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200 Posts Later and You’re Still Creeping Me Out

This is it.

My 200th Blog Post!

I started this blog in February 2011, but wanted to wait for a special occasion to share some of my favorite Google search engine terms. I’m talking about those unusual things you people type into Google late at night and think you’re stealth.

If that search led you to GoJulesGo.com, I know alllll about it.

I believe you were looking for this.

Consider yourselves busted, you sweet, sick, twisted li’l Chipmunks.

Keep up the good work. I live for this shiz.

Do you have any search engine/internet stories? (PG-13, mmmkay? My neighbors read this blog.)

P.S. – I promise to stop putting up posts now. Until next week.

137 thoughts on “200 Posts Later and You’re Still Creeping Me Out”

  1. Hilarious post, Jules! I wish I had the vlog presence that you have. Your voice and demeanor are seriously PERFECT for video, whereas I’d likely sound like a 12-year old, only 10 times more awkward. 😦

    Most of my search terms are related to “hideously awful Christmas sweaters” and/or “projectile vomit”. I also get A LOT of people looking for Russian gang symbols and pics of Viggo Mortensen naked. (I did one post about Eastern Promises, and now I’ve got the whole Russian mafia on my tail. Beware!)

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