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Why Don’t the Duggars Dance?

But they like music...

This week whenever I heard a fly beat I felt like little elves chipmunks were scurrying around in my limbs, making me shimmy and shake like Shakira someone with two left feet. (Renée, I know you know what I’m talkin’ about!)

I’ve also been catching up on one of my favorite TLC shows (what would we do without them, Sprinkles?!), 19 Kids and Counting. One of the episodes was an interview episode, where people from ’round the globe submitted questions to the 21-strong (and counting…) Duggar family. Perhaps the most interesting question was fielded by 20-year-old Jill Duggar: “Why is it a family rule not to dance?”

The answer (if it looks like words are missing it’s because sweet Jill is shy and skirting around some things):

I don’t think it’s necessarily a rule. We don’t want to stir up desires, just different things that, um, cannot be…righteously fulfilled, that cannot be, um, I don’t know, so, anyways, our family has chosen not to dance.

Jim Bob, the patriarch, added that they try not to “shake body parts around” to draw attention to their bodies. When asked if the family was familiar with the Beatles, Jim Bob diplomatically responded that the Beatles were very talented musicians, but

Unholy goodness. Photo credit:

his family prefers classical and Christian music. He said his children probably don’t know who the Beatles are.

Sigh. I heart the Duggars. I really do. I think they’re lovely. But…

No dancing? I don’t get it. They wake board and sky dive and make tater tot casserole. There is nothing pure about tater tot casserole.

I can’t imagine not busting a move when I hear tunes like this. (Trust me, you want to click on that link.) Seriously. A world without dancing? Why don’t you just take away chipmunks while you’re at it?

What do you think of the no dancing rule?

37 thoughts on “Why Don’t the Duggars Dance?”

  1. Wow, I don’t mean any disrespect but I’m really glad that Bob is not my father.

    I can’t imagine not dancing. I am pretty sure I would burst into flame if I were not allowed to shimmy and shake my groove thing. And by that I mean my arms and legs.

    I like how Bob uses the royal “we” to impose his views on his family.

    “WE don’t want to stir up desires, just different things that, um, cannot be…righteously fulfilled…so OUR family has CHOSEN not to dance.”


    And that is why I cannot watch that show.

    And a eleventeen more reasons.

    1. Not dancing is Just. So. Wrong!! The Duggars seem like good people with a lot going for them (self-starters, kind, healthy), even though I completely disagree with a lot of their beliefs (don’t even get me started on the bathing suits…). But I guess that’s why they fascinate me!

  2. The Duggers don’t dance? Wow. I didn’t know that. And I’m sure they don’t know about a lot of things, but what with all the travelling they have been doing lately as a result of the show, they have to be less ignorant/innocent about the world than they were before.

  3. It’s lame not to dance…but why aren’t you posting about twilight??? I’m counting on you! Ps…I was a liturgical dancer on the alter at st. John’s…

  4. I just squealed and roused the hubby from his pain-killer induced snooze!! Girlfriend, this post is SO right up my alley!! I love the Duggars, too. I totally disagree with many elements of their lifestyle, but their kids are adorable and they seem very nice. I can’t imagine being a Duggar, but I’m pretty certain I’d be the naughty kind! The don’t believe in global warming and they believe that dinosaurs and humans existed at the exact same time! I think that might bug me more than the no dancing rule!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Are you going tonight to see Breaking Dawn? I got my hair cut this morning and a 70 year old lady was in the chair beside of me. She and her husband have tickets to see it tomorrow and she’s read all of the books! She was adorable!

    1. Yesss!! You are my TLC soul sister! That’s exactly how I feel about the Duggars, and my potential place in their family, LOL

      OMG did you see the episode where they went to the Creation Museum? I didn’t even know that museum existed. Amazing.

      Babs and I have tickets to see Breaking Dawn tomorrow at 12:45pm (yes, I took off of work – and my boss knows why! HA!)! I’m too wimpy to try to catch a midnight showing tonight. What about you??

        1. I’m sorry, I thought I told you; the hubs had shoulder surgery last week. This is his first surgery and his first time with pain meds. He’s been hilarious on even half a dose of them! 🙂 Yesterday he said “This is some sweet-ass dope,” to me when I brought him his meds. It’s been fun around here!

          YES!!! TLC Soul Sisters!! The Creationism Museum!! OMG! I think it’s in Kentucky if you ever want to do a fieldtrip! 🙂

          I’m not braving the midnight show tonight either. My daughters and I will probably go to a matinee one day next week. I hope you and Babs have a fun time! 🙂

          1. No apology necessary! And I hope I wasn’t having a blonde moment, because I knew he had had surgery, just not what kind. The “sweet-ass dope” comment made me laugh out loud. Oh, I’d have fun with that!! Although I do hope he’s feeling better.

            YESSSSS I want to go to the Creationism Museum so bad!!! As soon as I saw that episode I was like, I MUST GO THERE.

