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November ‘Stache Glasses Giveaway Winner!

Well, Chipmunks, I finally finished scrubbing dried dog blood off my bathroom walls, so you know what that means…

…Time to announce this month’s Sun-Staches ‘stache glasses giveaway winner!

Oh fine. I’ll back up.

I’d been pressuring encouraging my BFF, Jenn, and her dog, Shunderson, to come check out the local hiking trails with me. My town recently installed trailheads on my street, and I love exploring west Jersey’s splendor.

On Friday, Jenn agreed to come with me. We ate some Thanksgiving leftovers and headed out.

Yup. Yup, screw Black Friday shopping, this is going to be a great day with Mother Nature. I can just tell.

We made it about, oh, three-quarters of a mile when Shunderson bounded off the trail in search of squirrels. Or deer. Or dead bodies.

Which is when he got caught in a briar patch. He yelped, freed himself and forged ahead, undeterred.

But it was too late.

Vincent van Schnauzer, Jenn would later nickname him, once she was sure he was okay.

The cuts on Shunderson’s ear were small, but they bled a lot, and every time he shook his head, the wounds reopened. Witness the Psycho scene in my bathroom:

My dog, Uncle Jesse, kept a safe distance from all of this, but kept shouting, “You should see the other guy!”

Anyway. So that happened. And, um, no animals were harmed during the making of this post let’s move on.

You Chipmunks had me howling like Shunderson with your November ‘Stache Glasses Giveaway entries.

I was so taken with one entry that I actually recited it to my family at the Thanksgiving dinner table. I think you’ll understand why:

That’s right, the winner is…

Heather from Sugar Free Thoughts!

I suppose it’s no surprise that this is the second time boxed wine has appeared as a ‘stache glasses winner.

You rock, Heather! I’ve got this pair of cat-stache glasses left, or you can pick any from the Sun-Staches website. (Just email me your pick and address!)

P.S. – The ‘stache glasses winner of the century is My Life is the Best Life, for donning her glasses during labor. Yes. Yes, I know. Awe-inspiring. Congratulations, MLISTBL!! You win a lifetime supply of r-e-s-p-e-c-t.