I’m Gonna Get REALLY Weird With It (Part 1 of 2)

Last Wednesday I drove down a long, winding, forested road, glancing at Google maps and praying the cell phone service wouldn’t cut out. I wiped a sweaty palm on my pants and watched the mailbox numbers go mysteriously up, down, then back up again. It was almost 9:00am and another unusually balmy day in Maine, halfway through my week-long getaway from New Jersey.

I tried calling the number I’d jotted down, but the phone automatically hung up before it even rang. Sh*t. I should just turn around and go home. Right then, I spotted a mailbox that read St. John.

*record scratch*

“HANG ON. HANG ON. Jules, I think you should keep this story to yourself.”

“Oh, C’MONNN, Jules, it’s SO COOLLLUH.”

“That’s exactly what you said about that bedazzled Justin Timberlake shirt.”

“I thought we agreed to stop using this photo?!”

“It’s not like people take us seriously anyway.”

“True. That ship has sailed.”

Hi. Welcome to the inside of my head. This is the conversation that’s been playing on a loop for the past week. I have SUCH A COOL STORY, but it’s… out there. In fairness, I did warn you -when I blogged about oracle cards and taking a “Meet Your Spirit Guides” class at Omega Institute– that things were gonna get WEIRD here on Go Jules Go.

And we all know I’m a woman of my word.

If you’ve been reading lately, you know I’ve been exploring “metaphysical curiosities” in depth for the past year, deciding to come out of the woo-woo closet in March. I realized how many people are just as fascinated as I am, but nervous about dipping their toes into the mystical waters.

Looook into my eyes and let me show you the way.

While in Maine (a.k.a. my future home) last week on vacation, I took things to a whollllle new level…

I turned down the gravel driveway, passing the mailbox marked St. John, and parked my car on the far right, not wanting to block the driveway. I had no idea how many people lived in this charming white house. I checked my face in the rearview mirror, grabbed my binder and headed towards the front door.

“Julie, welcome, welcome, it’s so nice to meet you!” A slim, smiling woman opened the door and gave me the kind of hug you’d offer an old friend. “Come in, come in.”

Oh hell. There’s no air conditioning? Seriously?!

“Dagny! So nice to meet you! I’m sorry I’m a few minutes late!”

Dagny offered me water and explained we’d be starting our 3+ hour session in her living room.

“So what brings you here?” she asked once we’d settled in, jotting down notes on a piece of paper she assured she’d give me before I left.

“WELL,” I said, tears springing to my eyes. I took a deep breath. “I guess things really started about two and a half years ago…”

I explained The Great Awakening of 2016 that had led to my vegan lifestyle and pursuing a Masters degree in Humane Education, which had then brought me to meditation and re-contemplating my navel higher purpose.

“For over a year now, I’ve been…sensing things,” I said shyly. “Questions about ‘the other side,’ so many unexplainable coincidences, dreams and intuitive hits, things and people from the past that seemed to have risen from the ashes…”

“Mm-hmm. Yeah. Of course.” Dagny nodded and smiled. “So how about I tell you more about my process? After we talk for a while so I can get to know you and your history -and that could be a good hour- we’ll set your intention and review the questions you brought to ask your higher self. Then we’ll head upstairs and bring you into a light hypnosis and see what comes up.”

I nodded, unfazed. I had done my research.

“I guess I’m ultimately looking for a breakthrough – in any area of my life,” I continued. “A brand new way of seeing things. I’ve had my share of standard talk therapy, and still feel like I’m struggling with a lot of the same issues.”

Which is exactly what led me to her, Dagny St. John, an “intuitive soul reader” practicing out of her home in mid-coast Maine. We were in the midst of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session and I was certain I’d never been more nervous in my life. Who does this? Have I really lost my mind? What if hypnosis doesn’t work on me? What if something disturbing comes through? What if, oh dear god, NOTHING CHANGES afterwards?

Three hours later, I left Dagny’s house in a blissed-out daze. I felt like I’d need days to process. Weeks. Months. Years.

Click here for Part Two!


33 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Get REALLY Weird With It (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. 1.) You were in Maine? Mid Coast Maine? I knew a felt a change in the Force. Belated welcome to the land of lobster.
    2.) Most Maine houses are air conditioning free. Not mine of course, I’m menopausal and run that crap till November.
    3.) I had a bit of a spiritual adventure 4 years ago and am very interested to read the rest of your story.
    4.) I have the same dishes you’re eating (cat chow?) out of.

    1. Somehow, someway, when I saw your comments and read your blog, I figured you KNEW I was just in Maine! And the same dishes?? WHOA. I was overdue for a bloggy soulmate! I felt so bad for you Mainers last week wen the real feel was 100. Like putting a (cute and wonderful) worm on a hot sidewalk. Totally unprepared for the Mouth of Satan [that has been New Jersey all summer].

      1. Continuing in the WHOA vein…
        Iโ€™m originally from New Jersey as well.
        And, are you ready? My name is Juli. Jules to certain friends.
        I think we were destined to meet.

  2. The suspense! Quick please with part 2 ….

    PS – very few homes have aircon here in South Africa – totally unnecessary as we have the most amazing weather … sorry if this makes you jealous.

    1. I AM jealous… ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s been unbearable here in NJ lately. I figured Maine would be the cool refuge it usually is in August, but even they couldn’t escape the heat this year!

  3. hey Are you in Maine east coast…..
    Its beautiful and freezing cold. I stayed there for less than a year, Summer is best not too hot… missing the beauty of woods.

    1. I live in New Jersey, and was hoping for a taste of something more frigid when I was in Maine last week on vacation! Usually it doesn’t top 80 in the summer, but whew, it was brutal last week!

  4. ooh!!!! Can’t wait to find out what happens next! Please, tell me Zorba from the Supreme Council sends you a message! Let me guess: THERE IS NO PLACE FOR FEAR ANYWHERE OR ANY TIME! HA HA HAAAAAAA….

    (in all seriousness, you are the master storyteller. I bow down to you. Even though I know damn well what happens next, I’m on the edge of my seat….)

  5. OOOOO can’t wait to hear part 2! I split from my husband in March and have been doing lots of soul searching myself. Not this drastic but one never knows…. mwahahaha

    1. I’m so sorry and/or congratulations (I never know which sentiment to offer…), Lolly! I’m starting to realize I seem to go through major shifts every 3-5 years, which means by 2022 I’ll probably be changing my name to Fairy Magdalene, living in a tree house, and making my clothes out of dried bean pods.

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