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And the Winner of the GoGuiltyPleasures Gift Basket Giveaway IS…

Happy birthday to ME, fuzzy wuzzie li’l chipmunks!

Oh wait. This isn’t about me. Right. The contest.

You did NOT make this easy.

Click play to watch me announce the winner (and runners-up)! Or you can be a total party-pooper and simply scroll down.


GRAND PRIZE – Renée from Lessons from Teachers and Twits

Renée, please consider this your open invitation to guest post on my blog any time; I know the below submission is only the tip of your guilty pleasure iceberg.

Renée’s Entry:

Okay, you know I love to break into dance. But that’s the small stuff. Another guilty pleasure?


I sometimes sunbathe topless in my backyard.

And there is a middle school in my backyard.

True. You cannot make this stuff up. ;-)

If you’re feeling a little sore from Renée’s victory, perhaps this picture will help.

Zeal has never been happier.

After Renée submitted her scintillating entry, I tried to Google Earth her house*. Here’s what came up:

Can you tell which house is Renée's?

That’s right, Renée, all of this is YOURS! ALL YOURS!

*If you’re feeling stalky after seeing that bikini pic, please don’t waste your time haunting the above neighborhood. That isn’t where Renée lives. And duh. Just email me for her address.

RUNNER-UP #1 – Peg from Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings

Peg’s Entry:

My guilty pleasure might surprise you.  There’s nothing I like more than spending a quiet evening playing my favorite game:  Go Guilty Pleasures, the home edition.
First I obsessively click on your blog.  If I’ve left a comment, I see if you’ve responded to my comment.  Then I go click on the Recommended Humor Blogs WordPress page to see if I’m still on there.  Then back to your blog to see if anyone has responded either to my original comment or your response to my comment.  Back to the Humor page to see if anybody else I know is cycling through the list more often than me.  Back to your blog.  I leave a follow-up comment if necessary.  Then I rate all the other comments and compare their cleverness-quotient to my comment.  If anyone else’s score even approaches mine, I spend some time worrying about that.  Finish up with just one, teensy-weensy peek back at the Humor page (with my stopwatch to catalogue relative hang-times.)
Next comes the best part of the game.  I BECOME you.  I put on the Side Pony of Super Fun-ness.  I put my custom-crafted Uncle Jesse mask on my cat, Beeby (this part isn’t as easy as it might sound). I line up some champagne (actually Asti – I’m on a budget) and break out the bacon candy bars and Reeses for snacking.  I use mice instead of chipmunks as my life coaches because they’re a lot easier to catch around my house.  That may be why they don’t really give me any advice, no matter how many times I ask. But I pretend they do while I make funny, fun faces.  I get lots and lots of guilty pleasure from taking lots and lots of pictures of myself being blondly side-ponied and fun.  A lot.
Yup, for my family, there’s no more relaxing way to spend the evening than playing Go Guilty Pleasures.  As my hubby said to me just the other night,  “Why do you keep calling me Peppermeister?  Who the hell is that??”
Happy Birthday to us!!
I told Peg I was jealous of her side-pony, because it's longer than mine, and probably curls like a dream.

Peg – here’s your loot-for-a-hoot!

RUNNER-UP #2 – Erin from Catstache

Erin’s Entry:

I voted at that link you posted, posted to facebook (i’m not sure how i will prove this with my security settings) and my blog. I have twitter but don’t use it (that’s a story for another time if you get bored) and i got the tattoo and performed the ritual sacrifice.

I emailed you this pic but incase it comes down to bloggers voting in the contest, here is the link (see below for picture).

Now for the guilty pleasures:
I sing to my cat Alex every day when i come home. I even sing as alex sometimes. I am not a good singer so he’s probably embarrassed.

Speaking of bad singing i also am a big harry potter nerd and i used to be a part of an online Hogwarts website where you took classes and met other nerds. You would think that would be a guilty enough pleasure right there as it’s terribly embarrassing but i used to compete in a yearly singing contest there called HOL idol and i would actually record myself singing and enter the contest. 0________0 SO EMBARRASSING. I wrote bad fanfic too.

As perfect as a guilty pleasure can get. Did you see the tattoo on her hand??

Erin – here’s your ‘stachey stash!

RUNNER-UP #3 – The Byronic Man

Click on the picture of The Byronic Man in drag to read his entry.

Picking just one grand prize winner was a total drag.

B-Man, may I present your winnings. ‘Cause I know how you like to get drunk and dress up.

Honorable Mentions

Renee from Life in the Boomer Lane

Renee’s Entry:

I eat entire pints of coffee Haagen Dazs in the car as I drive alone in the car. No spoon. No napkin. By the time I’m finished, both the steering wheel and I are covered with ice cream. Yum.

AJ’s Mom from Bibeautyful

Click here to read AJ’s Mom’s touching entry.


