marta! And thanks a lot, because now my husband wants me to buy him more Raisinitos. I couldn’t even bring myself to try it, I’ll just take his word for it that it’s really good.

  2. Congratulations Marta! As much as I’m pretty game to try most food things, one think I really don’t like is raisins/sultanas in non-sweet foods – like when people put them in curries or rice salads or whatever, I really don’t like that. I mean if someone prepared one of these chocolate raisin Dorito things for me and waved it in front of my face, saying “Go on Vanessa, try it, just one, it won’t hurt you”, then I’d try it, but I’m probably not going to be going out of my way to assemble one myself. But congrats anyway! And excellent work on the pumpkin Jules.

    1. You bring up a good point! There’s a time and a place for raisins. For example: Get the hell out of my rice. I’m totally with you there. (Although I did just have dried cranberries, feta and walnuts in a salad and it was AMAZEBALLS.)

      Thanks so much!

  3. Congrats on your frankenfood invention, Marta! It was truly frightful.

    Jules, I believe I MAY have liked the Raisinito better if I had used two chips like Marta suggested–that would have made it more salty than sweet. But then I would have had to eat more Doritos. This is a Halloween dilemma.

    P S – Pumpkinhead Jack and Rose are adorable. Nice work!

    1. What about the staleness of the Raisinet? I think I like it like I like my blogger friends – nice and fresh. (I don’t know where that came from.)

      Thank you!! I need someone to tell me how to take proper jack-o-lantern pictures. They never look good/right.

  4. I don’t think I can do it. It’s not like I have high culinary standards–believe me, I don’t–but that just sounds too horrible. And I’ve had some pretty ghastly things in my mouth. Lovely job on the pumpkin, though. btw, for my current post, I ahem borrowed your PowerPoint stylings. The content is original but the aesthetics are 100% Jules. Hope that’s okay. I’m willing to send you a $2 honorarium.

    1. Thank you very much!

      Ooh, cool! I look forward to checking it out! And I’ll accept payment in the form of a $2 bill. (I’m kidding, but that’s actually pretty funny, because in the Halloween costume contest in my town growing up, the prize was a $2 bill! I was so ticked the year I was a doctor, I didn’t win anything, because HELLO, didn’t they see my name tag, jeans, sneakers and blue back pack?! I was not just any doctor, I was kid genius doctor Doogie Howser!)

                1. I was trying SO hard (giggity) to come up with a nautical pun for my first response to your comment, but all I could think of was: “He knows he’s getting the shaft when this shiz goes down.”

                  Well, that’s kind of a two-fer, I guess, but still, boo to me.

  5. Raisinitos for everyone! I love salty sweet things. This might be really good. Hmmm. And, well, if the awesome and magical neighbor Jeff tried it, I have to try it, right? …. on my way to the store …

  6. I think my favorite is Mr. Maineiac’s “Hell yeah!” response. Although I kind gagged a little when someone suggested Cool Ranch Doritos for this experiment.

    1. I can’t tell you how many times I watched that, and it STILL makes me laugh! Mr. Maineiac is great.

      HA! That was me, to my sister. She doesn’t like raisins, so she was kind of a lost cause on this one. Bonus points for still trying it, though. (Although Babs doesn’t like Doritos OR chocolate, and she liked it. Raisinitos are a mystery. A beautiful, beautiful Halloween mystery.)

    1. If I had had more time, Thoughtsy, I so would have asked you if you’d try it for the video! (Poor suckers in the video – they got almost zero turnaround time, LOL) I was definitely thinking of you and li’l Thoughtsy Bun with this combo! (It is seriously good.)

  7. That jack-o-lantern is AWESOME!!!! Marta’s Raisinito idea is truly deserving of the victory because now I have a craving for something that five minutes ago I didn’t know existed.

    1. Thank you!! I had heart palpitations while carving it, but distracted myself by trying to list all of Leo’s movies in chronological order. Starting with Critters 3, which for some strange reason he leaves off of his official filmography… 😉

  8. Jules,
    I came from Darla, I stayed for Babs.
    And I am exiting because of the Raisinito.
    Le Clown who wanted to hear what was a “Maine” accent, but only heard proper English.

    1. Le Clown,

      Would you settle for a midwestern accent? Babs likes to pretend she’s from South Dakota, even though she moved to Jersey when she was two.

      Go Jules Go

  9. Where do I begin? The Raisinitos (rushing out to buy for lunch), the taste testing video, the insanely carved pumpkin that should have been on Halloween Wars on the Food Channel because it would have won the $50,000…YES I said that, and I mean it…. it’s almost too much here.

    The only thing that would make that video better is if it were set to the tune of my new favorite song forever, What Does The Fox Say?

    Happy Halloween to you, Jules! Are you going trick-or-treating tonight?

    1. Oh Peggles. You always make me feel like my bloggy efforts are worthwhile. Thank you! I’m amending the post right now, though, with the new soundtrack.

      If by trick-or-treating you mean eating Raisinitos and drinking vodka, then yes, yes I am. How about you?

    1. Don! If I hadn’t had to slap this together so quickly, I’d be WordPressuring you right now for your video! I urge you to try it, and then tell me how good it is, and Rache how wrong she is.

      We soooo wanted to film Uncle Jesse trying it, but alas, dogs + chocolate = FrankenDeadDoodle.

    1. What you forgot to say Nina is that you can’t wait to try Raisinitos!

      And I know isn’t Jules SO talented? Should we ever meet Leo I may have to keep all pumpkins away from her so she can’t woo him away with her carving expertise!

      1. I love the idea of being able to woo the opposite sex with my pumpkins (that’s what she said), but fear what would happen two days later when things get all shriveled and sad (that’s what she said x 2).

  10. Thank you everyone for trying out Raisinitos! I am so delighted that my wonderful invention is Babs approved. That’s really all that I needed! Now, I need to get on top marketing this to the rest of the world.

    (And don’t forget to sandwich your raisin BETWEEN the two dorito chips!)

    Also, Jules. That pumpkin – AMAZING. So flattered to have won!

    1. Yay! She’s here! The winner / inventor of Raisinitos is here!!! Congratulations, Marta!! This was the perfect Halloween-y FrankenFood-y fun.

      I had a whole plan to do the sandwich tactic, and then got too excited and forgot. Guess I’ll have to keep trying ’til I get it right…

  11. I’m fascinated by that combination of food items. Mainly on how it was discovered – need to go read that post now : ) Great job on the pumpkin – awesome!

  12. I can’t even eat certain foods out of sequence. Spicy should be followed by sweet, but never the other way around. Together? Not possible. Great post, though. I love the pumpkin carving, and the video.

    1. Thanks so much, Charles! Your food sequencing is most intriguing. I feel strongly about sweet following salty, but then when I do that, I always think, “Well, now I need something salty again.” It’s a vicious cycle. I think Raisinitos could conquer it, though!

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