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Long Island: Not Just for Iced Tea Anymore

Oh, Long Island. You are the birthplace of so many things I love. Like my dad, but more importantly, Long Island Iced Tea.

When you want to forget your own name.

You also gave us the Hamptons and the Lohans Baldwin brothers. And just when I thought you couldn’t top yourself, you gave me this:

She's loud. Oh and she talks to dead people.

Long Island Medium, one of TLC’s latest guilty pleasure gems, stars medium

Look! Her family can even channel The Jersey Shore's style sensibilities!

Theresa Caputo. Caputo is ‘just your average’ Long Island lady (with the accent to match, so grab your caw-fee and let’s tawk), married with two high-school aged kids, except oh wait – she constantly bumps into spirits while running day-to-day errands. The family is nonplussed by her ability, though occasionally embarrassed when they can’t stop at the local Quik-Mart for milk without undead company. (The Long Island Medium is compelled to deliver any messages she receives. That’s why, you know, she has a show.)

Caputo also performs private and group readings, where she usually enters with a joke to ease the tension, then explains that she focuses on positive messages. If she does convey anything negative, it’s only because it will benefit the message recipient. Definitely a point worth noting when you’re talking to a mother whose son was shot in a crime currently under investigation, or the child of someone who lost a parent in 9/11.

Caputo usually picks up on numbers and objects when she performs a reading.

"I'm serious. He's looking up my skirt RIGHT. NOW. ...Oh. I'm not wearing a skirt? Well, this is awkward."

“Who here lost a son?” she might begin at a group reading, moving on to ask things like, “What is the significance of the ruby necklace? I keep seeing a ruby.” She’s immediately met with tears and ohmygods, because how can she possibly know about late Aunt Dotty’s ruby fetish? She also hones in on character traits of the deceased: “Was your brother a ladies man? He’s like, tryin’ to look up my skirt right now! Oh my GAWD.”

The skeptic in me watches and thinks, “Duh. She probably Googled this chick before the reading.” But the guilty pleasure fiend in me wants to believe. And I know wanting to believe is what makes these supposed scam artists successful – they capitalize on our vulnerability, and our intense desire to believe there’s life after death.

But I still kinda believe. Especially if believing means crying during every episode.

What do you think? Is the Long Island Medium (and others like her) legit?

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