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NOVEMBER ‘Stache Glasses Giveaway!

I can’t believe I actually remembered to do this this month.

I’ve been way too busy finally understanding Adam Levine’s hotness catching up on The Voice post-Hurricane Sandy.

So… Yay me!

Then again, it’s hard to forget something as special as Sun-Staches mustache glasses.

Fortunately for you, the dream-killing gene is not hereditary.

I only have two pairs left from Sun-Staches, but don’t worry – the winner can pick out any from the Sun-Staches website. Because I would never want you to feel like I felt when my mom, Babs, said I couldn’t get that Samantha American Girl doll. (And then she rubs it in 20 years later, telling me they made a Julie doll, who has blonde hair and drives a blue VW bug, just like I used to drive. And maybe Julie has roller-skates, too. And maybe it’s not too late and Christmas is just around the corner, Babs.)

Just think – you can be as stylish as Speaker7, one of last month’s winners!

All you’ve gotta do for a shot at a pair of sweet ‘stache glasses is tell me, in the comments section below, the most ridiculous thing for which you’re thankful. 

Me? Dog costumes. Yup. Definitely dog costumes.

Someone needs to die. Like, now.

Deadline: MIDNIGHT EST, Saturday, November 24, 2012. (Winner announced Monday, November 26th.)

I love you forever.

98 thoughts on “NOVEMBER ‘Stache Glasses Giveaway!”

    1. Cawfee Tawk! Yes. Let’s discuss.

      I never understood the hotness until very recently. I used to think he seemed like a jerk. Now I think he’s nerdy-yet-confident and I dig it. Also I love his clothes. And the hair. And the teeth. Everything, DP, everything is working for me now. Even the tattoos, which I normally don’t like. And of course, I’m a sucker for musicians…

      I could go on here, just so you know.

      1. OK, I agree. His hair, clothes, tats, body–very sexy. I like tall dark and handsome. And fine, his songs are quite catchy. Too catchy. I have “…but I’ll only stay with you one more night….” stuck in my head right now. He does seem a bit arrogant. Maybe it’s just confidence? And how does he get his voice so high? is he sucking helium? Very chipmunk-y if you ask me.

        Fine, I’m in love with Adam Levine now.

        1. Not bragging, but I sat behind Adam Devine… Umm Levine, at a Lakers game two weeks ago. I was seriously crushin’ hardcore. Got a pic and everything. I am thankful for that.

    2. What?! I generally find celebrities annoying despite their good looks, but he just gets better every time I see him. Seriously, one of the most attractive men alive. Cee-lo on the other hand…

      1. Carly, I’m with you! But it kills me EVERY time I see Cee-lo with the white cat or the pink parrot on The Voice. He needs some ‘stache glasses to complete the idea, though.

  1. Uncle Jesse is a chipmunk!!! Is that Chip or Dale?

    I bought Esme a elf hat for Christmas. She wanted nothing to do with it…yet. I still have a month to get her to warm up to it.

    1. That’s a great question, Thoughtsy. I’m ashamed that I don’t know the answer.

      I tried putting him in a tux costume the other day. I thought he’d punch me when I put on the cuffs. He doesn’t mind wearing t-shirt/sweater things, though! I only do that on holidays, and excuse me while I punch MYSELF.

  2. I am thankful for my Snuggie. Actually, i have a full body, zip up one with arm and leg holes. I call it “The Flying Squirrel.” It’s not sexy but it is super warm. Those mustache glasses would infinitely increase the sexy factor (not like Adam Levine or anything). Winning photo is promised.

  3. Ah, Adam Levine. I’m understanding that too.
    I am thankful that chocolate exists. That’s not really ridiculous at all but yeah. Chocolate makes everything better. 😀 Chocolate would make Adam Levine even hotter.

  4. I’m thankful my kids don’t empty their pockets because the rule here is I get to keep the dryer money. I usually treat myself to designer coffee, but last week I was able to score a killer bottle of Pinot Noir.

    1. Those are our top two picks, too! I didn’t watch the latest results show, but I’m going to assume they’re both safe.

      I -no lie- fast-forward through everyone’s commentary except Adam’s. (But Blake’s pretty funny!)

  5. Hmmm, most ridiculous thing I’m thankful for. Let’s see. I guess I’m thankful that my hubs is such an elf that he always ALWAYS makes us go get our Xmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. And not just any old tree… we personally pick out after traipsing through a huge field, then have to cut down ourselves and drag back to the car. Did I say thankful? Um, yeah. Ok, maybe thankful with a good dose of annoying thrown in there.

    BUT, the good thing about it is that it forces my Scrooge-like heart to grow 3 sizes and start getting into the Xmas spirit early. So, yes. Thankful. 🙂

    1. In THAT case, I hope by the time you’re seeing this, you have the most spectacular tree, but do NOT have a trail of pine needles throughout the house from shoving the oversized tree through the front door and wrestling it into the most hateful tree stand of all time… Sorry. Projecting.

