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It Wouldn’t Be A Proper Vacation Without…

What day is it again? Where am I? Who are you? (Just kidding – I’ll never let go, Chipmunks.)

I’ve been living it up vacation style, and just wanted to pop in to let you know that both my liver and I are still alive and kicking.

How do I know I’m doin’ this time off thing right?

For starters, leisurely breakfasts have consisted of no fewer than 3 of the following: Croissants, coffee, champagne, cheese, fresh fruit, and/or BACON.



I’ve stopped to smell the roses (or whatever the hell these are) on my morning walks.

early-morning-walk-flowers-2013 early-am-walk-shadow-2013There’s been double rainbow ogling.


Stops at the bank when I’ve run out of singles for the strip club.


Or, you know, the local farm stand.


I’ve loaded up on all the fresh seafood I can get my claws on.

whole-lobstah-2013 lobstah-salad-2013I’ve done my new Fitbit (pedometer) proud and hit the trails with Uncle Jesse. (Note: Your own vacation success should not ride on this particular activity.)

highlands-hike-sweaty-2013 UncleJesse-highlands-hike-2013

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, making things like homemade mid-east feasts.

I can still taste the garlic.

And of course, there’s been booze. Lots and lots of booze.


But the real reason I know I’m on vacation? I’ve only turned on my computer once.

The very best part? It’s not over yet! Today First Hub, Peppermeister, and I celebrate our 5th anniversary, and have another week of this to look forward to:



But just so ya know, it’s not all smooches and sunsets. We like to exchange meaningful gifts, too.

A wolf t-shirt to go with his BB guns.
A cutting-edge wolf t-shirt to go with his BB guns. You’re welcome, Peppermeister.
And his gift to me: Clever methods for stashing booze.
And his gift to me: Clever methods for stashing booze.

Stay tuned next week for the much-anticipated Peppermeister Roulette, where Rachel’s Table and Peppermeister go head to head to see who can handle his hottest homegrown peppers.


What does vacation success look like to you? It wouldn’t be a vacation without _____?


41 thoughts on “It Wouldn’t Be A Proper Vacation Without…”

  1. You are doing vacation right! Except for all that walking. Quit that. But the strip clubs, booze and bacon seems about right.

    Also, are those stretch pants I see in that farm stand picture? Oh Jules . . . you are lucky I love you so. Because, seriously? No. Nononononono. We’ve talked about this.

  2. Love Peppermeister’s shirt and crocs! I am starving now and must get bacon. Bacon bacon bacon!!! Looks like a fantastic vacay and glad the liver is in tact. Happy Anniversary!

  3. The booze smuggler is ingenious. It makes me feel like it’s the 1920’s all again, although that might be the rampant unemployment and stark wealth inequities that’s making me feel that. Happy anniversary! I believe wood is the traditional 5th year anniversary present, and a wolf lives in the woods so you are spot on.

  4. I was wondering how the FitBit adventures were going for you. 🙂 I think you are going to have to get your own wolf t-shirt for hiking. Be fierce! p.s. totally looking forward to Peppermeister roulette!

  5. Ahh, yes, no computer= real vacation. I almost went into a relaxation coma looking at these pics. Misty fields, double rainbows? You’re doing it right, Jules! Happy anniversary!

  6. What the? Even on vacation you crank out impressive posts!

    Happy anniversary to you two crazy kids!

    By the way, I think you should have me over to your place for breakfast tomorrow. And every day.

  7. Happy Anniversary! A successful vacation always ends up with a naked German in a hot tub. It seems just about every vacation I’ve been on, I’ve seen one. So I guess that’s not actually a successful one, that’s just a regular vacation.

  8. WOOT WOOT! I’m genuinely so happy for you. Vacations are the bestest ever with (brandy) cherries on top. But… in that photo with the lobster, they know they only gave you 1/4 the required minimum amount of dipping butter, right?

  9. No vacation with some books to read. I’m reading a book you’d love right now–David Sedaris’s newest collection. (It has some long title I can’t remember.)

  10. Sounds like the perfect vacation. I can’t believe all that healthy food and hiking snuck in there, though. Have I taught you nothing????

    Congrats on 5 years – you two (and your the-end-is-near arsenal) are totally adorbs!

  11. Congratulations on the anniversary. If guns & booze don’t keep you together, nothing will!!

    Also, now I’m really, REALLY wanting a croissant and they are so hard to get around here.

  12. Wait! What…? Huh? What in the mother f**kety f**k is a vacation? Is that something you have to get when you step on a rusty nail? I think I got one of those when I was three. I remember it pretty clearly.

  13. Happy Anniversary…that Smooch picture, I predict, will become as famous as the pic I use for my avatar.

    It wouldn’t be a vacation for me without a couple of real, hold in your very hands, paperback books. And booze. Or books about booze. And booze. Because as my boys will tell you, Mama needs her fruit.

  14. Your vacation looks positively perfect! Especially the booze and bacon. Can’t wait for the show down between Peppermeister and Rachel!….

  15. A holiday is never complete with food, booze, chance encounters with strange locals and stumbling across random live music. 🙂 Alas my holidays can no longer include bacon but if it could, bacon would also be a must.

  16. Even when I was cruising on the Mediterranean I was still logged in. I don’t know how you have the will power. So impressed by your actual vacationing. Also for me it’s not a proper vacation without a beach!

  17. On vacation at the coast we had an obscene amount of tuna and salmon because the runs are coming through, so it’s literally an hour old when you get it. We were SO sick of tuna and salmon, but didn’t dare stop because it was so damn good.

  18. That’s a great post! I can’t wait to be on vacation as well. I leave in a week! Success to me looks like: hikes and sunsets, eating and drinking higher amounts and quality of foods than normal, the release of the stress that I carry in my shoulders, neck and back, and earlier mornings and nights. I think most people stay up late and sleep in on vacation, but when I’m away there’s always something I want to get up and see or do, so I end up the reverse.

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