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Let’s Go…Glamping!!!

"Hey guys and gals, it's time to ditch this lame-ass scene!" Photo credit: stuff-and-nonsense.net

Are you tired of sleeping under the stars, of being totally at one with nature? Are you feeling a little too granola-y after a night on the ground? Or perhaps you have a few thousand dollars you don’t know what to do with? Well, have I ever got the answer for you!

Glamorous + Camping = GLAMPING!!!

Yeah, that’s right! 5 star wilderness retreats! A real bed! Plumbing! Classy meals! A butler! …Wait, you’re thinking, this sounds kind of like staying at an actual hotel. Nay, friends. Look, you’re still kind of in a tent:

Photo credit: Trendhunter

And you’re still kind of in nature:

Photo credit: goglamourcamping.com

And there are still meals around the fire…kind of:

Photo credit: pawsup.com

You didn’t really want to chop your own firewood and roast your own marshmallows anyway, did you?

For anything ranging from (cough, choke, sputter) $200-$2,000 a night (…per person…) one of these glamorous tents could be your own. The glamping trend is rapidly catching amongst the conflicted elite, and you can now find glamping resorts on nearly every continent.

So, what do you think? Are you having the maid tell your assistant to call your travel agent to book your trip right now?

P.S. – Okay, you caught me. I’d totally go glamping if I didn’t have to pay for it. (Especially here.)

27 thoughts on “Let’s Go…Glamping!!!”

  1. I might do it, but I wouldn’t dare call it camping due to the facts (a) I’d feel ridiculous doing so and (b) my Oregon friends would, I’m sure, somehow manage to hear me from afar and be compelled to whomp some sense into me. As far as hotels go, though? This does look like a keen alternative to the standard!

    1. haha I know what you mean! It’s definitely one of those things that warrants the quote: “I’d have to kick my own ass.” But it might be worth it. 😉

      And yeah, these tents are about 10,000 times nicer than the hotels I normally stay in, LOL One place on Vancouver Island has TWO assistants/butlers for every ONE “camper”!! And they only take 600 guests a YEAR!

      1. :O

        I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I had the kind of resources to experience that for myself! It’s a good thing my imagination is so keen. I’ll just go out into my sister’s backyard and pretend I’m at such a place . . . at least until the dogs come out and start slobbering at me, or Li’l D tries to put one of their backyard presents in his mouth!

        1. LOL! The special we watched on Glamping last night had this guy pay $1,000/night for his two kids to stay in the best ‘tent’ (actually a tepee) on the premises by themselves. (My husband and I looked at each other and said we’d tell our kids, “Guess what? You can set up a tent in the backyard. Have fun.”)

          Future leaders of America, people.

    1. LOL That’s right! It’s another notch on the Swiss Army tool belt. The extent of my camping experience involves 1 night and lots of beer. But I did have to hike 1/3 mile in the dark to use the bathroom. That should count for a half a notch, or a really cute badge.

  2. This might be the only way that I would ever go camping for a whole night. When I told my husband that I had never ever been camping he bought me a two room tent for my birthday. I was pretty enthusiastic. We set it up in the back yard, built a fire in the patio firepit, inflated the queen-sized coleman blow-up bed and zipped the tent flaps. Two hours later, I was ready to go back in the house to sleep in my own bed. I discovered that camping wasn’t really my thing. I think I just wanted to see what tent sex would be like! 😉

    1. Hahaha Two ROOM tent? That sounds pretty impressive! Was it hard to put up? The old-school tent my parents had used to take my dad hours to set up in the backyard. (He must have been really desperate to get me out of the house.)

      1. Putting it up wasn’t as difficult as making it fit back in the canvas bag that it came in once we were ready to put it away!! Luckily, my youngest daughter loves camping, so I’ve given it to her! 🙂

  3. I always think these sound ridiculous… then I go camping and wake up filthy and bleary-eyed, with an intricate succession of kinks in my back and neck, and fire down a handful of trail mix and instant coffee while trying to warm up and think, “You know what are great? Luxuries.”

    And Sun Valley is really beautiful.

    1. Amen to that! And I REALLY want to do a white water rafting trip. They send this barge-like raft out early with all the equipment and food, so that the tents and everything are set up by the time you get to camp. They completely customize the trip for you, too. Oh and the wine. Lots and lots of wine.

  4. Yes, the rafting trip would be fun – not sure I’d spend tons of money on glamping, though. But then I own a 35 foot travel trailer with bathroom, shower, microwave, real beds and a stereo. That’s probably as close as I’m going to get at this stage…the massage might not be bad, though….

      1. No tips, we don’t even move ours. It stays in a private campground in Michigan so we can spend summers there. I HATE pulling anything (boat, trailer) behind a vehicle. Ours to really too big to pull without a massive vehicle, and we like it just like where it is – close enough to the grandkids.

        We’d like to have a small motor home someday for traveling. We took a 5,000 mile trip last fall – no camping, glamping or roughing it (some of the pictures I’ve posted – National parks,etc). We have so much fun together….and that’s what matters most.

        1. You’re certainly right about that – I’m so glad to hear it’s helped bring the family together! Our family is concentrated mostly in New Jersey (where we are), so the idea of a small motor home would really be to explore the great US of A!

  5. I would totally do this, if I didn’t have to pay for it, and if my husband didn’t find out. I would still have to kick my own ass though. It’s a bit like the trend where people are paying a lot of money to “rough it” on a farm and then work the (organic) farm. Double win for the farmer!

    1. Awesome! If you are going and want to sponsor my trip, I guess I’d be cool with that. I’ll be glad to wear t-shirts that say “[doing anything] with pinot”.

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