  6. I’m thankful for food items that contain bacon and chocolate. Salty and sweet all satisfied in one consumption. I guess that’s not very ridiculous at all! In which case, I’m thankful for zippers. Who has time to deal with snaps and buttons?

    1. Ha! I am thankful for all of these things to such a degree I might have to write a poem about it. Ahem.

      Do not zip your lip,
      Snap to it and open wide –
      Chocolate bacon!

      Yeah. I’ll keep working on it.

  7. I have no idea who Adam Levine is… I don’t know what that says about me. At first I thought of Adam Levin, the author, and thought that was quite the literary sex symbol.

    3 Ridiculous things I am thankful for:
    1. Crossword puzzles. Sometimes they’re just the greatest thing.
    2. The song “Safety Dance.” You can try to not be happy while listening to it, but you will fail. You will fail, my friend.
    3. Patient Bear. Oh God, Oh God how I love Patient Bear.

    1. Surely, you know who sings all those catchy-stick-a-fork-in-my-eye-to-make-it-stop-for-the-love-of-god pop songs such as “Moves like Jagger”??
      C’mon, man!

      He’s the guy who wears tight black t-shirts and spins around in a chair on The Voice with Christina Aguilera! I bet you know who she is.

    2. I would just like to point out that 25+ minutes have elapsed between my last comment reply and this one, because you inadvertently helped me figure out what was wrong with my computer – THANKS!

      Oh all right. I’ll explain. I figured I needed to listen to “Safety Dance” on YouTube while I answered this comment, and it turns out I needed to download the latest version of Flash Player – which explains why so many things weren’t working yesterday. So now it’s playing. And I am happy.

      Oh, you know who Adam Levine is, you just don’t know you know! Lead singer of Maroon 5. Actually, you and your half face kind of look like him:

  8. I’m thankful for dog beer. Yep, dog beer. My poor pup always tried to drink our beers when we tailgated, but now he has his own to drink and doesn’t feel left out anymore! Ha ha ha

  9. Here’s irony for you—this morning I am thankful for depilatory cream. Someday, girly, you will be too, as menopause brings on facial hair you never even dreamed of.

    1. It’s all part of my plan – you see, I warm people up to the idea of me with facial hair by wearing ‘stache glasses, and next I’ll rock a real 5 o’clock shadow.

  10. I’m thankful that Adam Levine is hot. Look, I’m straight as an arrow, but if there’s any guy that I’ll admit to a man-crush on it’s Adam Levine! He this guy that could have been sort of nerdy, but said f— it, I’m gonna be an ultra cool rock star with ripped abs and tats all over the place and I’m gonna wear tight fitted tees that none of you can afford. So that’s the most ridiculous thing I’m thankful for!

          1. DP, I love when you [drunkenly, heh] comment bomb my blog. I was cracking up on Wednesday reading these, and your emails!

            Yes. Nerd is hot. My favorite ‘stache glasses are the nerd ones.

  11. I’m thankful that my boyfriend “forgets” to put on a new roll of toilet paper. Because it reminds me of just how lucky I am to have indoor plumbing….and toilet paper.

      1. I did see your email, Sandy! So glad you figured it out – I was afraid you might have to email the help desk peeps (although the WordPress staff is really great about getting back to you, and their online references are fab, too… and NO, I’m NOT trying to get a job at WordPress… ;))

        Toilets that flush are the BOMB!

  12. What are the odds that we’d have a giveaway contest on exactly the same day? We are like blogging soul mates (or at least I want to believe we are–in a non creepy way).

    I’m thankful for a lot of things that aren’t ridiculous, like Mr. Rache, my washer and dryer, great friends and blogging buddies (like you), my two cats, Willow and ZuZu, all the wine…I could go on and on.

    Probably the most RIDICULOUS thing I’m thankful for right at this moment is Whole Foods. Ridiculous because I’m a locavore and I don’t shop at Whole Foods. Also ridiculous because my mom is making Thanksgiving dinner with ingredients from Whole Foods and I’m doing absolutely nothing this year (besides bringing the wine of course). Also ridiculous because I went to Whole Foods with her last night and nearly wept at the lovely organic choices and bazillion varieties of olive oil. I’m re-evaluating this locavore thing. So Whole Foods made me thankful and discontent all at the same time, which is ridiculous because it’s just a grocery store.

    1. I don’t understand why we can’t be bloggy soul mates in a creepy way.

      I laughed at loud at the last line here. And I’m also feeling performance anxiety because I have to come up with the perfect entry for your giveaway.

      I hope you had a delicious Thanksgiving! Local is for the birds! Get it? Birds? Thanksgiving?


  13. Speaking of sexy men, I’m thankful for Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural.

    But on the more ridiculous note, I’m thankful for hairdressers with long nails who wash your hair. Seriously. It’s like crack.

  14. I find myself totally agreeing with the comment above me. No idea what I would do without Jensen Ackles. I have no idea who this Adam Levine is though. I’m guessing that’s something you can blame on me being British, perhaps?

