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Monday Mash-Up feat. Hot Things

First of all, if I seem a little behind on blog reading, remember that I recently succumbed to the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

I consider it my inner goddess-given duty to embrace these endeavors with both Zest and Zeal, so that you may one day be willing to accept your own guilty pleasure spirit.

Me, embracing “Fifty Shades” with life coaches, Zest and Zeal. …What did you think I meant?

Second of all – Jimmy! Yes! It happened! Peppermeister and I saw a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday. While I’d hoped to provide you with a picture of Jimmy “Hotter than Christian Grey” Fallon in ‘stache glasses, the NBC knuckleheads had other ideas. Please forgive the mundane photos:

Things that may interest you about the experience:

1.) I’m not special. Click here if you want tickets to a taping. It’s free!

2.) Questlove and his ‘fro Jimmy might be the only celebrity I’ve ever seen who looks bigger in person than on TV. (In a good way. Oh yes.) Seth MacFarlane, of Ted Family Guy fame, looked much thinner. …Am I the only one who thinks Seth MacFarlane is full of secrets?

I’m just saying I think “Stewie” comes from a dark place.

3.) They taped out of order because Blake Lively got “stuck in traffic.” I suspect it was really because she was artfully cutting holes in both her shirt and pants before taking the stage.

It must have taken forever.

4.) Jimmy only talked to the audience once between breaks (to explain #3), but ran through the crowd to shake hands, an end-of-show custom. He was friendly, but takes his job seriously, mouthing cue cards and talking to suits between breaks. Except for that one break where I caught him staring at me. This may be a slight exaggeration.

This is what comes up when I Google Image search “Jimmy Fallon serious.”

And lastly but certainly not leastly, speaking of things that are hot, The Byronic Man [and his weekly contest]! Yeah! That’s right! I said HAWT. Let’s all pause and stare at him!

What a tease.

Oh, and, please vote for me in his current Question of the Week contest, where I’m a finalist for suggesting Forrest Gump would be much improved with the addition of dragons. I know Titanic should win, but as the Fifty Shades series sold 15 million copies, I think we can all agree life is unfair.

(If you’re really not sure I deserve it,  that’s okay. I forgive you. I’ve got next week’s contest in the bag.)

Have I told you how hot YOU’RE looking lately? My. This weather really agrees with you. If I had a Red Room of Pain, you’d so be invited.

Have I missed any guilty pleasures you’ve got going on? Any summer reading recommendations? ‘Fess up, Chipmunks.

P.S. – NOT hot: My blog disappearing from your WordPress Readers and inboxes. I have written a strongly-worded letter to the WordPress overlords, but am still trying to hunt down their address. In the meantime, click here repeatedly to ensure you don’t miss anything. (Or, you know, just assume I try to post 2-3 weekdays/week at 6am EST.)

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79 thoughts on “Monday Mash-Up feat. Hot Things”

  1. I’m glad y’all had a great time, Jules! I’ve never done anything half as cool as that. The closest I came to celebrity was meeting the Nelson twins. Perhaps you’re now laughing hysterically at the thought of them being celebrities. Yeah, of course they’re not. Jimmy….*sigh*. I think I’d faint if I saw him or Jon Stewart.

    1. Angie, happy blogoversary again! The show was so, SO fun. We had great seats, too (3rd row, and I was on the edge next to the stage door, where people who worked there stood. They foolishly trusted me by placing their notepads and things at my feet).

      I feel like I shouldn’t tell you this because it sounds like I’m being a bragasaurus…but I saw The Daily Show, too, LOL When I was 16-18, I was so into seeing all the NY-based talk shows, so I saw a bunch. Jon Stewart talked to the audience ahead of time, which was a riot. And they did a bonus taping of an interview with Ryan Philippe, and again I was by the stage door and he stood next to me waiting to get announced, so I totally waved and he totally gave me this shy nod/smile back and I’ll never ever forget it not in a million years no way.

  2. I had to pop in to see what was what and HOLY CRAP! Jimmy Fallon! And Seth MacFarlane! I watched that show and had no inkling you were gracing the audience with your presence. Seth cracks me up (we love Family Guy) but I do notice at every interview he immediately reaches nervously for his coffee mug, then sips like crazy. What is IN that mug??!!

