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GoGuiltyPleasures Will Cure Your Monday Hangover, er, Blues

Most likely you’re still nursing your post-St. Paddy’s day hangover, if I’m to believe those who dialed into NYC’s most popular radio station, Z100, this morning. One woman woke to find her prosthetic leg in a tree, another man discovered himself in bed with his ex-girlfriend…and ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

I’m taking all of this to mean that you have the most raging case of the Mondays to date. Me too. Let’s turn these frowns upside-down with a few things that make me grin, giggle and guffaw (in that order), despite the fact that an endless week of fake niceties and spastic colons (thanks, Hoops and YoYo) await.

#1 – Going Bald for Good

Many of you have read that two of my favorite bloggers, Deb (The Monster In Your Closet) and Chris (From the Bungalow), will be shaving their heads this coming Saturday, for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a childhood cancer charity. For immediate inspiration, head over to their blogs by clicking their names above; I encourage you to offer words of encouragement and/or a donation.

Not much guilty pleasure in that, but there IS guilty pleasure in finding a website that lets you try on Halloween wigs (for free) without leaving the comfort of your home:

Morning, Carl. I'm saving you from talking about your kids at the water cooler. No one wants to hear it.

#2 – Hoops and YoYo Sympathize

Hoops and YoYo are Hallmark’s rock stars. I love them. They sum up what Mondays feel like better than I ever could:

#3 – The John Krasinski Cure-All

A recent comment from the talented (and hilarious) Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) inspired me to dig up a clip of one of my favorite actors, John Krasinski, doing his marionette man. If this doesn’t make you smile, you have a lot in common with things that don’t smile.

Happy Monday!

What gets you through the Monday blues?


A Warm and Fuzzy…Monster in Your Closet?

Photo Credit: blogs.middlebury.edu

Spunky ‘munks, several months ago I had the absolute privilege of writing a guest post for Deborah Bryan’s blog, The Monster in Your Closet.

I wrote this guest post for Deb’s series, For This I Am Thankful. Deb scheduled my post for December 2nd, which means it went up today! I’m very excited and hope you’ll check it out here: Life is Like An Empty Box of Chocolates (Because I Ate Them All).

Saint Deb

I’m in good company with the past contributors; their lovely posts have covered a wide range of topics woven together by their theme of gratitude. All are more than worth reading (you can do so here).

Many of you know Deb, but for those of you who don’t, don’t be misled by her blog title – Deb Bryan is currently in the running for sainthood. Her ability to encourage writers and build blogging communities rivals her ability to write kick-chipmunk-tail young adult novels. I recently read The Monster’s Daughter and you should DEFINITELY check it out! Deb is also the winner of my first video blogging contest, which is one of my favorite posts to date. (I’m not sure I could ever pick a favorite post of Deb’s, but this one is up there.)

In other guilty pleasure news, I’ve got lots of goodies to share with you over the coming weeks! Gingerbread may or may not will be involved. And don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten about my plan to bring back slap bracelets (mentioned in my vlog). Stay tuned.