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GOGP’s Guilty Flavor of the Week – Week 5!!

This week’s GOGP Flavor of the Week is not even going to mess around. Except to say that:

It’s way awesomer than those restroom hand dryers that are so strong they blow your skin around your knuckles in a super-creepy way!

It is unbelievably keener than when your dog gives your knee a lick of thanks every time you give him food or water!!

And, this is going to be hard to imagine, but I promise you that it is mind-frenchingly cooler than when you found out the only difference between your DNA and chimpanzees’ is a mere 2%!!!

THIS week’s Guilty Flavor of the Week honor goes to…

Glee’s little Dancing Queen! Go Kurt!

I’m totally not kidding! This week’s Glee prom episode was amazing!

The REAL Guilty Flavor of the Week award is also bestowed upon the ever-glorious Glee’s prom episode:

For using the word MERKIN! It is so not just for family Scategories anymore!!

P.S. – You’re welcome for the stellar ‘documentary-style’ footage.

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A Particular Fella + A Cappella = Hella Good

Gleeking out, old school style.

Well, you knew this post was coming, but what you might not know is that I’m a little behind on the times. See the above picture? That little plastic case I’m holding contains something called a Compact Disc, or “CD,” and that’s how I listen to music. I thought I’d be missing out on adorable pictures of [and secret love messages to me from] Darren Criss in the insert if I took the virtual route when purchasing the latest Glee soundtrack – an entire album of songs sung by the Dalton Academy Warblers. I’ve learned my lesson, and will try to pull myself out of the 20th century and buy my next album the normal way, from iTunes. Hopefully, this is the method you chose.

In case you haven’t memorized all of my posts (like I encourage you to do), this is now the third time I’ve mentioned Darren Criss (click here or here if you haven’t committed these to heart yet). There’s a reason for that. He’s the p.b. to my jam, the hair of the dog to my hangover, the fake stomach ache to my hooky day. Wait, what? …You know what I mean.

Unlike my love for Darren Criss, my love of a cappella goes far back in time, to my first favorite band, Boyz II Men. I’ve been to dozens of a cappella shows since listening to “Yesterday” on repeat, and my musician husband would say the reason none of them are as good as the Warblers comes down to this: Auto Tune. Well, he might be right, but tell me you can listen to any of the tracks and NOT bob your head and smile. (I recommend “Animal” or “Raise Your Glass” for this exercise.) Even my hubster can’t deny the sound mixing quality of Glee soundtracks.

So, what do you think of the album? I hope I’ve biased you [in my direction]. Did I mention I really, really, really enjoy these 13 tasty tracks?

Darren, you sing it sister! I mean, solid tunes, man.