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You’re Not Going to Believe This Shiz.

Something happened recently, Chipmunks. Something so mind-frenchingly miraculous, only a moving picture show could capture it:


You heard saw right.

A man named Chip Monck is following my blog!

This is not a joke. Nay. This is the best thing to ever happen to me, apart from discovering chocolate-covered bacon:


So let’s all give a warm welcome to Chip Monck at MANagING maNIA!

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve found a new bloggy soul mate! Dawn at Fit to Teach! Look what she just emailed me:

I told her I need to get married all over again. Luckily, I have no plans to stop at a mere 3 spouses.
I told her I need to get married all over again in order to include ‘stache glasses. Luckily, I have no plans to stop at a mere 3 spouses.

Lastly, some shout-outs to my video blog accessories crew:

Do you have any questions for a man called Chip Monck? I have a thousand. Any favorite people or blog names?


88 thoughts on “You’re Not Going to Believe This Shiz.”

    1. Right?! Right?!?!? I’ve been thinking about doing this post for 3 weeks. Okay. Let’s be real. I’ve been thinking of NOTHING ELSE for 3 weeks.

  1. I totally saw that comment from him and realized we had lost you forever. No one else will ever compare to a man whose real life actual name is Chip Monck. It is destiny. Perhaps I sense the makings of a 4th husband??

    1. I think you sense the makings of Super Husband. On page 67 of the marital contracts, it specifically states that should any man by the name of Chip Monck enter my life, he becomes my sole husband and all other spouses are downgraded to sommeliers and butchers.

  2. There was so much going on in that video, I had to watch it twice (and put on my glasses) Freaking hilarious. Loved the music and slow-mo, it brought a tear to my eye. I’m so thrilled you have found your (fourth, fifth?) soul mate in Chip Monck.

    I can’t wait for little Miss J to get home from school today to see her gift necklace is now famous.

    Oh, and what in the heck is this doughnut beer and where can I buy some?

    1. Wait, there was a video in this post?

      I realized, a tad late, that my use of Miss J’s necklace in such a video may have been…misguided. I hope you don’t have to explain the ‘birds and the bees and the chipmunks’ to her as a result.

      Ask B about the beer. It’s his fav.

            1. Ha! That’s all Jenn has been saying to me lately (“Oh, my!”). And we all know how shameless she is. I’m starting to think I should consider my life choices more thoroughly before acting on them.

  3. Thanks for the shout out and the video….both were beautiful. I look forward to being able to share my love of glasses at your next wedding. I will bring Danny Tanner as my date.

  4. YAY! The ‘stache glasses made an appearance and a darn good disguise. I

    Did you notice what those bridesmaids are doing to those umbrellas? Shameful.

    1. Rache, your dangling ‘I’ as a second sentence is most intriguing. I can only assume you were about to say “I will be sending you every pair of ‘stache glasses that exists, and you’ve become my only reason for living.”

      Wow. How did I NOT realize what they were doing with those umbrellas?? I was so distracted by the ‘staches…

      1. Oh good! A gravatar that cute should not be disguised as ‘mystery man’!

        If I live to be a 100 (which I won’t, for more reasons than you’d think possible), I will never get over a name as magical as Chip Monck.

  5. This is….something more than fate. Kismet.

    I had to watch that vlog a dozen times. The sound track, the super-slow-mo-of-love, the curlicues around the text. But the most wicked-awesome thing of all…the Bewitched nose wiggle sound effect. Genius, Jules. Pure genius.

    1. Ah so you’re the 12 video views! I think the heart pin is really what makes it. Chip said it brought out the color of my pink beer bottle.

      Thanks, Peggles 🙂

  6. Why do parents do such things to their children? Guy in h/s was named Ruben Hood. Still is even {named that, not in h/s}….smh. Anyhoo since ya still haven’t friended me on FB yet {get on that already. I post funny sheet} I’m here to tell ya that I’m headed to your neck-o-the-woods in a couple weeks. I think it would be fab if you took me to lunch. Don’t worry, I’m a cheap date. 😉

    1. Ha! Ruben Hood. Fabulous.

      And ack! I don’t even remember getting your friend request! I think I just accepted it. I should warn you I’m horrendous about keeping up with ‘The Wall.’ But never mind that – you’re coming to Dirty Jersey?!

      1. I am. I am. For whatever reason my claim to {15 mins of} fame is located in your fine state. And if it wasn’t you friended, I wonder who’s stalking your private albums right now….{off to confirm I’m the rightful recipient of this honor}.

