Digging for Answers

I just watched a new Netflix movie, The Dig.


Based on a true story, The Dig is about a lady with lumps in her lawn. What, you want more? Okay. It’s 1939. A wealthy British widow (the lovely Carey Mulligan) hires an amateur excavator/archaeologist (played wonderfully by Ralph Fiennes) to dig up these odd, massive hills dotting her property; she suspects they could be covering up something of historic significance.

As I watched Fiennes methodically plotting his dig and carefully setting to work, I was struck by the sheer beauty of it. The tenderness, care, and focus on a future outcome rooted entirely in honoring the past.

So often now things seem rushed. Careless. Disposable. Selfish and singular. Flurries of social media posts, appliances that break before you take them out of the box, decisions made out of convenience versus the greater good. I’m as guilty as anyone of resting on my privilege, posting seven “look at my food!” Instagram stories in a row, and pressing ‘Buy Now’ on questionably-sourced products.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I HAVE NO REGRETS.

Why can we handle an archeological dig with such tender patience, yet treat each other and our shared future so carelessly? Furthermore, why can’t we apply the same loving consideration when we mine our own hearts and past(s)? Can you imagine the world if we approached it and ourselves with such reverence?

The cynic in me says, “We’re only careful when someone stands to make a fortune – either in money or fame or both.” But that doesn’t explain the characters in The Dig. Their motivations were based in truth-seeking and respect for the past. And, sure, a desire to be remembered for something bigger than themselves, but in this case, I’d argue it was less ego-driven and more altruistic.

As the movie played on and two more characters entered the scene – a young archeologist couple – a new question came to mind: Is it possible to find treasure without also finding sorrow and struggle?

Speaking of dirt…

It’s no epiphany, and perhaps just a sign of my aging conscience, but I watched The Dig and longed for simpler times and a purer future for us all. I love movies that make me cry. Think. Laugh. Preferably all in one film.


What have you watched lately that’s struck a chord? (Next on my list: The Last Blockbuster and Feels Good Man.)


25 thoughts on “Digging for Answers”

  1. I’m with you wondering what else there is to do until I rate a place in line for the vaccination. I’ve yet to watch The Dig so I guess you’ve answered my question. I get your desire for a simpler time, like for instance when I could go to the grocery without wearing a mask.

    1. Ha! Good point. I can’t tell you how many times I STILL get out of the car, start walking towards the grocery store, and then have to double back to my car for my mask. I even have nightmares about forgetting!

  2. Ohh, I’ll have to watch this. I’ve been focused on trying to find humor…so, Kath and Kim is at the top of the list right now. I am ready for things to get back to ‘normal’. I long for concerts, gathering with friends without fear of infection, and to AB’s point, roam around without a mask. Honestly, my #1 focus right now, is physical health which theoretically will keep my mind straight for this next round of challenges in 2021. Sigh.

    1. I’ve slid into some really bad eating habits over the past couple of months – I think in January, part of me was like, “Oh dang, we’ve still got a long road ahead… bring on the chips!!!!” My total guilty pleasure that cracks me up is watching the YouTube reaction videos of Whitney Port and her husband watching old episodes of Whitney’s MTV show, “The City.” Her husband’s comments KILL me!

  3. I’m sorry I read something about a movie.. and dirt, and then I saw the refillable wine bag chair. As long as I can exchange wi e for margaritas? I am so in I may never get out.

  4. We just watched “The Grizzlies” as per your last suggestion, and it was great! Thus, THE DIG is next on my list. 🙂

    1. Oh yea! I was about to say “The Dig” has a really different vibe and I hope you like it, but as I’m thinking about it, they both have the same sincerity, both are based on a true story, both have a likable ‘hero,’ and you know nothing is going to get too scary or graphic in either. So I guess they’re the same movie. LOL (Not really.)

    1. Ooh I watched “My Octopus Teacher” last week and I still think about it every day! I’ve been getting a lot of good recommendations from Rich Roll’s and Tim Ferris’s podcasts. I will definitely check out The Hunger Ward! Looks like there’s a free screening tomorrow @ 3pm PST!

  5. Looks like I’ll be watching The Dig before too long, with all the buzz around it. I see you’ve got Bridgerton there – watching the series for the second time (usually while I’m cooking dinner). What have I watched lately that struck a chord? Hmm. The only new stuff I’ve been watching lately has been watching YouTube interviews with intuitives and healers, both live and recorded. (Life Clarifications with Natasha Venter, and Karen Swain).

    1. This should be the ad for YouTube: “Want to fix your garbage disposal? Make a 47-layer cake? Know all of the secrets of the universe? We’ve got you covered! Also we have cats.”

  6. I watched ‘The Dig’ last night and I dug it. Great as he is, I kept seeing Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort and Amon Goethe. POTTTTAHHHHHH!!!! In the end, the boy got his mom, the excavator got the excavation, the girl got the guy, the guy got the girl, and the guy got the guy. It was such a get-ful movie.

    1. Ha! It is a testament to Ralph Fiennes’s acting skills that it only took me about ten minutes to get past He Who Must Not Be Named. Or maybe that’s when I caught a glimpse of the blonde guy…

  7. You’ve sold it to me. Hurray for “simpler times and a purer future for us all”!
    I long for it so much, I’m lost for words.

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