Last Call for Guilty Pleasure Gift Basket Giveaway Submissions!

Chipmunks-who-like-a-challenge, it’s almost April 29th, a.k.a. the deadline for submitting your entry to win the GREATEST gift basket of all time. (The deadline is 12pm EST on Sunday, April 29th.)

CLICK HERE TO ENTER and get your drool cup ready…

All you have to do to enter is: 1) mention the gift basket giveaway post on your blog and/or Twitter account and/or Facebook page, and 2) follow the link above and leave a comment telling me a true story involving you and a guilty pleasure. (If you have any trouble leaving a comment, you can email me your submission.)

REMEMBER – I’m looking for true stories involving you and a guilty pleasure, and am judging based on style, creativity and humor.

Because, ya know, I’m not parting with these treasures THAT easily.

Multiple submissions are acceptable.

I will announce the winner (and two runners-up) on Monday, April 30th.

Good luck – may the odds be ever in your favor may the pleasures be ever guilty!


18 responses to “Last Call for Guilty Pleasure Gift Basket Giveaway Submissions!

  1. Can’t I just pretend I live in the US?……

  2. Multiple submissions? Do all the things I’ve been telling you in emails count, too? I want this! iykwim.

  3. Do awesome birthday presents count? Cuz if so, you know I’m totally gonna win this bitch!! 🙂 And if not, you still deserve it and I still love you.

    Did I mention how stunning you are looking today? Even better than last week! Must be a pre-birthday glow. Or, you know, just the awesomeness of Mac & Cheese band-aids reflecting off of you.

    I figure you can relate to this GP: last night, watching Glee (recorded, of course), singing along to Whitney Houston songs whilst drinking some nice Pinot Grigio. On a weeknight. So guilty, but sooooo good! 🙂

    • hahaha I really do wish I could count your card and band-aids!! I CANNOT WAIT to watch Glee – I haven’t had time to watch any of my shows this week, but now I have something to look forward during birthday-palooza weekend 🙂

      And wine (or champagne, ‘o course) while watching is a MUST!

  4. Probably #4 on the list of girliest things about me is that I totally dug The Cutting Edge.

    Toe pick!

  5. Emailed my guilty pleasure confession and linked to your blog on my site today. Now hand over that bacon.

    I assume you’re going to celebrate your birthday this weekend so you have time to recover from the hangover by the time you return to work, so have fun!

    • PEG, your email was AMAZING. On a break from trianing right now, but didn’t want to rush off a response because it deserves much more [than a rushed response]!

      I am actually taking off Mon-Wed, but have some work to do over that time (ulgh). Though rest assured there will be lots of champagne – starting tonight!! 🙂

  6. They have to be true? Can they be possibly caused by Nutella-induced hallucinations?

  7. Hi Jules,
    It’s up!

  8. Okay, Jules. I have revealed terrible things about myself in the name of gift baskets. And I heard a rumor that Renee is making all of hers up. Verrrrry devious, that one. I’d steer clear.

    And, happy birthday!

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