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Caption This: Birthday Edition

Hi there! …What’s that? Why are my eyes so bloodshot? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m fully committed to the fine art of weekly blogging. I definitely planned ahead for this one. It’s gonna be a good one. Hoo boy.

…Are you ready? Today’s post is called, “Caption This!” I came up with it all on my own. Here’s how it works. …Are you sure you’re ready?


I’m gonna post a bunch of pictures that may or may not be from last night’s 37th 25th birthday celebration -and- (oh my God this is so exciting) YOU GET TO CAPTION THE PHOTOS YOURSELF.

I know. The things I do for you.


I love you.


12 thoughts on “Caption This: Birthday Edition”

  1. 1. I stole this nail lacquer and am awaiting trial.
    2 No Uncle Jesse – Sandy isn’t here to hump.
    3. I’m just gonna sit here and plot your murder….muhahahahahaha!!!!
    4. Look me in the eye and tell me you love me. (Taken from Home Alone 2)
    5. Oh Fawwwwwkkkkkk…..threatening notes…Someone is onto me.
    6. Oh Sandy…Nova Scotia wine? Whaaat? Thank you. *burp*
    7. Let me just sit here and polish my halo.

    Happy Birthday Jersey!

  2. Happy XXth Birthday!

    Okay, captions:

    1. “I don’t know what happened to those loud people sitting next to me. Hold on, let me just slip this bottle of dark, suspicious liquid back into my purse…”

    2. “It’s a birthday tradition–drink wine, feel my dog’s ass. Why yes, I do come from a family of circus people.”

    3. “Dear God, not my eyes! I only looked for a second!”

    4. The anacondas of love.

    5. “.. . and then Buttons shoved the mail man into the pit of bones he had prepared, and he lived happily ever after. Now will you go to bed?”

    6. “It’s my birthday. I can use your dog as an armrest if I want to. You shouldn’t have given me such a shitty present.”

    7. Give the gift of musical comedy. She’ll never ask for diamonds again.

    1. *slow clap* You had Babs talking about this all day – and you made our days! Kudos for keeping the celebration going! (I think #7 wins it all for me.)

  3. 1. Guess what color my poop will be tomorrow? 2. Uncle Jesse hid my present in a very strange place. 3. If I can suck all of the oxygen out of this room, the candles will go out. 4. I missed her armpit hugs. 5. Why is there a booger on this card? 6. How did you fit Darren Criss in this little bag? 7. I have no place to put all of the stuff you all just gave me.

  4. 1) “Come on, you guys, you know I can handle a bigger wine bottle!”
    2) Uncle Jessie: “Nope, too ashamed to show my face after yesterday’s…”
    3) “VERY FUNNY. Now how am I supposed to blow out these LED candles?”
    4) “The best present is a present made with own hands, so I’m giving you a hug!”
    5) U.J.: “Nope, still not showing my face”
    6) U.J.: “Okay, fine, but ONLY if it’s in black and white!”
    7) U.J., “Oh no, why did I agree???”

    8), 9), 10) Happy birthday!

  5. I will let the caption artists do their part. For mine, I prefer it to be your 37th as I would much rather long for a beautiful 37 yo than a 25 yo. In fact, if you want to be, say, 43 then hop the next plane; I will be waiting.

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