Are Your Parents Crazier Than Hers? Probably Not.

It might be possible.

It might be possible to be more excited than I am right now.

But I doubt it.

Chipmunks, the internet is about to get EVEN COOLER. Marlene Rhein, or Myra, from the blog, My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours, is planning a [fictionalized] web series based on her life. If you’ve not read her blog, please trust that this is like finding out Halloween was extended an extra day. Or seven.

After a lotta bad luck in the job arena, Myra, a talented and accomplished filmmaker, had to move back in with her parents. At 40. One peek at her web series preview or this story will give you an idea of what she’s dealing with.

In order to get this fantastic project off the ground this October, she needs help. That’s where Kickstarter comes in; Kickstarter is a web site that helps artists raise money and give back to their supporters with fun incentives like swag or even cameo appearances.

Myra quickly met her initial goal of $8,000, but actually needs about $11,000 to properly fund the pilot and pay her staff their normal rates, which she’d really like to do. (Kickstarter won’t pay out if you don’t meet your goal, which is why she set a lower target.)

If you’re not sure you want to get involved, please check out the pilot preview nonetheless, because it’s THAT GOOD. And if you can’t swing a donation, your enthusiasm and support are just as appreciated, by both Myra and me.

Myra’s even letting me do some Production Assistant work! Did I mention I couldn’t be any more excited? Yeah. Life is good. Even with crazy parents.

You can also follow Myra on Twitter or Facebook.

If you filmed a web series based on your life, what would you call it and who would you want to play you?

P.S. – The latest ‘stache glasses giveaway ends at 12 MIDNIGHT EST today, August 31st. Click here to enter.

All photos on this post owned by My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours and posted here with permission.

27 thoughts on “Are Your Parents Crazier Than Hers? Probably Not.”

  1. How totally, amazingly..amazing! Good luck to the Child of Crazies and her …production assistant? Really, Jules? Is there no end to what you can do?

    1. Peggles, you should know this comment made my day when I read it. THANK YOU for getting excited with me! 🙂

      I figure even if I’m not much help, I bake and can lift heavy things. That’s something.

  2. That’s pretty amazing. And I so feel for Myra. A fate worse than death is what it would be for me to have to live with my parents again. Hell, I’m in non-stop cringe mode when they even come to visit. Then again, I guess it made great material for this film. Hmmm, my parents DO have a spare room. Nope! Not even for fame and fortune.

    That’s so cool that you get to help with the film. I’ve always wanted to work on a film. Too bad I’m not in Jersey, cuz I’d totally crash that set!! Kidding, kidding! (Psst, I’m not really kidding…..).

    1. You know how awesome Babs is, Misty, and even I don’t think I could ever live at home again.

      OMG Myra is going to regret this when I start asking a million questions like a 7-year-old high on Pixie Stix (because that’s how I’ll feel). Wait. No. I’m bringing cookies. At the very least, there’s that. I will provide caloric value. That’s a thing, right?

    1. Thanks, Renée! Isn’t it such a great platform? I’m sure some people abuse it, but the projects I’ve backed have been AWESOME. And I have some pretty sweet swag to prove it!

      Should we start a campaign to pay to recover your files?

      …Too soon?

  3. I would call it, “Failing Up.”

    I will require your second husband to play the part of me. It will totally be worth his while. And you will be allowed on set… as long as you are wearing the stache glasses.

  4. I think I’d want to call my web series “Star Wars: Episode VII” just to drive up the viewing. Then I’d act shocked and embarrassed when people pointed out the implications of the title.

  5. Sounds hilarious! My web series would be the Lifetime Movie of the Week, Addicted to Flashbacks: Pop Rocks, Legwarmers and a Mother’s Love and Determination to Bring Back Her Daughter from the Brink of Addiction. I don’t know what mothers and daughters would have to do with it but that theme seems to do well on Lifetime.

    1. Yesss. But would you use fake tears or could you get the real thing going for the key scenes?

      BTW I’m about to email you. Also, scold you for ‘catching up’ on my blog last week! I told you not to do that! But I love you.

  6. I neglected to mention that my series would be My Dating Prescription. It probably goes without saying, but I thought I’d throw that in just in case someone thought I was doing a series on kittens.

  7. I would call it: ” __.” My character would be played by someone with arms too long, an elephant’s nose, and a brain half in flames with the rest of it made of styrofoam peanuts.

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