A Slice of Life Pie

Go Jules Go Title Graphic A Slice of Life Pie_5NOV2019

Oh man, chipmunks.


How long has it been since we talked? …Three weeks?!

Well, this is awkward…

I’m so sorry. My pie plate hath spilleth over lately.

Go Jules Go Life Pie

Between training for a half marathon, flying to NJ to surprise Babs for her birthday, dating, job interviews (…hang on, are those last two redundant?), helping throw Bend’s first Vegan Holiday Bazaar, filming for The Vegan Dollar, and getting ready to move to a new apartment…

…this poor little blog has been left to collect dust.

And after all we’ve been through…

This flurry of recent activity has me thinking about that third date where, instead of kissing me, he gave me part of a giant zucchini to take home “life’s inflection points,” as one of my friends calls it. Those crossroads we all hit and know -sometimes with certainty, oftentimes not- our next move could change the course of our entire lives.

Know what I’m saying?

Six years ago, almost exactly, I made the painful decision to get a divorce from the only man I’d ever dated. At the same time, I was laid off and selling my home; everything I thought I wanted dissolved seemingly overnight. What I couldn’t know at the time was that that difficult choice laid the foundation for a life filled with authenticity, genuine connections, and endless compassion.

Doing something that went against the grain awoke the fiercely independent thinker I didn’t realize had been lulled into complacency. Over the following years, I made dozens of other eyebrow-raising decisions, each one uncovering The Real Jules.

Six years ago, I never could have imagined that that one tough decision would ultimately lead to living my dream life – a life designed by listening to that oh-so-quiet, but ever persistent, inner nudging that says, “Remember who you are.”

Now who’s ready for some pie?!

Just like in life, first you gotta do the dirty work.


What would you consider your “life’s inflection points”? Did you recognize them at the time?


16 thoughts on “A Slice of Life Pie”

  1. First off, I LOVE the crest costume while eating Halloween candy!! Soooo cute!! Second, 19 years ago, I walked away from a relationship and moved to Colorado. Since then, life has had its ups and downs but my life has been enriched 10- fold. I have experienced more life in these 18 years then I ever thought could be possible. Super grateful. Happy for you too Jules!!

    1. HA! It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that that photo has gotten a LOT of mileage on this here blog… Speaking of this blog, I’m so glad it’s introduced us. You are definitely a kindred spirit and I’m so happy for you! (Can you believe I still haven’t been to CO?! My roadtrip out to OR took me through MT instead.)

      1. I HAVE to buy my own I love it so much. Yes you are a kindred spirit – I enjoy your posts so much! Have a great rest of your week. And no, I cannot believe you have not made it to CO. That’s just criminal. haha.

  2. You are so powerful. You’re strong and brave and incredible! I need to visit Bend so that I can hang out with my American friend again. Wine? NS Wine???

  3. #1. Girlfriend – you look fabulous! That pic with the zucchini? Jesus, have you lost half a person?
    #2. Third date zucchini instead of kissing? Makes me fear for your dating future.
    #3. I know we probably don’t know each other well enough for this to have much meaning, but damn. I’m proud of you. Very few people listen to their inner voice and live their best life… so kudos!
    #4. Give Uncle Jesse my best.

    1. I’d say it’s more the power of Google Pixel 3’s portrait view (I -literally- always gain weight when training for races, LOL), but I will take all of the compliments and affirmation I can get, as I’m sure you know 😉 So THANK YOU! And Uncle Jesse would reply, but his mouth is full (of zucchini, one of his favorites).

  4. Every time I read your posts, I think, “This here girl looks like she would be fun to hang out with, I say, I say.” (Had to throw a little Foghorn Leghorn in there after I started with “This here girl…” I’m not from the south, BTW. Anyway, I’m really mesmerized by your Life Pie, because the work piece IS NOT TAKING UP THE WHOLE DANG THING! Good for you! Carry on with your baking and eating. And I read, “Remember who you are,” in Simba’s dad’s voice, which makes it even more profound. Be well!

  5. Love this post! Life inflection points… at this age and stage I’ve had a few major ones. One being the decision to go back to college when I was 26, setting me on a new career path where I met my husband.

    When it comes to peeling and slicing apples, I’ve never regretted buying an apple corer, peeler, slicer hand machine. One of my favorite kitchen tools! Looks like you could use one.

  6. That pic of you and Babs at the end cracks me up! All I can say is, I have never seen so much positivity in one post–the real Jules has arrived! And you are SOOOO where you are meant to be!!

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