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Long Island: Not Just for Iced Tea Anymore

Oh, Long Island. You are the birthplace of so many things I love. Like my dad, but more importantly, Long Island Iced Tea.

When you want to forget your own name.

You also gave us the Hamptons and the Lohans Baldwin brothers. And just when I thought you couldn’t top yourself, you gave me this:

She's loud. Oh and she talks to dead people.

Long Island Medium, one of TLC’s latest guilty pleasure gems, stars medium

Look! Her family can even channel The Jersey Shore's style sensibilities!

Theresa Caputo. Caputo is ‘just your average’ Long Island lady (with the accent to match, so grab your caw-fee and let’s tawk), married with two high-school aged kids, except oh wait – she constantly bumps into spirits while running day-to-day errands. The family is nonplussed by her ability, though occasionally embarrassed when they can’t stop at the local Quik-Mart for milk without undead company. (The Long Island Medium is compelled to deliver any messages she receives. That’s why, you know, she has a show.)

Caputo also performs private and group readings, where she usually enters with a joke to ease the tension, then explains that she focuses on positive messages. If she does convey anything negative, it’s only because it will benefit the message recipient. Definitely a point worth noting when you’re talking to a mother whose son was shot in a crime currently under investigation, or the child of someone who lost a parent in 9/11.

Caputo usually picks up on numbers and objects when she performs a reading.

"I'm serious. He's looking up my skirt RIGHT. NOW. ...Oh. I'm not wearing a skirt? Well, this is awkward."

“Who here lost a son?” she might begin at a group reading, moving on to ask things like, “What is the significance of the ruby necklace? I keep seeing a ruby.” She’s immediately met with tears and ohmygods, because how can she possibly know about late Aunt Dotty’s ruby fetish? She also hones in on character traits of the deceased: “Was your brother a ladies man? He’s like, tryin’ to look up my skirt right now! Oh my GAWD.”

The skeptic in me watches and thinks, “Duh. She probably Googled this chick before the reading.” But the guilty pleasure fiend in me wants to believe. And I know wanting to believe is what makes these supposed scam artists successful – they capitalize on our vulnerability, and our intense desire to believe there’s life after death.

But I still kinda believe. Especially if believing means crying during every episode.

What do you think? Is the Long Island Medium (and others like her) legit?

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62 thoughts on “Long Island: Not Just for Iced Tea Anymore”

    1. hahaha JM, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the Long Island Medium 🙂 And thank you so much for the compliment – that really does mean a lot to me [that it makes you laugh]!

    1. Oooh, Katie, he IS creepy! I think that’s why I’m more inclined to believe the Long Island Medium – she’s seemingly down-to-earth ad very likable…in her own special way, LOL

      1. I just emailed you, I am just letting you know that it ain’t no spam maam…

        (Have never actually called anybody maam before, but as I also love making up terrible rhyming limericks… guilty pleasure indeed… I thought I would just go with it) 🙂

  1. First of all, oh my GAWD, this is what everyone in Aruba sounded like, except they wanted Bee-AH from the BAH.

    That said, this looks kind of cool. I believe in angels because of a mystical experience I had at summer camp when I was young. (Weird, eh.) but I don’t think I’d buy this unless I experienced it firsthand.

    1. Ha! I was thinking about that, Renee, because I wrote this before your vacay-from-hell post! The L.I. Medium is pretty likable, though!

      OMG. You are totally leaving me hanging here with this comment. You know that, right? (You also know my email address… hint hint 😉

  2. Oh my god! This is too weird. I JUST discovered this show last weekend and have managed to record about 5 episodes. I watched a few in a row last night and was bawling like a baby. I have to watch it with a big box of tissues, I am so bad. I love her, just love her. she’s so brash and real.

    So I take it you’ve never had a reading? Because if you did, you would totally believe in it. I am lucky in that I have three close friends (yes, three!) who are ALL mediums. I get free readings all the time. When a medium tells you something that only you and the deceased person would know, I tell you, Jules, there is nothing like it. You get chills, it’s like being hit by a truck, it’s that life-changing!

    I had a reading from a perfect stranger that I recorded 11 years ago (I still have the tape) and my dad was there and he said so many things that only he and I would know. AND he told me that I was going to have a baby, my son, my firstborn (this was during the time I couldn’t get pregnant for two years!) and he told me my younger brother would be going through a hellish time in the future with a nasty divorce (it happened) AND he told me he gives me signs all the time, especially with the car locks (true, he makes the doors lock and unlock when I get in the car)

    Don’t mean to go on and on, but yeah. I LOVE Long Island Medium!!

    1. Holy moly, Darla, YOU just gave me chills!!! That is AWESOME. I want to hear so so so much more about this. I did go to a psychic for my 13th bday, but I’m not sure how legit she was. Here’s something weird (and guilty pleasure-y) for you about it, though — she made me put my hands on this crystal ball and make a wish (probably the first sign she might not be totally legit? LOL). Being 13, I wished to meet Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Three years later, a friend in Canada forwarded me an email about being able to see him during a taping of the View. I called the number thinking there was no chance in HELL this was for real, and they were SO desperate for teenage audience members to cheer him on (hard to get on a school day, I guess?), that they SENT A LIMO TO MY HOUSE IN NJ to pick up me and my friends, LOL We made signs, were escorted in front of everyone in line, put in the front row, and got to meet him. Weird, right? I mean, come on, you couldn’t find 10 teenagers in NYC?!?!

