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Today Is Special…and So Are You!

This is you, if you were a rainbow. Photo credit:

Cherubic chipmunks, today is the most magical day ever. It’s:


What, you mean you don’t always make a wish every time the clock hits 11:11? And your favorite actor‘s birthday isn’t today? …Hmm. Okay. If you don’t think today is special, maybe we should talk about other special things. Things for which you will not be able to deny their specialness.

On this most bewitching day, I’d like to introduce you to [some of] the people I hold nearest and dearest. Also known as…

People Who Rock My Guilty Pleasure World

1. Babs

Don't worry. She likes surprises.

Babs is the Mommasita extraordinaire. She taught me everything I know about guilty pleasures, namely, how to harmlessly stalk celebrities. Babs also showed me the way around a Long Island Iced Tea (or seven) and how to write a proper greeting card. Sometimes I don’t even know why I bothered with school.

Babs is special because she agreed to have a third child when she only wanted two. Also because she makes people feel good just by being around, and she doesn’t even know it.

2. Peppermeister

Look at this little baby-faced couple (circa 2005)!

My hubster, the one and only Peppermeister, taught me how to embrace guilty pleasures that I might have otherwise been too embarassed to share (er, like this one). He’s also the person who convinced me to start a blog, and is there any greater guilty pleasure than blogging about guilty pleasures (as I’ve mentioned before, it’s like trying to stare at the sun)?

Peppermeister is special because he once told a college english class -before we were dating- that I was “appropriately feminine.” Also because he’s the funniest, most selfless person I’ve ever met.

3. Bee-atch

On one of our more conservative shopping trips to Wal-Mart.

My Big Sis (actually, not-so-big – homegirl has lost almost 100 lbs. in the past year!) knows a thing or two about guilty pleasures. What she does with Pilsbury crescent rolls could blow your mind. She’s an inspiration!

Bee-atch is special because she lets me live vicariously through her dating life and is super-fun when she’s drunk. Also because she’s the only person I know who can dish it out as well as she can take it.

4. Bestie

I don't know why she didn't marry me. Look how happy I make her.

Some of you know Bestie, a.k.a. Jenn, from our stellar interview on JM Randolph’s blog. More than 11 years ago, Bestie rescued me from the depths of bad poetry despair and told me to have some g.d. fun! From animals dressed as other animals to vodka to hilarious Hallmark cards, she gets it.

Bestie is special because she thinks it’s funny when I’m angry. Also because she’s one of the smartest, most talented chicks on the planet. (Let’s see if I can convince her to introduce her music to the blogosphere…)

5. SIL

What a nice sister and girlfriend this band dude had - wearing his face on our shirts! And yes, this is in front of the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ.

SIL (sister-in-law) helped me write an entire blog post, and in fact it’s one of the most popular to this day. If that isn’t guilty pleasure inspiration, I don’t know what is!

SIL is special because she remembers more things about my life than I do. Also because she welcomes people into her heart and home even when they’re trying to secretly date her only sibling.

6. YOU!

Duh! You are totally special, too! I mean for starters, you have impeccable taste. You are also overwhelmingly attractive, and that counts for a lot everything.

You are special because you knew me when I was just an awesome blogger. Also because you take the time out of your busy day to encourage your fellow writers.

P.S. – If you’d like to repay me for all the compliments, please email me the secret(s) to levitation.

31 thoughts on “Today Is Special…and So Are You!”

  1. Love this post, so positive and the pictures are cute. Good way to start 11/11/11! My son is obsessed with numbers so he’s been waiting for this day. Whenever the clock says 11:11 he tells me an angel is around. (aw!) 🙂

    1. Thanks, Darla! I hope 11-11-11 was a good one for you! That is SO adorable about your son – I definitely do think there’s something special about 11:11…

  2. You and this post brightened the end of a VERY stressful and dreary week. Thank you!! YOU are chipmunkianly AWESOME!!!!
    PS–The chipmunk boots make me want to leave my ancient Timberlands in my backyard to see if any chipmunks climb aboard!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Sprinkles! I’m sorry to hear it was a dreary week – I hope things are looking up? And by the way, I use ‘chipmunkianly’ in my head all the time now! 🙂

    1. I am always mystified that my god-like qualities aren’t highlighted more often.

      P.S. – Would it make you feel better that I feared 11-11-11 might not be lucky at all, and in fact evil and I would die, so I wanted to go out on a positive note?

  3. Jules:

    I love this post so much! I didn’t know that J.M is your bestie. That is so hot. You have a writing/blogging partner!

    And I have tio say I am beyond bitter! I TRIED to read your blog BEFORE I went into class today — but I ran out of time. I TOTALLY blew it.

    I could have stopped talking and made everyone look at the clock at 11/11/11 at 11:11:11. I cannot believe I missed it. Well, I still have 12:12. Can you remind me? Because that’s kind of it, right? Dang. 😉

    1. To clarify, her Bestie is Jenn, of the awesome rescue dog interview guest post that Jules did on my blog. I didn’t even think to look at the clock at 11:11:11. Isn’t that lame? We can try tonight. It would be more appropriate at night anyway, being that it’s Nigel Tufnel Day. And International Metal Day. Sweet!

    2. Thanks Renée!! Hopefully you were able to see 11:11 at night! I think I over did it with the 11:11am wishes on 11-11-11, ha! In related news, I expect to be a millionaire any day now.

  4. This post is so uplifting, life-affirming and spunky. And in the immortal words of Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore show, “I hate spunk”.

    J-u-u-u-ust kidding. This was great, Jules. (Talk about your baby-face cuteness – you and the hubby win the prize!)

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