Thank you so much, Chipmunks! You have truly made my guilty pleasure heart proud. Now – I’d better go – I’ve got a hot air balloon to catch!

I’m totally serious.

Photo credit (before annotation):

55 thoughts on “And the Winner of the GoGuiltyPleasures Gift Basket Giveaway IS…”

  1. I am floored, overwhelmed, terrified, and farklempt to see my answer (typos and all) as an Honorable Mention. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you Queen of All Chipmunks. I am proud to be one of your minions (or minion. I could never get that straight). XXOO

    1. Thank you so much, Renee! I *loved* your submission, and SEVERAL ‘real-life’ people mentioned it as a stand-out, including Peppermeister 😉

      P.S. – I will accept minion or minions. On a standing basis.

  2. Here is the other Renee, checking in! I am beyond excited to have won the whole enchilada! And I love my chipmunk bikini. The only thing missing is my slap bracelet. Who knew I needed to pack it for vacation?

    Most importantly, happy happy birthday, Jules! You make life such a blast! I squealed aloud when I saw this post, and I didn’t even cheat. The other entries are amazing, and — just so the other entrants know — I sent Julie a continuous stream of guilty pleasures. I just didn’t know my confessions were being counted in the contest until later!

    Today is Julie Day! Thanks for sharing your birthday with all of us!

    1. CONGRATULATIONS, RENEE!!! What can I say? I never could resist a topless teacher. Just ask Peppermeister. Your entry was guilty-pleasure-FULL in every way. And I’m totally serious about that standing guest post invitation. Although you might put me out of a job here 😉

      Thank you so much for your WINNING ENTRY and birthday wishes!

      P.S. – So there’s a 30% chance of rain tonight. Balloon trip might be postponed (again – we were supposed to go Sat.), gahhhh! How much longer can I WAIT to soar the skies in *a basket attached to a balloon*?!?!

  3. Thank you for making this serious ol’ woman laugh her ass off on a Groanday morning!! And Happy Birthday dear Jules. It only gets better sweetie. THAT I promise. xoxo.

  4. Wellll… I CAN always use more fake mustaches… Thanks for thinking of me! And for re-posting that picture of me in a dress. That’s a plus.

    But mark my words… there will be no peace until I have an autographed picture of Uncle Jesse.

    1. Congratulations, B-Man!!! A fine, fine entry INDEED. You can restore your masculinity by wearing those mustaches and filling the flask with scotch. As for that dress picture, I figured I’d ‘beg for forgiveness’ later, LOL Or maybe just send the flask full [of apologies]?

      Uncle Jesse is considering writing notes of condolences to the non-winners (or as he likes to call them, big fat losers…this is why we don’t take him in public).

      Oh and let’s all remember Renee has a gun. And a sword.

  5. Congrats to the winners. Where did you say Renee lived again? Just asking for research purposes. NOT because I intend to stalk her, wait until she has her prizes, distract her for a moment, and then steal the monkey wine cozy. Nope, that thought never even entered my mind. How dare you!

    HAPPY HAPPY TO YOU!!! Hope you have a fab day and are able to get that hot air balloon ride in. You deserve to have lots of fun today! I will toast the day of your birth this evening when I have my (totally medicinal) wine in your honor. CLINK!

    1. LOL! Misty, your entry was so fab!!! It really killed me to have to narrow it down to just 4.

      Thank you so much! Mother Nature apparently doesn’t realize riding in a basket in the sky today is very important to me. Although NBC claims no rain ’til midnight. Fingers crossed!

      Worst case scenario, I will join in this completely medicinal toast, so, hey, that works!! Thank you again! 🙂

  6. Wow – I’m thrilled with my fabulous prize package. Thanks so much!

    Renee totally deserves that whole, wonderful basket full of wonderful loot. It’s just icing on the cake that she looks so hot in a bikini. I’m not jealous at all – no, I wish her every happiness. In fact, I’m going to print out her photo and put it on my wall to remind me of her awesomeness. Right next to my dartboard.

    Happy, happy birthday, Jules! I hope the weather cooperates for your hot-air balloon ride today.

    1. Congratulations, Peg!!! Your entry was sooooooo chipmunkalicious.

      It’s hard not to hate Renee in that bikini, isn’t it?? Looks and brains. AND bacon chocolate. My oh my.

      Thank you so much and fingers crossed!! The news and are not agreeing on the weather for this evening, so right now it’s up in the air (har har)…

      I’ll be mailing out the loot no later than tomorrow – I actually have everyone’s address from when all those telemarketers asked to buy them, I mean, from when I sent out slap bracelets. 😉

    1. Aw, shucks, thank you! This COMMENT really made me smile. I wasn’t sure if the video would be necessary, since there’s so much awesome chipmunkitude going on, LOL, but I wanted to make the announcement more personal 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Kate! I’m definitely livin’ it up over here with my champagne and my DVR (I took off of work) – woot! Watching 90210 next, heck yeah! 🙂

  7. I am forever heart-warmed by your Photoshop Skillz.

    What’s funny is it took me looking, reading, looking, reading then: LOOKING to “see” those strings were your blonde hair in somebody else’s hair. Oh, the shame of being stoopid.