    As for thankful….well, I’m ridiculously thankful for songs that make me strut. Sometimes, my MP3 player (always on shuffle) will put something on as I’m walking to walk. Usually, something cheesy. Most likely Glee. But it puts me in the mood for work.

    That, and my dad going crazy with buying chocolates for Christmas.

      1. You mention Maroon 5 and I know exactly who you mean. Guess I just never paid attention to his name. I wonder why….;)
        Ha. It is good for a musical boost in the morning. Although I do get annoyed when they take so many random breaks!

  15. Jules, when you smile with those glasses on you remind me of a banker from the 1800’s. I am thinking Dodge City. You need a striped shirt and suspenders to complete the look. A cigar wouldn’t hurt.

    1. OMG I just realized I didn’t respond to your About page comment – but I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Heh. 😉 (Though sorry to hear about having to go undercover!)

      I’ve smoked one cigar in my life, and it didn’t go well. But otherwise, I’m all over this idea.

  16. I’m thankful for my ability to touch my heel to my forehead. It always kills at parties, and once I bought it on a job app when asked, “What’s a special talent of yours?”

  17. Funny names for funny things, like calling the walking farts (which is already funny) crop dusting! I’m thankful for friends who make me such wonderful foods that the ONLY response is to jump up and run around the room. Also thankful for the people who thought compiling bloopers and airing them was a good idea. Somehow those things just crack me up. And then any thing that is so wonderful it makes me clap.

  18. I’m thankful that I could still use ‘Stache Glasses as an ironic, temporary prop. (This says a lot, too, coming from a woman who was teased relentlessly for having way more than a whisper of downy, blonde “hair” growing up. Thanks, genetics! Appreciate the hefty waxing bills!)

    Back to the point: Removable ‘Stache Glasses sure beat having an actual, unwanted ‘stache on my face… though reading the comment from kaylrz above makes me dread and fear menopause.

    I guess I’m thankful to kaylrz for the brutal dose of reality, too. Yeah, kaylrz. Thanks for that. Knowing I can look forward to many years of removing my menopause ‘stache really made my day. Thankful all around!

  19. I’m thankful for my Pocket Chair. Haven’t heard of it? It’s a brilliant As Seen on TV product. It’s basically a really small chair that you can take with you anywhere. Granted, you can’t sit on it longer than 10 minutes without your butt falling asleep, but there’s a certain comfort that comes from knowing you have a chair with you at all times. Did I mention you can’t sit on it without looking like an idiot? That’s just another added benefit.

  20. Oh, and I’m also thankful for the home videos I recently found at my parents’ house, no matter how much I’m forced to face my extreme dorkiness as a child. They only have a few, but I’m so thankful for those few. I’ve watched the same few clips about 20 times in the past week. It brings back memories that a) nobody would have remembered otherwise and b) nobody could convey in the same way as actually watching them. Getting to show my niece videos of her mom at her age is priceless.

  21. So thankful for the enormous jars of nutella so that I can smear it all over my body and eat it’s deliciousness the way it’s supposed to be consumed I have more to eat off a spoon…

  22. I’m thankful for my bedroom curtains. They block out my 70 year old neighbours elderly hot-tub parties and also have lately prevented people from seeing my stuttering progress in perfecting the gangnam style routine.

  23. Damn you, Jules….I was going to say dog costumes. So instead I’ll say dog costume manufacturers who understand that even big-boned girl (dogs) need a full-coverage swim suit. If I should win this (and it is my life-long dream – I shudder to think what will happen to me if I should fall short of this goal) I will provide a picture of the lovely Shelby in her bathing suit and swim goggles.

    1. I cast my vote which doesn’t really count for this one because a dog in a bathing suit and doggles sounds awesome. Also, great icon 😀

  24. The chipmunk is Dale…he has the red nose. With that, I’m thankful for my husbands silly songs he sings to the dog,cat and I. While at the time I might roll my eyes, I love his sense of humor. And even better when he does it in the cat or dog voice….two part. Our cat will actually come running to him when he sings “the hills are alive with the sounds of moewwwwwuisc”. She’s a daddy’s girl 🙂

  25. I’m thankful for myoclonic jerks. Aka when you’re falling asleep in class and your limbs decide to do a super spaz dance. (I’m a college kid that doesn’t get enough sleep, it’s how I stay awake all day). I’m also thankful for your blog, I need laughs when homework makes me wanna cry. 🙂

  26. First-time visitor via Le Clown, but I see some that I know here. Meanwhile, as self-declared grand imperial leader of my own country – that is, NonFreshed Pressed Nation – I see that you are not one of my peeps. Nonetheless, nice stache and love the dog. 🙂

  27. Didn’t you just know that Speaker7 would be hot?!

    I sometimes wish I could hit my head, get temporary amnesia and ask you to send me another pair of stache glasses…just so I could experience it all over again like the first time.

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