          1. That is creepy, given the topic!!! BTW if I don’t respond to your email right away, it’s cause I’m in training all week and it’s hard to check email (if not impossible)!

      1. OH. AND I didn’t even mention a KEY piece to this JTT story (sorry for the 10,000 comment replies, LOL) – I made the wish SILENTLY. No one ever knew.

  3. Oh, my TLC soul sister! Only you could write such a lovely review of a show from the best network on the planet. Of course, I’ve watched this one, too! I’m like you; part skeptic, part believer. I want it to be true. I do imagine that a life of seeing dead people would be sort of creepy, but she seems to embrace it. PS, This Sunday—American Gypsies!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!

    1. I was of course thinking of you, Sprinkles, when I [incessantly] watched/wrote about this show! I wonder that, too; if she’s had any really disturbing experiences, because she does make the whole thing seem positive. And I KNOW some of these spirits are yelling messages about avenging their murder, etc. LOL

      I CANNOT WAIT for this Sunday’s gypsy episode!!! Even the hub is so into it. Might have something to do with the [lack of] clothing. 😉

  4. OK, here’s an idea (a serious idea): We all, on the same day, write about one or more psychic experiences we have had. I have had tons. None have involved psychics. But I’m being serious, here. What do you think?

    1. But can we eat p.b. cups that day, too??

      In all seriousness, I LOVE the idea. (AND I still want to do that Shades of Grey idea!) So, you’ll do all the coordination, right? 😉

    1. It is seriously awesome. And they’re less than 20 mins long without commercials, so I flew threw all of the ones on Comcast OnDemand. I think this is actually the second season – I’m dying to get my paws on more episodes!

  5. I am your classic cynic. I can always find some excuse for why these people know the things they do. The hubs and I went to a psychic on the boardwalk in AC when we first started dating, and she told us we wouldn’t stay together long. Ha! That was 15 years ago, btw. Maybe because I’ve never experienced anyone with real abilities first hand, if that is even a real thing. See, told you I was a cynic. Sometimes, though, it is beneficial to these people, as it sounds like they might really need to “hear” from their loved and lost ones. I don’t think there is any harm, even if not real, as long as nobody is trying to swindle anyone. Might give closure and peace to someone who really needs it.

    1. It definitely seems to be all about getting peace and closure and knowing their loved ones are ‘okay.’ (And in a lot of cases she tries to ease their survivor’s guilt.) Hence my constant blubbering while watching, LOL (“He says you’ll always be daddy’s little girl.”)

      That’s funny about the A.C. psychic. I agree I need to have more firsthand experiences because I can really make my decision!

    1. Same here, Thoughtsy! Although with the L.I. Medium, I think I’m more on the side of believing. The JTT thing IS wild, right?! It still makes me shake my head…

    1. Yes, and that’s just the way I like it, JM. I will keep you away from the time wasters like CNN, and point you in the more sensible direction (TLC). Have you been watching anymore Glee?

  6. Is she legit?? Are you implying that someone would LIE about something like that? Oh, Jules, Jules, Jules… so cynical.

    And the first time I was in Long Island I really suspected that people were talking like that for my benefit. You know, give the out-of-towner the full Long Island experience.

    1. I would just like to second the above. All of the above. I haven’t been to Long Island, but that’s what I’ll suspect when I do visit, anyway.

    2. Right? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I think I mostly believe, though. So balance in the universe is restored.

      Oh my gawd, no, we/they don’t go out of their way for anyone. Get outta he-yah.

  7. My general rule of thumb is anybody making a living off of this or ESPECIALLY who has a TV, radio, book deal (read: fame) out of it is fake OR even if they do have something going on, they’re mostly faking it.

    One of my friends has this ability (I absolutely believe) but it doesn’t happen “all the time, wherever she goes” and she often will not pass on messages. I believe in everything (saves bother), so I’m open to believing but I’m also skeptical — if that makes sense. Paradoxes are comfy.

    1. Yes, that’s what I think too when my inner skeptic kicks in – that they might be SLIGHTLY legit, but then make up stuff using a series of OTHER nitty gritty people-reading skills. Sort of like how a magician does slight of hand tricks.

      And, I will raise my Long Island Iced Tea to paradoxes.

  8. Add another vote to th cynic column. I don’t think so, but I don’t know. But the Gypsies show…now that’s what I’m talking about!

    1. I sooo want to believe. And I believe in gypsies 150%, so I think I’ll average that with how much I believe in mediums. Bam. 100%. I totally believe in everything. Math = truth.

  9. I knew I could come here for some deep thinking… I’ll go with the Gypsies… Caputo, not so much. Jules, J M Randolph’s comment was disturbing…

  10. I sob every single time I watch that show. I crazy love her!!! And, I have to say, I think she’s legit. Like, 2 legit to quit. I’m so glad you posted about this show!!!

    1. I just double-checked Comcast OnDemand to make sure they didn’t have any more episodes added since I last watched on Monday. Nope. Sigh. I need a fix!!!

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