You’ll Never Guess Who I Met in Maine

Hiya, Chipmunks! Welp, I’m back home in New Jersey, but alas, my heart is still in Maine.

And by heart I mean the better part of the paint from the side of my car.

Last week, I drove north to Bar Harbor to relax, unwind and commune with nature. Instead I almost died three times.

Mt. Sargent. Time #3.

One of those times, however, was positively pleasant. Because I died and went to heaven

I met Peg-o-Leg’s Rambings and She’s A Maineiac!

Left to right: Go Jules Go, Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings, She’s A Maineiac

You heard me.

Last Sunday, the stars aligned and three bloggy universes collided (much like my car with many, many rocks and trees).

Peg (Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings), Darla (She’s A Maineiac) and I stumbled across each other’s blogs eons ago, back when we were still trying to figure out how you posted the whosewhatsit up by the whatchamathingy. I’d been lucky enough to hang out with Darla before, but this time we upped the ante and met Peg in Portland, where she was visiting with family.

Any Catfish fan knows that meeting an online friend can go terribly, awfully, heinously awry – but not with these two. They’re every bit as hilarious, warmhearted and adorable as their words. Last weekend we were just a gaggle of blogging vets, inhabiting the same fresh Maine air, trying to fit four years worth of conversation into two short hours.

In fact, rather than try to cram all of the goodness into one post, I think I’ll let the two of them explain the rest. (Click on their logos below to check out all of the great things they have to say about me their accounts of our meet-up!)





28 thoughts on “You’ll Never Guess Who I Met in Maine”

  1. That pic of Uncle Jesse with your car kills me every time.
    I suppose I should’ve told you our original slogan for Maine wasn’t “Vacationland” but “Come Here and Get Lost on a Carriage Road and Almost Die!” I find almost dying to be very relaxing.

    1. I’d like to reply, but Uncle Jesse’s interrupting me. He wants to know if he can charge your daughter again; he didn’t quite knock her off her feet last time, and now that he understands how much you people like flirting with death, it seems like a second go is warranted.

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    1. I second Peg’s bwa’s and ha’s – with a snort thrown in because I’m especially unladylike now that my car and I are covered with wilderness wounds (okay mostly the car).

  3. Wait a minute. Almost death wasn’t on the itinerary when we talked – it was supposed to be all spiritual enlightenment, all the time. What happened?

    Oh, and, by the way – it was fabulous! Except for your car and your brushes with death.

    1. Babs. Mommasita. Giver of life. Not to worry. I’m SURE the main road up to Cadillac Mountain being closed twice in one week was no indication its safety or lack thereof.

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