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Let’s Go…Glamping!!!

"Hey guys and gals, it's time to ditch this lame-ass scene!" Photo credit: stuff-and-nonsense.net

Are you tired of sleeping under the stars, of being totally at one with nature? Are you feeling a little too granola-y after a night on the ground? Or perhaps you have a few thousand dollars you don’t know what to do with? Well, have I ever got the answer for you!

Glamorous + Camping = GLAMPING!!!

Yeah, that’s right! 5 star wilderness retreats! A real bed! Plumbing! Classy meals! A butler! …Wait, you’re thinking, this sounds kind of like staying at an actual hotel. Nay, friends. Look, you’re still kind of in a tent:

Photo credit: Trendhunter

And you’re still kind of in nature:

Photo credit: goglamourcamping.com

And there are still meals around the fire…kind of:

Photo credit: pawsup.com

You didn’t really want to chop your own firewood and roast your own¬†marshmallows anyway, did you?

For anything ranging from (cough, choke, sputter) $200-$2,000 a night (…per person…) one of these glamorous tents could be your own. The glamping trend is rapidly catching amongst the conflicted elite, and you can now find glamping resorts on nearly every continent.

So, what do you think? Are you having the maid tell your assistant to call your travel agent to book your trip right now?

P.S. – Okay, you caught me. I’d totally go glamping if I didn’t have to pay for it. (Especially here.)