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THIS is America’s Funniest Home Video.

Several years ago, there was a brief period of time when Peppermeister (Husband Numero Uno) and I would get sloshed and watch America’s Funniest Home Video reruns. In our defense, we were kids during its pre-YouTube heyday, and Bob Saget’s goofy mug and painfully corny jokes still make us feel warm and fuzzy.

For years -YEARS- following this, we’ve been quoting one particular video that we thought might, in fact, be: America’s FUNNIEST Home Video.

We were never able to find the clip.

Until now.

I love you, Peppermeister.

ENJOY, Chipmunks! (I’ve built this up way too much, haven’t I?)

Do you have any favorite viral (or should-be-viral) videos?

74 thoughts on “THIS is America’s Funniest Home Video.”

  1. There are so many that I have found thanks to YouTube. There’s a CuteWinFail episode with a roller blader skiing behind a car that’s pretty epic. Side note- when you start looking for husband #4, I’m totally nominating CuteWinFail’s Toby Turner.

    1. I almost left my blog before responding to Google Toby Turner, and I stopped myself. Because you know what? I’m not sure I can handle it. Can I handle Toby Turner?? I can barely handle saying “Toby Turner” three times in a row.

    2. Welp, I have inadvertently experienced the wonder that is Toby Turner thanks to another commenter, AND I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY. I now have to figure out how to fit a 4th husband in this bed…

    1. DP, I watched this video 4 times in a row after you posted it, and now you owe my manager an explanation as to why I never got around to filing those TPS reports.

  2. Ha! Love it. And yes, AFV is a staple in our home, unfortunately. My son, husband AND FIL are all HUGE fans, and you can hear them cackling away at the silly antics on this show. I never really got into it, and do more eye rolling than laughing at it. Then again, I have a much more refined and sophisticated sense of humor. Obviously! 😉

    1. I haven’t seen Ridiculousness, but I was a HUGE Tosh.0 fan – I say “was” just because it’s getting a little old for me now. And by that I mean watching it makes me feel old. So, so old.

      1. I’m clinging to my virtual youth, don’t ruin this for me. It’s all I have left. You mean old people aren’t supposed to watch stupid crap and laugh till the Geritol comes out their noses? Oh gawd. I’m seriously older than you are … should I just start knitting? Fuck. I suck at knitting. I’m going to go watch a marathon of Jackass and pretend I’m still 20.

    1. I really want to reply to this with “that’s what she said” and I’m not even sure why.

      Because it doesn’t quite work.

      One could argue that’s exactly why I should go with it. So:

      That’s what she said.

      Thanks for understanding. (I know you do.)

    1. Yayyyyy!! I really feel like this video is flawless, because it’s 3 hilarious videos in under 30 seconds: 1) The first fall, 2) “Dad can put up his own damn lights!” and 3) The second fall.

    1. I wish I didn’t get quite SO much amusement from other people’s physical pain… On second thought, nahhhh, bring on the skateboard show-offs and rollerblading rogues!

  3. YES! I love American’s Funniest Home Videos. Remember on the series finale when they gave away the big prize and Bob would dress up in a tux? We would order pizza and make a night of it. I’m still as easily pleased (as long as vodka is involved).

    1. Rache, I’m seven seconds syllables away from making this response another love haiku!

      I forgot the suit!
      You always bring me home, Rache.
      To Bob Saget.

      1. I double checked and my $25 (this time) went towards ending human trafficking, so that felt good! And it’s warm.

      2. Oh, crap. Forgot to explain the Firefly reference:

        The Jayne character says ‘Cunning’ when he first dons this hat. He’s a big, tough-guy, killer and his mum knitted it for him.

  4. Do you think there’s a remote chance that adult beverages were involved in that home decoration ballet? What part, exactly, do you and Peppermeister quote?

    1. Ha! I think adult beverages were just involved on our (the viewers) side. And thank you for asking, Peggles!! We quote, “Dad can put up his own damn lights!”

  5. I still love AFV, but I always have a special place in my heart for the Bob Saget AFV because that is what I grew up on as a kid too. It may have had something to do with the fact that I was also slight obsessed with Full House as well, but he was awesome. Such good memories, and I LOVED that video. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

    1. Psst… Sarah! My daughter looks just like the Olsen twins. Go see if you can find the one picture on my blog of her and then tell me you don’t agree. I get it all the time. I guess her future is meant to be filled with rehab, eating disorders, and growing up to be a has-been. I have high hopes for her. LOL

    2. Sarah, we are officially taking this to the next level. Come over for a drink and my dog Uncle Jesse will show you the Full House fan club secret hand paw shake.

        1. O-M-Gee. He shakes his head so his hair ‘pouf’ is always perfect, AND (I’m not even kidding) doesn’t let anyone pet his head except us, and a select few friends. We taught him a ‘watch the hair, huh!’ trick as a puppy, but he SERIOUSLY DOESN’T LET PEOPLE TOUCH HIS HAIR. He does this aloof duck and bob, which confuses everyone, because he looks like a stuffed animal dying to be pet.

          He IS Uncle Jesse.

  6. There are several rules when watching ‘You’ve Been Framed ‘ (UK Version of ‘America’s Funniest Home Video’:

    1. Any time a man gets hit in the cock…..it’s funny
    2. Any time an old person falls over….it’s funny
    3. Any time a fat person dances…..it’s funny

    However…..I think you’ll find that THIS is the funniest video of all time:

    I rest my case.

    Kind Regards,


        1. LOL! I may have been drunk when I left that comment. I just think the humping dog did not give up, and was shameless, much the way I feel when I order two drinks at once at the bar – both for myself.

  7. I always end up watching the clips mentioned after the clip given is shown. This was no exception…watch it to the very end, because he leaves you with a video funnier than the original…woman/dog/…funny.

    Just sayin’

  8. LOVE. I confess that I just watched an episode of AFV on Netflix last night (your timing is perfect). I’ve always had a soft spot for videos of people falling down, so this clip made my day. 🙂

    1. Yayyyy Dana! This COMMENT made my day! It’s almost sad how excited I was when Peppermeister emailed me that he found this clip on YouTube. And THEN I blogged about it. It’s sort of a sad sandwich I just keep piling layers on. But you know what? It tastes delicious.

  9. Every once in a great while we’ll come across AFV. It’s mind-boggling that it’s still on.

    And to the guy’s credit – basically everything about putting up & taking down Christmas lights is awful.

            1. Upon further consideration, Soul Walker, simply by saying “I do,” all of my husbands inadvertently agreed to being the butt of any joke I choose to make.

              OH save your groans for the bedroom!

  10. OUCH!! I have a video somewhere of the kids releasing a butterfly. It landed right on Courtney’s face… 🙂 Of course I kept rolling while she and Kelly screamed. He ran all the way around the house!!!

    1. I’ve never loved Peppermeister more than when he emailed me the link to that video. I’m not even kidding – we’ve been quoting it for five (maybe more) years.

  11. I had no idea it could get better than him FALLING OFF THE ROOF. But it could.

    I’m stiiiiiilllll laughing about that video you sent me a while back (if anyone reads this comment but Jules, I swear she isn’t typically a video-forwarding kind of weirdo) — the one with the sleep-running dog who then jumps up and runs into the wall? Oh sweet precious puppy, I really hope you’re okay now because damn that was funny

  12. ) You practically need to be an AP Calculus stud just to keep track
    of how many cross-dressing references there are in contemporary television and film.
    The desire to cross-dress or change sexes can be due.
    See the master of cool speak- Andy Warhol, talk and say nothing.

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