Just For Fun

Here Come the Holi-Crazies

Funky chipmunks, it’s Black Friday and I’m doing a number of things that don’t involve straying too far from the house. My sister and I used to get into some hair-pulling, nail-scratching fights when we were kids, and I now know better than to mess with a woman and her half-price designer jeans.

So, how am I going to keep the Christmas anxiety down and the guilty pleasures high? Well, stay tuned for my annual gingerbread house and the decorations I plan to put up this weekend.

For now, it’s time to bust out my favorite holiday tunes and movies!

This one goes on ‘repeat’ while I decorate:

"This year, Alfie asked me to ask you..." to rock out on guilty pleasures!

And here’s My Holiday Movie Trifecta:

Yes. Double yes. Triple yes.

Did you do any Black Friday shopping (and lived to tell the tale?)? What are your must-hear/must-see holiday songs and films?