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Magic is in the Air (and it smells just like fall TV season)


I was just scrolling through my Facebook wall (which usually only results in me feeling like a terrible friend/daughter/sister/wife/person…seriously, who can keep track of all this shiz?), and I saw a reminder that 90210 is coming back tomorrow! (Aren’t we so glad they’re actually premiering stuff in early[ish] September again? That October nonsense had to go.)

I don’t know why I love this show as much as I do. It doesn’t make any sense, except that I fell in love with the original series when I was 9, and I guess that did something to me. Actually, it explains a lot.

Has Annie dealt with the demons of her drunk-driving past? Has Dixon finally moved on from his you’re-carrying-my-baby-just-kidding ex-girlfriend? Will Silver go off her meds again?  So many questions, so little time. I can’t wait.

Scrolling forward on my DVR, I had the purest, most beautiful-est GOGP moment of all time.

This almost replaces vodka. Almost.

Oh yes, chipmunks. It. Is. ON.

What show(s) are you frothing at the mouth for?? Any new ones (tomorrow night is going to be a good one for me – Ms. Buffy herself comes back to the small screen in “Ringer“!)?

35 thoughts on “Magic is in the Air (and it smells just like fall TV season)”

  1. I am going to be really boring and predictabe and I’m just gonna say it…Grey’s. I love that show and I can’t wait – as long as they stay away from the singing. My ears were bleeding for days after listening to all that singing. Sheesh. Only room for one show like that, Glee is about all I can handle as far as the singing is concerned… ha!

    1. Can you BELIEVE I didn’t start watching that show when it began, so I never got hooked? It seems right up my alley (and I LOVE Katherine Heigl). I’m assuming this means they had a musical episode…Buffy copy-cats! I can’t hate, though, because everyone should want to be more like Buffy. 😉 In fact I think I need to watch some clips of that online!

  2. I don’t have live TV anymore… I mostly watch DVDs of old sitcoms and ancient movies. I miss it more than my hairline! Thanks for the post… you’ve inspired me to write a pog entry review of an old series that nobody’s ever heard about. Keep a watch out for it!

      1. Hate to burst the bubble but I have two TVs, just no feed to broadcasting. Our DVD player is a real trooper! I’ve always been a bit of a latent animist and feel guilty that I’ve subjected the DVD machine to so many hours of “reruns” in the form of my box sets of Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and 3rd Rock from the Sun. I’ve watched every episode from each of those series in order at least once! I can afford to be about as self-righteousness as someone who quit cigarettes but now smokes a pipe.

        1. haha Oops sorry, that was a misleading reply from me! Believe it or not I do hear people get self-righteous on even a “I don’t have cable” front. (Usually it’s followed by, “I only watch public access channels.”) This comment was even MORE refreshing! Seriously. My bubble has grown. It didn’t even wobble. 😉

  3. I’m nerdily excited and (cautiously) hopeful for “Person Of Interest” because it’s by JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan, who wrote Dark Knight.

    I’d also be interested in seeing some sort of television show in which chefs compete to outdo one another with culinary challenges, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything like that!

    1. Ooh that does look good! Thanks – that reminded me to set the DVR. I like JJ Abrams most for Alias!

      Between blogging and fall TV, I don’t think I’m going to have time for my job. I think my boss will understand.

      Gosh, good luck with the food competition show. I’ve been trying to find a decent show on grilling for ages.

      1. Ok. I would like to use my one free pass.

        I have never seen a single episode of 90210 even though I am their original target demographic. I have never seen most of the shows you talk about. Some I see in passing when my kids are watching them. I keep pushing to get rid of the cable and they won’t let me. I didn’t have a TV of my own, at any time in my adult life, until I moved to Hoboken at the age of 34 and someone gave me one. When I get to actually watch TV, it’s after midnight and I will only get sucked into real life crime solving, shows about ’80’s heavy metal bands, Alton Brown, or the occasional movie like Tommy or Jane Eyre.

        I like Dexter and True Blood but get the dvd’s because we don’t have Showtime, and I haven’t seen any of Season 5 of Dexter or season 3 of True Blood.

        Forgive me.

