TV Junkie

Magic is in the Air (and it smells just like fall TV season)


I was just scrolling through my Facebook wall (which usually only results in me feeling like a terrible friend/daughter/sister/wife/person…seriously, who can keep track of all this shiz?), and I saw a reminder that 90210 is coming back tomorrow! (Aren’t we so glad they’re actually premiering stuff in early[ish] September again? That October nonsense had to go.)

I don’t know why I love this show as much as I do. It doesn’t make any sense, except that I fell in love with the original series when I was 9, and I guess that did something to me. Actually, it explains a lot.

Has Annie dealt with the demons of her drunk-driving past? Has Dixon finally moved on from his you’re-carrying-my-baby-just-kidding ex-girlfriend? Will Silver go off her meds again?  So many questions, so little time. I can’t wait.

Scrolling forward on my DVR, I had the purest, most beautiful-est GOGP moment of all time.

This almost replaces vodka. Almost.

Oh yes, chipmunks. It. Is. ON.

What show(s) are you frothing at the mouth for?? Any new ones (tomorrow night is going to be a good one for me – Ms. Buffy herself comes back to the small screen in “Ringer“!)?