Summer is Hot, Wipe the Drool

Summer is Hot and So Are You – Issue #4

Cover Story – Kate from Old, new or true

Something old: Well, not that old, but never you mind. Kate runs a very fun ‘Scribble Challenge’ on her blog. This weekly writing prompt encourages you to hush your inner critic because you’re on a time crunch – you only have 15 minutes. Let your creativity wander in whatever wacky and wonderful direction it chooses!

Something new: Kate’s blog design! Go ogle. Go compliment. It’s snazzy.

Something true: Kate’s a med school student, an avid reader and apparently a cartoonist. If she tells me she models in her spare time, I’m going to jump off a bridge. Look what she drew for me us! (Kate, please tell me where I can send you some complimentary ‘stache glasses and slap bracelets.)

By Kate from

Featured Article – JM from Accidental Stepmom

After a year and a half of bloggy friendship and two NYC meet-ups, JM and I have officially crossed over. Get ready for raging jealousy: I met #5! The infamous, hilarious, bacon-loving #5! He showed me his fort!

In case you’re confused, JM numbered her stepkids 1-5; number 5 is the youngest, and only boy. He’s almost 10. (I was put to the test on Sunday night, trying to keep the names of 2 adults, 5 kids, 2 dogs and one AWESOME 1966 Mustang straight. I think I’ve got it.) I met nos. 1-4, too, and they were all sweet, social and funny. And seriously handy when it came to housework.

#5 (putting leftover steak in a large Ziploc bag and getting some ‘juice’ on the tablecloth): It’s okay. It only cost $12.

I can’t think of any stronger endorsement for JM than the truth: Thanks to this Freshly Pressed post, hers was one of the very first blogs I read and fell in love with. My best friend, Jenn, a talented writer herself, will tell you the same. JM’s not only a wonderful person, but an extremely gifted writer.

She also knows the best pie EVER when she tastes it.

That Fun and Quirky Last Page of Every Magazine – Renee Schuls-Jacobson from Lessons from Teachers and Twits

Nothing says ‘fun’ like Renee. (Exhibit A: Her winning ‘guilty pleasure gift basket giveaway’ entry.) I had the pleasure of talking to Renee on the phone for the first time recently, and we had so much to say, I killed her car! For reals. Her cell phone was plugged into her car and both batteries died.

But Renee’s internal battery never dies (eh? Like that?) – she’s full of positive energy and humor, just like her blog. If you’re not already reading, please head over there and say hello. I’m a huge fan of her direct (yet often poetic), funny and heartfelt writing, and she’s got something for everyone (that’s what she said).

And guess what? Even though Renee just had to splurge on a new car battery because of me, she still sent this!

Thanks, Renee! Too bad it’s just going to collect dust since everyone knows I don’t drink!

The quality of this photo was saved only by Peppermeister’s photo bomb. Side note: This is as full as our wine rack ever stays.

Back Cover

Why have one ‘stache picture in this post when you can have three?

Reminder: The latest mustache glasses giveaway contest ends MIDNIGHT EST on Friday (August 31st)! All you have to do to enter is share a ‘conversation bomb’!

Thank you for being so hot this summer, Chipmunks! I like to think you have made me hotter by association.

62 thoughts on “Summer is Hot and So Are You – Issue #4”

    1. You are a genius.

      And I was thinking this might be the last issue, so I ended it in a way that I hope says, “This is probably a sign off, but I’m fickle enough that I might still change my mind.”

    1. Sadly, she is WAY funnier than me. I would ban her from commenting, but much like with everyone’s ‘hotness,’ I feel her wit makes me look better by proxy.

      As does yours. And your flattery. Please keep it up.

  1. Dammit! You know I’ll blog about that in November or something, right? After I get a new computer, since that blew up on Friday. You look fab in your ‘stache. Time to get to screwing. If you know what I mean. 🙂

    1. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind, Renee; it seemed like something that needed to be mentioned multiple times (also, you will do it justice)! And really, I’m sorry about your car. And your phone. And your computer.

      Are you sure you don’t drink? Because now might be the perfect time to start. I’ll open the wine.