        1. Yay, I’m glad you used your pass! GOGP is a safe zone for sharing secrets. Also, there’s unlimited passes. 😉

          With your (cool!) job and (wonderful!) family, I’m amazed you find time to write, let alone watch any TV. You are very impressive! Sometimes it’s more fun to just watch shows once they come out on DVD anyway! Remember the days when if you missed it you were just screwed? (Oh, the horror!)

          PS – Not that you asked, but yes, I’d be happy to be your Guilty Pleasure TV guide. If you’re standing around the water cooler (probably not so much in your line of work, but let’s go with it) and someone makes a reference you don’t understand, Tweet me and I’ll come to your rescue. I know, I know. Hey. It’s what I do.

  4. Ringer is the only new show I’m looking forward to! This is because I’m so horrible keeping up on the shows I do love (none of which have come close to filling Buffy’s shoes, not that I’d even try (on purpose)), it’s hard to fathom adding new shows. This one’s a must, assuming it’s on Hulu and/or JetFlicks!

    1. Our DVR got sassy on us last night and I missed Ringer!! Can you believe it? My husband is setting things right tonight (by hooking his lap top up to the TV so we can watch it). Did you see it yet? What did you think??

      Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been thinking I have to scale back on my shows. It gets hard to keep up! …Oh, who am I kidding? 😉

        1. Thanks! Chris at From the Bungalow suggested the old one didn’t really do my blog’s content justice, otherwise I’d probably have been 82 and rockin’ the old gravatar. :p

      1. Bad DVR! Bad! I hope you grounded it, at least overnight!

        I haven’t seen Ringer yet, because part of getting Ba.D. to agree to actually write a guest post (versus hypothetically writing one) was offering up watching this season’s Survivor with him. Thanks to knitting, I stayed up through all 90 minutes last night! *cheer*

        The fact that the post is on Survivor is not a reflection of that I wanted a post on Survivor, by the by. I really wanted that guest post, and figured I’d make it a reality by landing on a specific topic he enjoys discussing and nudging him that direction.

        See, I can think strategically too!

        Once every six years or so . . .

        1. haha I know! This DVR needs to learn who’s boss. I did watch The Ringer last night and it was pretty good – it usually takes me a few episodes to warm up to a new show. I’ll be curious to hear what you think!

          Can’t wait to read Ba.D.’s guest post, and hopefully you’ll be blogging ’til infinity and I will get to see the results of all of your strategic thought processes 😉

    1. Tosh.0 RULES! He can somehow say the most offensive things and still be hilarious. My hero. I also love 30 Rock! I’m ashamed to say I don’t know Up All Night – I’m going to have to check it out. I’ll be curious to hear how you like all the shows as they start to air!

  5. I’m looking forward to “Up All Night”, it looks hilarious, I love Maya Rudolph and I am normally up all night most nights, so I figure I can relate.

    Mostly, I am excited for the old favorites of mine, House and Survivor. Not much else.

    1. Ohhh, I just left a comment above that I didn’t know Up All Night – now I know what show that is! Maya Rudolph is GREAT! I just (finally!) saw Bridesmaids – she was so good in that, and the movie with John Krasinski (I’m blanking on the name…boy, my brain is fried today! I really do think it’s all that blonde hair dye… ;).

      Hugh Laurie is so awesome. I wrote a post about him for a new website – if it actually goes up I’ll send a link! Did you know he has an album out now??? And he wrote one of my favorite novels (The Gun Seller)! What can’t House do??

      1. One of my girlfriends worked on Bridesmaids! She’s actually going to let me interview her to get a lock on how not-as-scripted film “scripts” operate. :p

    1. hahaha That was SO great! I was glad it was a chick flick I knew I could actually get my husband to watch (probably thanks to the poop jokes).

      Apparently she is (Up All Night)! See what amazing things you can discover on WordPress? 😉

    1. Only the show I’ve been RAVING about to disinterested coworkers! LOL It’s so great – MTV’s new 30-minute ‘dramedy’ about a 16-year-old girl in high school (and guess what? She’s awkward). Kind of My So-Called Life meets [MTV’s other newish show] My Life as Liz. Each episode is only about 20 minutes long and available on if you wanted to take a gander!

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