A Departure

So I had this thing all buttoned up. A plan. I’m a Project Manager by trade – it’s what I do.

Today I was going to republish this post, my one truly somber blog post, in honor of my late boss and mentor, Carol, and in the spirit of Movember, the November ‘moustache’ campaign raising awareness for prostate cancer.

Because today is the second anniversary of her passing. From cancer.

But as we all know, life doesn’t always go as planned, and yesterday I wrote something else. I think Carol would rather see this up here instead.

So thanks for indulging me, and stay tuned for the usual shenanigans resuming later this week… like, say, another ‘stache glasses giveaway?

A Return

I was 7 years old when I said
the color green
reminded me of
Now I know I meant
For many years after that
I said I loved
But I never wanted to wear it.
A few weeks ago,
I took a sip
from a green straw,
and I saw
the girl I left behind,
the one who wanted
nothing more
than to explore.
So I went and I stood
in the grass,
among the trees,
as one,
Feet firmly planted,
eyes skyward,
my favorite color.
November 18, 2012

56 responses to “A Departure

  1. Who says you have to have a favorite color. When someone ask me what color is my favorite, I simply respond “Color”. 🙂

  2. Glad I started my morning reading this 🙂

  3. that is so beautiful — I love it entirely — wish I had written it–thank you
    life-prosperity-home – this really hit a note or two with me, a chord even

  4. Jules! You wrote me a poem! I love it. And I’m tweeting it. You are my sweet sister in writing arms. Let’s bring poetry back. I’m serious. Must plan! Will call you, but not from my car. 😉

    • Ha! How could I not think of you when I decided to publish this, Renzzz? If only I had your gift for imagery!

      Your seal of approval on this post in particular means a lot to me – thank you!

  5. Jules…a poem! It is absolutely lovely. I’m glad you decided to post this instead. Simply beautiful. I’m sure Carol would love it.

  6. Gorgeous! Especially loved the last stanza- I’ve been there, man, but never put it so eloquently.

    • Hannah, thank you so much! There’s no greater compliment, I don’t think, than hearing someone can relate to what you wrote.

      I think I’m going to read it aloud at a coffee house, in ‘stache glasses.

  7. Beautiful. Just truly lovely. To have that poetry gene is amazing. Between you and Renee . . . I bow to your brilliance.

    I feel this was definitely a fitting tribute to a now passed friend. I’m sure she would have approved. HUGS.

  8. Very nicely done, and very well written.

  9. I am all over poetry. I saw Leonard Cohen in concert Friday night. His lyrics are poetry. Thank you for venturing here. Loved it.

  10. I read this aloud to the Hubs this morning and the words lilted. Like music or a falling feather. It’s really hard to put words together like that. Well done,Jules!

  11. Jules, the poet–I like!

  12. Simple, eloquent, substantial. This has added to my day.

  13. Everyone has said this is lovely, and I want to be original, so – I think this is volley. (it is lovely tho.)

  14. Lovely and moving, Jules. It doesn’t always have to be about yucking it up. There’s nothing wrong with putting your heart, all naked and bleeding, out there for public perusal, right? Right?

  15. It’s beautiful. Rest in peace.

  16. Loved it, JD. Gorgeous imagery.

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  18. Beautiful work, young lady.

  19. That was simply beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  20. Aw, that was lovely, Jules! I didn’t know you had it in you! I mean, I knew there was more to you than vodka and chipmunks, but poetry? You complete me.

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  22. beautiful! i love this post and so happy to have found you. your blogs are also often funny.

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