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Here Come the Holi-Crazies

Funky chipmunks, it’s Black Friday and I’m doing a number of things that don’t involve straying too far from the house. My sister and I used to get into some hair-pulling, nail-scratching fights when we were kids, and I now know better than to mess with a woman and her half-price designer jeans.

So, how am I going to keep the Christmas anxiety down and the guilty pleasures high? Well, stay tuned for my annual gingerbread house and the decorations I plan to put up this weekend.

For now, it’s time to bust out my favorite holiday tunes and movies!

This one goes on ‘repeat’ while I decorate:

"This year, Alfie asked me to ask you..." to rock out on guilty pleasures!

And here’s My Holiday Movie Trifecta:

Yes. Double yes. Triple yes.

Did you do any Black Friday shopping (and lived to tell the tale?)? What are your must-hear/must-see holiday songs and films?

24 thoughts on “Here Come the Holi-Crazies”

  1. Hi Jules! Very nice blog you have here. I’m coming now from imcookingnolooking?
    I’ll answer your question about music and movies for Christmas. For me is Frank Sinatra Christmas Collection for music; and It’s a wonderful life, Bill Murray’s Scrooged and Home alone (off course!) for movies.
    Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, and thank you for the follow! I’m REALLY excited to be contributing to Tinkerbelle’s new cooking blog.

      You have great taste in both blogs AND Christmas music/movies! 😉

  2. We had to drive from the San Juan islands in northern Washington to central Oregon yesterday (yeah, that’s about 10 hours), and we kept ourselves busy checking out Best Buys and Targets and so on seeing how many people were actually camped out all day on Thanksgiving. Answer: a lot.

    My wife’s must-watch is Love, Actually, so I guess that means my must-watch is Love, Actually.

    1. 10 hours! Ack – that’s rough. I don’t know what item I’d have to be frothing at the mouth for in order to camp out. It would probably have to do with one of two things: actual animals dressed as other animals or pet chipmunks.

      LOL Oh Love Actually is a good one. And it reminded me that I also have to watch The Holiday (Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz) every Christmas. It’s soooo cheesy and girly. I think I’ve seen it 6 times, but Peppermeister makes himself scarce.

    1. Meat market. That reminds me…have you ever noticed how the best looking guys come out of the woodwork at Christmas time? You will never see such gorgeous men-folk at the mall any other time of year. It’s incredible.

      Ah yes, Miracle on 34th Street is a must-watch, too!

    1. Ooh your dad braved it with you (does it get as crazy in SD as everywhere else?) – that could be fun! I always help my dad with his Christmas shopping, but he usually waits until the last weekend before Christmas (oiy)!

  3. Since I’m coming out of a hole I’m just noticing your new masthead — love it!

    Also, I did go Black Friday shopping. Midnight at Target and then spent all day (starting at a reasonable hour 10am) shopping all over town. My legs and feet hurt and I have to admit I’m getting quite sleepy. I have no idea how much I spent =/ Least favorite part of Black Friday shopping!

    I love Elf and Home Alone! Definitely on my Xmas Movie Must List. Also, I’m a big fan of all Xmas Music, I usually just make a Christmas station on pandora!

    1. Thank you so much, Marta! I just put it up yesterday, so you are not even behind! Peppermeister thinks some people won’t know what a side pony is. My response? “Then they won’t get my blog.” LOL

      Ooooh you went at midnight – were the crowds crazy? Did you get any especially good deals??

      I didn’t even think about making a Christmas station on Pandora; that’s a great idea! I cannot get enough of Elf. Although Byronic Man’s comment just reminded me of a girly one I always have to watch – The Holiday (with Kate Winslet, Jude Law, etc.)!

  4. I didn’t grow up watching Disney or kid movies but I *did* get to see Rudolph and Albert Finney’s (musical) Christmas Carol. I think it’s called Scrooge because my brother (much older) always insisted on watching those. I sneaked in a couple, basically. So, I guess that’s why everybody else loves so many things (books, films, holiday specials). They got to see a bunch of them! It’s part of their lexicon and makes them happy. I only have a couple, so they’re the only ones I care to see. I’ve tried watching the other ones (as an adult) that people swear “everybody loves.” They’re pretty awful and stoopid. I believe my choices are awful and stoopid, too. It’s just the only kid-type-holiday stuff I got to see. ::shrugs:: I’m happy you have much to enjoy! I’ll hope to catch Rudolph cos I think he’s theshit.

    1. Yes, I think it makes a big difference being exposed at a young age; it becomes part of your tradition. That’s why I love John Denver so much! And I will never forget when I got Home Alone on VHS. For whatever reason, I lost my MIND! I forget how old I was (pretty young…9? 10?), but I must have watched it a dozen times. I still love it, but I definitely know what you mean about seeing stuff as an adult and not knowing why anyone likes it!!

  5. I went to Walmart on Thanksgiving night to buy a new laptop. 120 people were already in line. Some had been there since 6 am Thanksgiving morning! It’s amazing how many people were willing to give up their holiday to stand in line at Walmart! The checkout lines were enormous, and there were so many people so close that I was a little concerned about pickpockets. I passed up the computer line, went back home, and had another piece of pumpkin pie. As it turned out, our Walmart only had twenty of those laptops for sale. One hundred people stood in line for absolutely nothing.
    At Christmas time I always have to watch,: “While You Were Sleeping” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

    1. Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you bailed. I don’t even want to know what those people did when they found out they waited overnight for nothing! Those are great Christmas movie must-sees!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙂

    1. Hee – I was JUST commenting on your blog! Yayyy you have Elf in your list, too! I feel like Elf has been a part of my Christmas tradition for 20 years, even though it’s a newish movie. It’s rare for me that something new eeks in like that! I always start giggling when he picks up his dad’s phone and says, “Buddy the Elf. What’s your favorite color?” Basically the first 30-40 minutes, especially once he gets to NYC, send me into a fit.

  6. I like Denver’s Almost Spring (Instrumental) Country Roads and Annie’s Song, Tend to lean towards Bill Murray in Scrooge and shy away from Christmas music as it has a profound tendency to stick in my head for hours upon hours afterword.

    You have a nice site. I appreciate the effort you take to answer your comments section, good for you, kudo’s.


    1. I like just about every John Denver song there is! I had my iPod on shuffle yesterday when I was walking the dog, and “Autograph” came on. I was singing along remembering how that’s one of my favorites, but hadn’t heard it in a while!

      Thank you so much. Interacting with other bloggers in the comments section is one of my favorite parts about having a blog! 🙂

  7. I now know better than to mess with a woman and her half-price designer jeans.

    I had to do so much waiting in line when I was younger (overnighters in line at Toys for Tots, to start) that there is very little I want enough to sacrifice my time, comfort and personal space in this manner.

    So, naturally, I went to Disneyland! 😉

      1. So, so very! The lines out the front were longer than I’ve seen ’em (granted, this is not as much seeing as that done by Ba.D.!), but it ended up being fine inside anyway. We only had to wait a couple of minutes for the early morning rides we went on. 🙂

  8. Every year around this time I get excited about making a gingerbread house. I love when the cooking channel has the world gingerbread house making contest. It is amazing what some “cookies” can be made into. I am no artist but making the houses makes me feel so artisty and creative. No one is to old to make a gingerbread house!!!

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