I’ve Been Waiting For You to Ask Me, But I Can’t Wait Forever

You guys are so cool. I love everything about you. Especially the way you furrow your eyebrows and tilt your head when you read my blog. It’s so cute. What I’m trying to say is… I want this to work out. I really do. But I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

Why aren’t we talking about my blog banner photo?!

Venice Beach, circa 2004

I really hope seeing it didn’t make you think I was more sensitive or introspective or beautiful than I really am. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am all of those things, but that wasn’t the point.

It’s the epitome of guilty pleasure, in all its glorious, self-serving cheesiness! 

#1 Sunset.

#2 Beach.

#3 Over the shoulder.

What are some of your favorite guilty pleasure pics?? Any from your own blog? (Remember the chipmunk eating Dunkaroos? Or the animals dressed as other animals?) Yes, 7-year-old MySpace headshots TOTALLY count!

Here are some recent favs, for your viewing pleasure:

Photo credit: strangenature.com
Photo credit: strangenature.com
Photo credit: humor-in-photos-and-pictures.blogspot.com
Photo credit: designyourway.net
Photo credit: http://listverse.files.wordpress.com

12 thoughts on “I’ve Been Waiting For You to Ask Me, But I Can’t Wait Forever”

    1. Thanks so much! Ooh, do you have real headshots? Cough those bad boys up! I only have the ‘I’m standing in front of the mirror holding the camera 5 inches from my face and don’t I look so fierce’ type of headshot, LOL!

  1. OMG- animals dressed as other animals!!! How I love the dalmatian cow and the pumpkin iguana. Oh my! We tried to dress our puggles for their first Halloween but they hated their costumes so much they ate them. Jack was a convict and Casey was a shark. Other than that, my guiltiest pleasure pic is my gravatar: semi-profile closeup from my Sirens boudoir photo session. I think that’s the definition of guilty pleasure, no?

  2. I am loving your blog, very entertaining and I too cannot get enough of animals dressed as other animals! Fabu.

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