            Babs and I saw the movie on Friday and I really liked it! Great ending. I think I’ll write a Twilight post in the next day or two. I mean, it would be wrong not to. 😉

  5. I have to wonder if this means that Jim Bob does some little strip tease for his wife on procreation night. . . in the privacy of the marriage bedroom of course. Because it should be okay to “stir up desires” in your spouse for coitus ( I love the Big Bang theory and it cracks me up whenever they use the word coitus).
    Sorry, I should have started this with the warning that I have an extremely irreverent sense of humor when it comes to religion and religious beliefs. I will stick to my heathen ways and my pagan deities; dancing is celebrated and even encouraged, and they recogonize the fact that without stirred up desires, there would be no one to believe in them. lol
    p.s. I have to admit that I am now curious enough to check out the show. . .just to see. . .thanks

  6. Ugh, I grew up in a Southern Baptist family so the no dancing thing is pretty common to me. I never attended a dance without my grandmother warning me to “leave room for the Holy Ghost lest I burn in devious hell fire”…. ahh, childhood memories?

    1. Oh wow! I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t allowed to dance (that I know of). If I wasn’t allowed to dance growing up, I feel like I would have gone extreme (like stripper extreme) after I left the house!

    1. I know, there are some dance moves that make me blush! And I understand sticking to your guns, but it does make me sad to think the Duggars can’t bust a move when they hear a song they love.

      Oooh, salsa 101! That sounds so fun. Peppermeister and I learned the Fox Trot for our wedding. I should tease him that I’m going to post that video on my blog, ha!

  7. I like the unwavering character stance that the Duggars have chosen to take in a political system that so badly lacks scruples, or anything of the sort. That being said, I always find it odd when Christians find it necessary to try to outperform the Bible, so to speak. It’s as if Jesus simply wasn’t “Christian” enough for some followers of Christ.

    1. I agree that there’s something admirable about unwavering conviction, even if it’s a belief you aren’t aligned with! I like the way you put that: outperforming the Bible. I’ve always struggled with religious extremism because of the judgment that usually seems to accompany it. The “My way is the only way [or you’re going to Hell]” attitude. The Duggars, on the other hand, seem to embrace the loving and accepting nature that [to me] is what Christianity is all about. Even if they don’t dance! 😉

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  8. “We don’t want to stir up desires,”
    Are they serious?
    They have 20 kids – soon, anyway – and they just keep going regardless of the health risks. These parents are the horniest reality show participants on ANY network.
    I’m glad you love their show, but the Duggar parents make me sick!

    1. I just realized I could read your comment in two ways, LOL That dancing is good and the Duggars are stupid, or that dancing is evil and people who dance are stupid. I’m going to go with my gut here, and assume it’s the former 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  10. I think I’ve heard in the bible it says somewhere,” praise His name with dance.” I’ve looked it up, and a also saw something about music is praising, too.

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  12. People danced in the Bible. I mean, no twerking or whatever, yeah sure. But no dancing whatsoever is so sad. I’m Christian and I was raised that way, but I agree with maybe nothing that the Duggar family does. They go on and on about “personal” convictions, and it’s not personal. It’s a rule. They HAVE to wear skirts even in winter (that isn’t right!) and they WERE MADE to have perms when they were younger because JB likes them. They’re courtships (sigh) are more controlled in their ADULTHOOD then my dating was when i was 15, and my dad is a minister. Jill is 23 damn years old and she doesn’t act like it. She acts more immature about Derick then I did when I was dating my husband (boyfriend then just to clarify!) in the 9th grade. In my opinion she acts like a teenager still, because she lived like one about 7 years longer than she should have, and that goes for all of the older girls, excluding Joy Anna she is a teen still (right?). A LOT of things about the Duggars bother me, but two huge things are the clothes and the courtships. The modesty is not a problem, it’s the extent of how modesty they have to be. Girls can’t ride bikes and do cartwheels, and climb trees in calf length denim skirts. The girls don’t get a childhood because of how they live, and a big part of how they live is the way they dress. The boys in the family are generally treated with more respect. They have chores yeah, but their chores involve big power tools (!) and physical activity and fun! The girls chores are changing diapers and teaching younger siblings and making beds and cooking and cleaning and oh my God! Sounds to me like their job is to be mini moms (not that JB couldn’t help out with the house and let Michelle drive a tractor around for a while!). After all, Michelle is too busy cooing over Josie or banging JB every time he wants to. Have you ever seen an episode where JB gets left with the younger kids? He’s a horrible dad. He couldn’t fix them breakfast, he doesn’t know how to play with the kids, he didn’t do school with them (he didn’t know how) and he just handed them off to Jill and Jessa when they got home. It’s so sad to me, that they have such strong gender roles in their home. Yes, some things are meant for girls and some things are mant for boys, mainly clothes and makeup and things like that. Not housework vs outside work, or babysitting vs sitting around do absolutely nothing. You feel me?

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