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The Women My Exes Must Be Dating

Based on recent experiences, I’ve been forced to conclude that the guys I’ve been dating must have only dated women like this…


Does this ring true for you, too?


8 thoughts on “The Women My Exes Must Be Dating”

  1. I suddenly feel old. The internet was barely a thing when I met my husband and I don’t think Wi-Fi existed yet, never mind ordinary folks having cell phones. 😉 But seriously, you got me giggling. Red flags all over the place, but sometimes we gotta go through shit to grow through shit. And it feels like you’re growing.

    1. Every time I think about getting a new cell phone/new phone number, I think to myself, “What if I miss a message from one of my exes who never got over me and is now a millionaire?”

  2. Logan sounds like he is headed for eternal happiness… on his own lol…

    Also, as I was scrolling down, I was thinking it would be cool to see you in real-time getting these photos for your post LOL … wondering how many takes each pose took lol… hehe

    1. LOL! I’m thinking about dishing more on that one…since he completely ghosted after my ‘This isn’t working out’ text. #classiclogan But I might need help with Photo Shoot #2, ha!

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