    1. LOL PowerPoint is my bee-atch. I can’t get enough! (Although for the videos I use iMovie, which is also totally awesome.)

      Peg’s side-pony is almost beyond words.

    1. Thank you so much, Rian! The balloon got postponed until this weekend due to iffy weather, but now even more to look forward to over the coming week! 🙂

      I love running contests, but boy do I hate having to pick only one winner!

  8. Happy birthday, Jules!! Loved your video (you have a great voice and are so much more peppy than my boring monotone vlogs…) and congrats to all the winners.

    After seeing what everyone did, you should feel good in knowing that your readers will do anything for you–pose in bikinis, in drag, with cats, with fake side ponies…and I am super jealous of one in particular. The chipmunk bikini. but something tells me I wouldn’t look as hot in it, so that’s okay, you enjoy your win Renee and the chocolate bacon, well deserved.

    1. Thank you so much, Darla! I tell ya, as much as I love these contests, I HATE picking just one winner! Can you believe Renee in that bikini? It’s not even right. She mentioned she didn’t drink on her trip (which that picture is from), though, so if that’s the trade off, I guess I’m okay with my muumuus. 😉

      And you are SO funny in your videos; I just love your dry sense of humor. I can never seem to pull that off. I was actually not too sure if I should even have a video, and of course I came up with ‘better’ ideas once it was too late!

    1. Thank you SO much! This contest was an absolute treat to run. And that is very reassuring to hear about the video, because I wasn’t totally sure if I should include it!

  9. Renee gets to look like a movie star AND get a autographed picture of uncle Jesse? I’d say it’s pretty good to be her right now. Of course she had the best story and oh lordy did the rated r map image make me laugh on a dreary work Monday. So congrats Renee your story is such a fantastic guilty pleasure 🙂 and congrats to all of the other winners too! This contest was awesome and I’m rely happy I found this blog when I did 🙂 thank you Jules for making my cat lady dreams come true and for the awesome prize. It’s very generous of you and i love getting mail! I hope you have a fantastic birthday full of chanpagne and caviar dreams and air balloon rides 🙂

    1. Congratulations, Erin!! Your entry was soooo clearly chipmunk-inspired. Even Peppermeister (my husband) could not believe the Sears portrait-level perfection of that photo. Masterful. I bow down to you!

      It’s hard not to hate Renee for looking so amazing in that bikini. Luckily, her shamelessness when it comes to guilty pleasures makes up for it 😉

      I will be sending out all of the loot tomorrow – it’s all packaged up and ready to go! Now, back to my champagne and 90210 on the DVR… 😉

      Thank you again for such a wonderful entry and CONGRATULATIONS [times two]!

      1. YAY funmail! I just got to watch your video now and you’re lovely! I also love your stripey walls.

  10. Oh, heavens. This has been the most fun I have had today. Happy, zesty birthday to you. I am getting me one of those side-ponies…Why should you and Peg have all the fun. I didn’t get an entry around for this competition – unfortunately I’ve concentrated on the “guilty” and not so much on the “pleasure” but that’s changing as of right this minute. You all have shown me the light…

    Don’t celebrate too much, I’m still hoping to see an entry into my writing contest over there at my place.

    1. Yay Katy!! I’m glad you had fun with this, too! If you ever need any more help seeing the guilty pleasure light, you know who to call. But I think you’re on the right track with those chocolate chip cookies (wait. Can you still have them? Gahhh).

      Oh and I double-checked the deadline for gluttony yesterday to make sure I won’t miss it. I just HATE the draft(s) I have so far…

  11. Humph. I was robbed. I had the toaster warmed up and everything…
    Happy Birthday GGP! And congrats to the winners…

  12. A) You are absolutely ADORABLE! (Do I say this often?)
    B) I’m jealous of everything (the posts, the prizes, the comments)
    C) Tax season has officially ENDED and I’m back to being a good blogger.

    1. Thank you so much, Sandy, and welcome back to the bloggy world!! Not sure what my next contest will be, but I’m definitely going to revive the pumpkin carving one in October!

  13. Oh my Garrrrd. This is what I get for cleaning my house and all that other ridiculousness. Missed all the fun! Happy belated birthday, lady 🙂

    1. Tori, Tori, Tori. Yes, serves you right for doing something as anti-guilty pleasurey as cleaning house. 😉

      Thank you so much – I was soooo spoiled this year!

    1. Oh Marta, this was BRUTAL to narrow down! I might have to stop having contests. It’s too sucky picking only one grand prize winner!!

    1. All of the submissions truly made me proud 🙂 I really have been trying to get people to spill their guilty pleasure guts for over a year, LOL

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