  7. Wow…I am somewhere between greatly honored, and highly disturbed. Though I think much closer to the greatly honored end of things. 😀

    Of course, having neared the plane of chocolate covered bacon, I truly feel prepared to die having living a good life.

    Unfortunately, I am merely only the second most famous Chip Monck, with Woodstock and Rolling Stones Chip clearly winning the day (decade…century…).

    However, he does not follow Go Jules Go…thus, I WIN!!!

    My brother’s name is Greg. Though I have no idea why my parents failed to name him Dale. Clearly the middle child (me) got skwaked.

    And yes, as if the potential implications of being a Franciscan Monck are not right there in front of us…my dad (Father Monck) is a lifelong minister, I (the younger Monck) have taken my spin as a pastor, and on more than one occassion my friends and I have hung out with other monks at an Abbey here in Kentucky.

    Though the most heartbreaking play on my name had to be during my middle school years when I dated (whatever that looks like in 6th grade) a girl named Tammy Dale. Left with the choice of my love and putting up with Chip & Dale jokes, or escaping the harassment of the student body…she dumped me. Fortunately, I got to keep the Journey “Escape” LP birthday gift.

    Happily ever after may it be! (the wine will help!!!)

    1. He arrives!!!! Crap! I meant to have the red carpet swept [of bacon-chocolate crumbs] before you arrived!! This comment further proves you’re of a superior breed, and clearly destined to be the more famous of the Chip Moncks.

      Oh and as for your wrestling between disturbed and flattered, welcome to my blog. 🙂

    1. I was explaining to Misty that I think a man named Chip Monck renders all other marriages null and void. I might wind up being a one-man kinda girl after all.

    1. My goal is to get the length of your ‘ping backs’ on that post to exceed the length of the post itself. How’m I doing so far?

      Shan’ Payne. I might have to have kids after all.

  8. Oh my! Thanks to Dee for stalking your blog and sharing the link! I’m dying. Ok not really but… Freaking hilarious. I have a friend named dale and her husband is In fact names chip. They were on Hoarders. True story. And FYI you can get a chocolate bacon milkshake at Sonic. If I have to suffer life 2500 miles away from the maple bacon voodoo donut, then at least I can get a chocolate bacon shake … Half price after 8 pm

    1. And I must also give a heartfelt thanks to Dee for introducing me to you, and therefore, chocolate bacon shakes… When I first saw “2500” I thought that was the calorie count.

  9. What in the world is creepy about the pink beer bottle? I think it looks sexy and it’s biggest real problem is that it’s still not whiskey. But maple bacon beer doesn’t hurt the feelings.

    1. I suppose you have a point. And I probably would have noticed the bottle’s sexiness myself, had I not been staring so deeply into Chip Monck’s eyes.

  10. You must be going NUTS :)…over Chip Monck!!!!! Amazing video. It would have been nice to listen to you serenading Chip during your romantic picnic. 🙂 Glad your life is complete now. Welcome, Chip!

  11. I was worried at first. I was already cringing expecting to hear that song “Loving you is easy cause you’re beautiful…” So thank you, first and foremost, for your use of delightful instrumental love song. It was chip monck charming!

    When can we expect his first guest post? Or perhaps a co-written novella full of love letters? Chip and Jules….Chip’s Jules…Jules Loves Chippy… You work on the title, I got nothing.

    1. Holy crap, Jess!! Way to get that stupid song stuck in the far recesses of my brain, so that I find myself all of a sudden trying to do that high note, and almost gave myself an aneurysm.

      I thought we were friends. Now . . . I just don’t know about you.

        1. There, there. Don’t cry. I guess I can forgive you this one time! But to make it up to me, YOU bring the booze for our movie marathon.

    2. Ha! The song I first envisioned was that one that goes, “Why do birds, suddenly appear…” But iMovie has some built-in scores. From there it was all slow-motion and creepy pink beer.

      I feel like to ask Chip Monck to guest post for me would be like to ask H.B. Reese, the inventor of the peanut butter cup, to get back in the test kitchen.

      I’m trying to say I feel like it would be asking too much. But that didn’t stop whoever the hell invented Nutrageous bars… Hmm.

  12. Omigosh! So you featured one of your followers in a film while I interviewed mine. As usual, your technological skills trump mine. Good for you. I love that the chipmunk enthusiastic FINALLY has a Chip Monck to have and to hold. For real. Kinda.

    1. Thanks! I mentioned to someone else that my only regret is not finding an actual man to dress up in a chipmunk costume. And now you know what my blog would look like if B Man lived on the east coast.

  13. You literally just asked me yesterday if you would ever find true love and then BOOM here is this post today.

    I feel like I should be able to take credit for this somehow…

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