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Do You Like Lists? You’ll Love This One.

Oh, Chipmunks. I could be coy, but it’s Friday. And my RIDICULOUS mug is on the homepage of WordPress thanks to a series of unsettling fortune cookies.

I'm really glad I didn't wear my wrinkled 'NSync t-shirt for these pictures. ...Remember that t-shirt?

As my idol, Ross Mathews, would say: It’s a good day.

There are a few things kicking around that I really want to share with you, and try as I might, I can’t find a common theme (other than awesomesauciness), so here they are in all their random glory:

Slap bracelets: They're not just for repressed guilty pleasure bloggers anymore! (Thanks to Renee at Life in the Boomer Lane for this pic - click it for her blog link!)

1.) My pal, madtante (over at opinions expressed may not be correct), made two absolutely hilarious videos: This one featuring her TALKING DOG wearing a GoGuiltyPleasures slap bracelet, and this one singing “Hey Jude” for me. How cool is she?!

2.) Paul Johnson over at The Good Greatsby has

The Good Greatsby: Great-looking. Greater taste.

finally recognized my caption writing prowess. If you’re so inclined, please vote for your, ah hem, favorite caption (ends April 15th).

3.) I have some really phat fly dope excellent posts coming to you very soon. I want to tell you more, but where’s the my fun in that? Let’s just say a guest post and a giveaway are involved. You don’t want to miss it.

4.) Thanks for being so nice and attractive. I really do love you.

What’s making you smile today? If you haven’t found anything, perhaps Henri, the existential cat, can help you come to terms with that:

32 thoughts on “Do You Like Lists? You’ll Love This One.”

    1. I FEEL loved. Hey! I just remembered the guinea pig’s name is Reeses. I should have included him in my last post! Dangnabbit. The number of things I’ve thought of to include in that post since Wed morning, grumble grumble…!

  1. Man. Between your’s and Thoughtsy’s week, I’m starting to get an inferiority complex! 🙂 Congrats for the Freshly Pressed. Well deserved!

    I voted for you. Because I love you.

    And I’m still waiting for your address. I promise not to stalk you. Well, maybe just a little. Seriously, though, cough it up, yo!

    1. With the pictures you are able to take, you should NEVER feel inferior! And thank you so much! Especially for the vote. LOL

      Did I ever send you slap bracelets?? If not, we should do an address swap!

      1. No you haven’t!! But it’s YOUR birthday . . . you shouldn’t be sending ME presents, silly. 🙂 Email me your address and I’ll send you mine as well, deal? mistyslaws at gmail dot com

  2. I have no idea what ‘freshly pressed’ means, but it can’t mean you’ve been attacked in a launderette as people are congratulating you. I do however find you’re blog to be an exquisite ‘double espresso’ with extra brown sugar and two Biscotti of a read.

  3. Voted for you. Your entry is WAY ahead in the caption contest, whereas mine didn’t even make the cut. Looks like I’M going to be eating my feelings for dinner again tonight.

    Hey, Henri is my cat, Beeby! That’s where she’s been disappearing to.

    Congrats again on the FP – you rule the stool!

    1. Peg, you taught me everything I know about captions for GG’s contest. If I win, it will be a victory for both of us.

      Beeby has gone viral! There is actually a part 2 to that video that might be even funnier.

      Thank you SO much – the FP gods turned that misfortune into quite a fortune!

  4. What’s making me smile today? The thought of tonight’s wrap party! MWA! I just need to decide whether I’m going with my half-inch of head stubble or in my kelly green wig. 😉

  5. Hey, Jules, I’m taking a time out from my seething jealousy of your recent FP-dom to visit and let you know you’re a finalist in this week’s Question of the Week. It appears this may rank around 40th on the honors you’re racking up the last couple days, but there you have it! Commence self-promotion and slander of others!

    Oh, who am I kidding. I can’t stay seething with jealousy at you…

    1. Byronic Man! I just saw that! That is awesome. I really want to win this one.

      Does it make you feel better to know you have soooo many more followers than me, AND you’re a WordPress ‘featured humor blogger,’ which is basically like being Freshly Pressed every day? Oh and did you see #4 on this list? Totally true. But you knew that because we’re BFFs. I hope your wife doesn’t mind. Peppermeister is distracted by pepper-planting season. (He is actually at a pepper farm right now. With another dude.)

  6. Jules, I am just thrilled at the week you’re having! To be FP’d…and to stay FP’d ALL weekend long? You kick serious ass. Plus, that cat video killed me. And your caption in GG’s contest. You are on fire! (or as we say here in Maine, FI-YAH!) Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.


    Here I am, freshly-returned from hols and I’m fa-MOOS as les Français disent! (I didn’t go to France, having worked there years ago).

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