The August ‘Stache Glasses Giveaway Winners are the BOMB!

So. I’ve had BIGGER blonde moments.

But deciding to post the August ‘stache glasses winner on a national holiday known best for bringing people to their computers to read blogs?

Good job, Jules.

Apparently these only make you LOOK smart.

Nevertheless, you cheeky Chipmunks brightened my week with your uproarious entries for the latest Sun-Staches giveaway contest, where I asked you to submit memorable conversation bombs.

You shared all KINDS of gems that, quite frankly, left me blushing on your behalf. Thank you.

Normally I only choose one winner, but this time I couldn’t decide between two. The first captures the true essence of a “WHAT did [s]he just say?” conversation bomb.

The second lent itself well to my wild imagination. So here we go…

The Winner Is Winners Are…

#1 – Nicole from The Middlest Sister!

Nicole’s entry:

When I was leaving my job to run away with my husband, they threw a little farewell party for me for my last day. One of the board members I barely knew shook my hand and said, “Nicole, just remember you’ll always be welcomed back here, should your husband hit you for any reason.”

By the way, if you’re not reading Nicole’s blog, you’re seriously missing out. Even the WordPress Editors recommend her blog on their short list, and for good reason. She makes absolutely amazing, handcrafted comics.

#2 – mylifeisthebestlife at The Best Life!

MLITBL cracks me up on a regular basis. She is a LOT of fun, Chipmunks. And I know she won’t mind me taking creative liberties with her entry…

Congratulations Nicole and MLITBL! Email me your addresses and ‘stache glasses of choice and then get back to your Labor Day barbecue and booze!

If you’re disappointed you didn’t win, I’m very sorry, but please don’t worry. We’re all winners on Wednesday, when I post the greatest thing I’ve ever done on Go Jules Go.

…Wednesday’s not a holiday , is it?

45 responses to “The August ‘Stache Glasses Giveaway Winners are the BOMB!

  1. An egg-shaker, a triangle, AND a Fisher Price xylophone?!? That video made my day.

  2. Happy cookout and drink day!!!!

    Those are fab entries and very deserving winners. Congrats to them.

    That video is one of my favorites. Them just sitting around jamming to that popcorn bubblegum twee song is just so adorable. Not to mention Jimmy and his always adorableness. Thanks for the reminder.

    Have s great holiday, Jules! Quit working so hard and have a drink or 3. 🙂

    • Thanks, Misty! This contest was SOOO hard to judge – I swear my ‘finalists’ list was 10 deep! And I’m usually really good at narrowing it down.

      When I first saw that performance on Jimmy Fallon, it reminded me of what true happiness is. I feel so fulfilled now that it’s linked on my blog.

      YOU TOO! I have a bottle of cheap champagne and an episode of America’s Next Top Model with my name on it for when I get through my ‘To Do’ list…

  3. Yay for the winners!
    Now go get your drink on Jules. 😀

    (Oh, and the post about the blonde moments, hilarious! The baby/bridal shower mixup, LOL.)

  4. Yeah, I posted something Saturday and was horrified that no one read, then my wife pointed out that I might not get my hopes too high on a weekend specifically noted for getting outdoors. Oh, right. People might prioritize things above reading my feelings about the worst sequels of all time…

  5. Pep says you’re the best thing he’s ever done. I’ve seen the billboard.

  6. Huzzah! So glad I checked my emails today!

  7. I want a coloured xylophone with wheels… and a Quest-love… but I bet Quest-loves eat a lot. This is going to turn out just like that time when I was six and I asked for a puppy, isn’t it?

    • Had you seen that clip before (I know you’re a Roots fan)? I find it really helps drown out the memories of childhood disappointments…

      But damn if I don’t still want that American Girl Samantha doll.

      • I had not already viewed the masterpiece. I bought a walk-man the other year because I never got one when I asked for one. The funny thing was that it was only ten dollars and I actually need it for a french class. My professor was a dinosaur apparently… which makes me wonder why we didn’t get along better…?

  8. Congrats, Nicki and MLITBL!

    Jules, I don’t know what day of the week this is so you are all right by me.

  9. Congrats to the winners!

    the video was so cool. How I wish Jimmy and The Roots would sing with me, I’d even play the little xylophone.

  10. You have NO IDEA how high I jumped and how hard I clapped when I saw this. It’s like all my dreams came true all at once.
    And I’m sooooooooo excited for whatever you’re going to do on Wednesday….

  11. Whoo hoo!! Big round of applause to the winners! =D And I wish my firefox wasn’t such a big huge jerkface and would let me look at videos. I could open another window in a different browser…
    but then when I do that I always forget what I am going to do. =/ I rock.

    • I never forget what I’m doing. Like when this comment came in two weeks ago, I was all, “Yeah! Cassy! I can’t wait to respond! I’m just going to go grab a cup of…Ooh look! A penny!”

      • LOL. That’s like the story of my life. It was really bad while doing a 15+ hour road trip… it’s really bad to be that easily distracted because then you miss your exits…

        A lot. And then sometimes you don’t realize you even missed your exit until you notice that the sun is rising behind you, and realize that means you are going west when you should be going East.


  12. Not only was it a long weekend – I forgot to read blogs for a week apparently. I’m bad 😦 I’m catching up now, yey!!! I enjoyed these stories 🙂

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