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NOVEMBER ‘Stache Glasses Giveaway!

I can’t believe I actually remembered to do this this month.

I’ve been way too busy finally understanding Adam Levine’s hotness catching up on The Voice post-Hurricane Sandy.

So… Yay me!

Then again, it’s hard to forget something as special as Sun-Staches mustache glasses.

Fortunately for you, the dream-killing gene is not hereditary.

I only have two pairs left from Sun-Staches, but don’t worry – the winner can pick out any from the Sun-Staches website. Because I would never want you to feel like I felt when my mom, Babs, said I couldn’t get that Samantha American Girl doll. (And then she rubs it in 20 years later, telling me they made a Julie doll, who has blonde hair and drives a blue VW bug, just like I used to drive. And maybe Julie has roller-skates, too. And maybe it’s not too late and Christmas is just around the corner, Babs.)

Just think – you can be as stylish as Speaker7, one of last month’s winners!

All you’ve gotta do for a shot at a pair of sweet ‘stache glasses is tell me, in the comments section below, the most ridiculous thing for which you’re thankful. 

Me? Dog costumes. Yup. Definitely dog costumes.

Someone needs to die. Like, now.

Deadline: MIDNIGHT EST, Saturday, November 24, 2012. (Winner announced Monday, November 26th.)

I love you forever.