This One’s For You. Yeah, YOU!

Oh you, my darling Guilty Pleasure chipmunk*, let’s talk. Grab a chair drink. Can I just tell you something? I’ve been struggling with whether or not I should’ve emailed you at your personal email address when you subscribed to my blog. I wanna write and say, “Thank you. You’ve totally validated my existence and if you’re ever in Jersey I’ll be glad to make you dinner and let my dog lick your face raw,” but it seems like that might be a bit too intrusive. (In case I’ve worried anyone, if you’ve written me to thank me for subscribing to your blog, I was thrilled.)

Related to this, I wrote a very silly post back in April (2 months after I started this blog) which I intended to post should I ever catch that rare, Freshly Pressed unicorn (i.e., get featured on the home page of Well, shockingly, I did wrangle the majestic, one-horned beast this week -when I least expected it, natch, and had long given up caring too much about it- but the post was sarcastic and clouded the true gratitude and humility I felt in responding to the exciting flurry of sweet comments.

So, lest there be ANY doubt how I feel about you, and by you I mean those who’ve ever read, and/or continue to read, my little blog, and share your lovely, hilarious thoughts (so yeah, this means YOU! Right now! You!):

*I love chipmunks. So much. This is the greatest compliment I know how to give. Besides sharing my Reese’s peanut butter cups. Or my vodka. No, no. Sorry. I got carried away. Paws off the Smirnoff.


28 responses to “This One’s For You. Yeah, YOU!

  1. See, I go out of town for a couple weeks and I miss you getting freshly pressed? Then you’re all complimentary for mine? Don’t I feel the cad. The buffoon. The, dare I say, anti-chipmunk (whatever that is).

    Well, a belated congratulations, and I’d just like to say that I was totally in to Go Guilty Pleasure before it got cool.

  2. “Why did you give him a three-peanut?” Very funny, and super cute, too. Once I wrangle my own squirrel monster here, I will for sure put adorable little hats on him. In my head, I imagine the process going very smoothly.

    • haha Yessss. I cannot wait, and I too picture it going very smoothly. I also imagine that he winds up loving the hats, especially his tiny top hat, and asks for a cane and red and white striped jacket to go with it.

  3. My kids thought that was the best video they have ever seen. We had to watch it twice even.

    Congrats again on catching that unicorn! And I’d also like to go on the record for saying that I knew you and your coolness slightly before everyone else.

    And thank you for mentioning Reese peanut butter cups and vodka. Think I know what I’m going to have to pick up at the store for this extra long weekend!

    • Hooray! You don’t want to even know how many times I watched that video – I can’t believe I only just discovered it yesterday.

      Thank you SO much! I absolutely love reading your blog and comments.

      Remember to think of me when you’re drunkenly wondering where all of the peanut butter cups went, only to realize you’ve already eaten them all.

  4. Instant stardom!!!! Jealz.

  5. Oh, that chipmunk was just, too cute!! Did you see the “Sleepy Chipmunk” video? I nearly died from a cute attack! 🙂

  6. I debate that subscriber email question, too. At the beginning, I thought those emails were creepy. Now I think, “This is someone who’s interested in a dialogue!” I’ve sent a few myself, to no response, so I’m still not sure where I fall on the question. Dagnabit.

    • Deb, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed getting that note from you when I subscribed! It was such an eye-opener for me; I was approaching blogging in a very one-sided way, but following your example made such a big impact! Blogging is a zillion times better when I get to talk to my little chipmunks (if GaGa can have monsters, surely I can have chipmunks…right?)! I’ve done such a 180 that now I’m totally disappointed when people don’t respond to my comments [that I leave on their blogs], especially the good ones, hahaha 😉

  7. Ultra cute vid… looks like he’s brushing his teeth with that “triple”! There are chipmunks in my area, but none in my neighbourhood, so I have to give peanuts to the Niagara lawn minks (you might know them as skunks). Their eyes are not too good but when they hear one land near them (haven’t tried hand feeding yet), they pounce and really get into their snack. Very cute especially when the moms bring their young on training missions!

    • Ha! You’re right, he does look like he’s brushing his teeth! I can’t get enough of that video. Aw, I’m smiling just imagining the training missions! And Niagra lawn minks is way cooler than skunks. I might try to get away with calling them that!

  8. I’m 110% sure you posted this for me and me alone. Never tell me otherwise.

  9. I can’t believe I totally missed your FP debut! GO JULES GO! Also? It took me until about :23 into this video to get it. Apparently, I needed the side view. And? At around that time a popup ad for the treatment of cat herpes came up on the bottom of the video screen. Not lying.

    • Why thank ya kindly!! It was a VERY fun/wild ride!

      hahaha, I know, I didn’t realize the problem was a ‘3 peanut’ at first either!

      You’re kidding! That popup is amazing. I did notice when checking out my dad’s iPad that it totally changes the presentation of blogs on WordPress, as does SmartPhone surfing (which adds ads to the screen)! Always makes me a little nervous about what people are seeing that I have no control over… (although I kinda wish I could take credit for this one).

  10. This is so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

    • Believe me when I say it is MY pleasure! Thanks so much for reading and commenting (and loving chipmunks, though probably not as much as me because sorry, that is impossible ;)!

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