    2. Hmm, I haven’t read any of Renee’s stuff. I will have to do that sometime in the near future. I’ve heard she’s kind of obnoxious, and wins every contest, so I may or may not actually, truly, madly, deeply, read her. Shoot, did I just type that? Really?? 😉

  2. Okay Chipmunks. I just realized the cover said ‘Issue #3’ for the first hour it was up. This once again reinforces how nice (and hot) you people are. No one even pointed it out. You’re so cool. And I like your smile.

    It’s fixed now. I’m sorry. And the project manager in me is REALLY sorry.

  3. I saw that mustache wine bottle opener at Target recently, and of course thought of you. I was gonna get it and send it to you, but I thought, “I’m sure somebody has already sent that to her!” And I was right! With the measly amount of drinking you do, there is no reason you would ever need TWO of those. Phew! So glad I didn’t double your screwing pleasure.

    Nice Pep photobombing. Well done!

    1. Misty, if I ever need gift-giving advice, you’re the driving boss I’m calling!

      And you can double-screw me any time. Remember that night at the hotel? In NYC? And Johi was there too? 😉

  4. A friend of mine also sent me that exact stache corkscrew! It is a marvel of the modern world and it makes me deeply happy that you have the (guilty) pleasure of enjoying one too! xx

    1. Right?! And she whipped that up in NO time (after I told her I wanted to feature the writing challenge)!

      hahaha Oh Rache. The only reason they’re there is because they’re both red, and I don’t drink red wine until I’m out of EVERYTHING else. Because, and ONLY because, it turns my mouth purple after only one glass. And the only thing I love more than my booze is my teeth.

    1. I always meet the nicest people on the internets…I pretty much laugh at all your entries in the GJG & B-Man contests MJ, so v.glad you like my blog.

    1. Excellent. Be sure to give me complete credit every time you happen to comment on their blogs. In fact, you should probably just stay here and comment on all of my posts from the first three months I started blogging. They’re all really good. Except for the ones that aren’t at all.

      1. Hey…..I must be super awesome like you…cause mine are pretty darn good too…except for the ones that aren’t…..I think I should just take a day or two off work to read the entire internet and comment on everything….or I could just read all of yours….hmmm….

  5. Dear Miss Jules,
    I wish you would stop introducing me to new, fab bloggers. I don’t WANT to read any more blogs. I already have no life because of the talented people on the interwebz.

    p.s. Tell Renee to stay the hell away from me. Apparently, near her is where machinery goes to die.

    1. Dear Peggles,

      I have no idea what you’re talking about. Because I only read one blog, and one blog only. Besides my own, which I read all the time. It’s called Arm-o-Margaret’s Succinct Summations. Or something like that.

      If there was a contest for who could break Renee’s spirit, I mean, car, I would win. I wonder what she thinks of that.


  6. Alright, since I already can’t keep up with the 56 blogs I watch, I will go and read some more… Seriously, I have real-life friends whom I haven’t started watching in order to keep my numbers down (but don’t tell them that)…

  7. Have I told Peppermeister lately that I love him? (Please sing in the tune of Rod Stewart’s song. And then I guess you can imagine I’m on a dimly-lit stage as Rod Stewart. Hair unkempt. Poorly-aged British skin. Shirt open to reveal blond-gray chest hair. Then give Peppermeister something to yak in.)

    That is the best corkscrew of all time!

  8. I should say, “I can’t believe that” about Renee’s battery, but I can just imagine the two of you gabbing. Yeah, I’m jealous. So what! 😉
    Also jealous you got a shout-out from Tech.

    Glad to discover Kate. Thanks!

    Also, what do you use to edit your photos? Picmonkey? Something else?

    1. Nina, a credible source recently confirmed for me that 3-way calling is still a thing! If you catch my drift.

      I am officially a total Instagram junkie, and take all of my pictures on my iPhone because I don’t have a ‘real’ camera of any kind. Sometimes I’ll adjust the color/exposure, etc. in iPhoto or the ‘Preview’ application on my laptop.

  9. You words ads seems to think I’m very excited to do something connected with someone named Mondo Guerra. Maybe I am, Word Ads! Maybe I am!

    Anyway – “Internal battery never dies”: very nice.

    1. I really appreciate that the WordPress overlords are getting in on the fun here. And I hear Mondo really knows his way around a webcam.

      Thank you. That’s nice of you to say, especially since I wasn’t fishing for compliments in any way whatsoever.

  10. constantly i used to read smaller posts that also clear their motive, and that is also happening with this paragraph which I am reading at this time.

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