A Departure

So I had this thing all buttoned up. A plan. I’m a Project Manager by trade – it’s what I do.

Today I was going to republish this post, my one truly somber blog post, in honor of my late boss and mentor, Carol, and in the spirit of Movember, the November ‘moustache’ campaign raising awareness for prostate cancer.

Because today is the second anniversary of her passing. From cancer.

But as we all know, life doesn’t always go as planned, and yesterday I wrote something else. I think Carol would rather see this up here instead.

So thanks for indulging me, and stay tuned for the usual shenanigans resuming later this week… like, say, another ‘stache glasses giveaway?

A Return

I was 7 years old
when I said
the color green
reminded me of

Now I know I meant

For many years after that
I saidĀ I loved
But I never wanted to wear it.

A few weeks ago,
I took a sip
from a green straw,

and I saw
the girl I left behind,
the one who wanted
nothing more
than to explore.

So I went and I stood
in the grass,
among the trees,
as one,
Feet firmly planted,
eyes skyward,
my favorite color.

November 18, 2012