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Canvas Print Giveaway Winner!

Happy Monday, Chipmunks!

Last Thursday, I asked you to submit a comment describing a sibling rivalry or ridiculous parental rule, and of course, you didn’t disappoint.

It’d make sense for me to now tell you some memorable sibling rivalry stories, but who wants to hear about the time I crushed my brother’s finger in the sliding door of Babs’ van, or when he sent me to the ER by hurling a baseball cap at my face and scratching my retina? I’m sure you don’t want to see the scars my sister has from both of us. Nah!

It’s time to announce the winner! This lucky guy or gal ‘munk gets a free 11 x 16-inch canvas print from Printcopia.

A print like the one I just gave my sis for her birthday:

Wait, you’re probably thinking, what’s going on in that picture?

Oh, well, thank you for asking.

Babs asked Peppermeister and I to leave Uncle Jesse at home on Saturday for my sister’s birthday celebration, because my niece would be there and she’s allergic to dogs.

An abomination!

Obviously, we couldn’t have him missing out on the festivities.

Isn’t he so cute? That pic is life-size, too, because he’s a li’l nugget. Wait…what were we doing again?

Oh right – the winner of the canvas print!

In typical blonde fashion, I forgot to find out if I could award the prize to non-U.S. residents, so I’ve selected a winner and a runner-up. If the winner can’t cash in on the canvas print, I’ll personally send them Sun-Staches ‘stache glasses instead, and the runner-up will receive the canvas print. Otherwise, the runner-up will receive the ‘stache glasses.

The Winner


I like the way you operate, my friend. And might I suggest your long-awaited revenge include a bag ‘o back hair?

Click here to read asoulwalker’s submission.

The Runner-Up


Brigitte, you should probably just go ahead and give this prize to your sister. I’m really scared of what she’ll do to you if you don’t.

Click here to read Brigitte’s submission.

Congratulations you two! I’ll follow-up with both of you via email to get your prizes situated.

Thanks again for your terrific submissions, and don’t forget there’s another contest happening RIGHT NOW – My Halloween contest! The prize is epic. Enter by Oct 27th!

28 thoughts on “Canvas Print Giveaway Winner!”

  1. Aw! Glad to see your sis had such a great bday. And that you guys made sure Uncle Jesse was well-fed with pizza.
    Congrats to the winners! Great sib-rivalry stories.

    Sooo….tell us more, Julesy about this retina-scratching mishap??

    1. DP, I giggle every time I think of your entry. First of all, any story involving forts or treehouses is a-okay by me, but when you got to the hot plate and the Atari in your brother’s? I lost it!

      Oh yeah, I had an eye patch for a day or two and everything. Actually, it hurt like hell. I thought he threw his Walkman at me, that’s how hard it felt. I SCREAMED and my mom almost crashed the car. I have NEVER seen my brother look more sheepish. I never bring it up to tease him now, of course, I would never do that.

      1. Ouch! You poor thing! An eye patch? That must have been traumatic. (I know I shouldn’t say this but, your reference to a Walkman made me giggle a little.)

          1. As a childhood member of the Amblyopia community, let me just say that the thrill of getting to walk around saying “arrgggg matey” all the time is quickly outweighed by the annoyance of having to wear the damn eye patch.

  2. Congrats to the winners!! And that picture is so life like, I almost felt like Uncle Jesse was RIGHT THERE in the same room as your sister in that picture on my computer. So very real. It was like I could pet him.

    1. Misty, I couldn’t agree more, but Uncle Jesse, on the other hand, says that no celluloid or canvas or *insert medium here* could capture his essence. He’s kind of a d*ck.

  3. This post has everything: a dog, a birthday hat, a dog, a map of the US and a flag,a happy Birthday girl, pizza, a dog, both red and white wine for the discerning pizza eater, Really, though, it’s the adorable kid getting away with feeding the dog pizza and Uncle Jesse getting away with sitting on the couch that warm my heart.

    1. I do love that you noticed our map of the U.S. Plus, Uncle Jesse is welcomed to jump on the couches whenever his real self is able to come here.

  4. Ha ha! That picture of Uncle Jesse is the BOMB! And don’t worry that your sister is mad at having HER special day totally overshadowed by the cuteness of Uncle Jesse and the cleverness of her sister who came up with thus great idea.

    1. The trick, Peggles, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, is to: a) lower expectations (everyone now knows I love Uncle Jesse more than them), and b) keep the liquor flowing. Then your sibling(s) will gladly hold a canvas print of your dog and pose like a champ!

      You’re welcome.

  5. HI Jules, thank you! I’m confused about that last paragraph of who is receiving what but still, happy you awarded me the runner-up prize. 😀 Thank you!!

    1. *snort* Brigitte, as you should have been (confused)! I think I typed that with my toes while high on life (and by life I mean the idea of a full night’s sleep).

      Your entry warmed the deepest corners of my heart, though I would understand if you still sleep with one eye open.

      Let me know if you had any trouble with the print promo code!

    1. Oh… oh…good gawd, keep me from making a “down under” joke in response to this…

      Okay. Your ‘stache glasses will go out tomorrow. That is all I can type here without alarming the WordPress police.

  6. I didn’t even know you had a brother! Geesh, do I know you at all? It’s like we’ve never met or something. How have we not bonded over having a pain in the ass brother?

    Two of my nieces on different sides of the family are allergic to our pets. Such a bummer that they can’t visit. We might have to give them away. My nieces. Not my pets, silly.

  7. Congrats to the winners too! Woo-hoo! Sibling rivalry rules!

    I thought about making up a story about the time that my brother and I both ran for class president. But any Brady Bunch fan would’ve ratted me out.

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