    1. Oh Darla Darla Darla! You don’t know how happy it makes me to see you and your mug (GET IT?!) out and about today! I hope you are having a wonderful vacation, but dang we miss you!

      YES! Seth MacFarlane DOES do that sippy thing! I think he’s so talented, but he sends a strange shiver down my spine. Not the sexy kind, the “what’s in your basement” kind.

      1. Ha, yes–exactly. He’s an evil genius. Maybe too twisted.

        Good to chat it up with you, I missed that. Email me anytime, chicka. I’m taking another two weeks off from blogging. Yikes!

        1. Oh whew. Knowing I can email you actually makes this more bearable. I was seriously a little depressed, Darla, when I saw you were taking a hiatus. It’s not the same without you! But I AM happy you’re getting some good vacay time 🙂

  3. I am so bitter. And jealous. And coveting your life. Don’t ever have kids. They will screw up this good thing you have. 😉 Going to vote for you now. Or at least see the other choices. Love you. Stay cool!

    1. LOL! So far there only two reasons I would have kids: 1) blog fodder, and 2) tech support. Oh and there’s a tax break, right? 😉

      Love YOU! And stay HOT, mwaha.

    2. Wait. What? Someone encouraging Jules to not add to my grandkids photo op? Nonono. I can babysit while she runs off to see second husband in NYC. Or whomever. Now, behave. She will be cool no matter what.

  4. I’m expecting my copy of 50 Brain Cells Disappear With Each Page Turn to arrive today. I think I need to get a pair of those stache glasses. You look very inner-goddessesqe with them on.

    FYI – Your post appeared in my reader.

    1. I’m hoping the ‘stache glasses make me look smart, because it’s the only hope I have left.

      And huzzah! I’m so glad I’m still showing up in some Readers – thanks for mentioning that. It was looking bleak last week.

  5. Jimmy’s “serious” image cracks me up!! I’ve always been a HUGE fan of his! I camped out to get SNL tickets in 2000 and met alot of the cast. Sadly not Jimmy.

    I’ve always thought Seth was hiding something. He just looks like that type of guy.

    P.S. I love watching Questlove’s fro sway as he plays the drums. Waiting for his pick to fall out. 🙂

    1. Oh bummer that you didn’t get to meet him, but so cool you got to meet other cast members! I don’t think I’ve ever actually met any SNL cast members. I saw a dress rehearsal SNL taping around the same time; James Van Der Beek was the host (so that should give you some idea of how long ago it was, LOL). THAT was a lot of fun.

      So glad it’s not just me re: Seth! And The Roots were A.MA.ZING. No surprise there!

      1. Wait. You went to an SNL taping and Van Der Beek was the host? That is so “it’s a small world!” Did he see you and go, “hey, Jules! How ya been? What’s shakin’?” and you were like, “Yo Jimmy, what up? How’s the fam? Good to see you again!” Crazy.

        1. LOL Misty, you crack me up! Babs and I went BECAUSE James was the host (I think I was 17), but definitely didn’t get to say hi, NOT that he would have recognized us! We also went to see Josh Jackson on Rosie, but same story. We had to get up at the CRACK OF DAWN both times to try to score stand-by tickets. We got lucky!!

    1. ha ha! Those two things could so easily be related, but I’m happy to say they’re not. The Red Room of Pain is from 50 Shades, so let your imagination go wild.

      The kid in the helmet is supposedly Blake’s nephew she was babysitting, and they used him for a bit. (They put him in the helmet before showing a clip from her latest movie, which is VERY rated R.)

  6. Sounds like you are having some quiilty pleasure fun!! That is so rad that you got to go to the taping. You are a very good wifey for getting that for your hubs as a present!!

    Oh, and your damn caption for Byronic Man is a winner, for sure. Why do you have to be all creative and funny all the time? Why, Jules? Can’t you leave SOMETHING for the rest of us? Pfft!

    I do not know what a Red Room is, and I’m pretty sure I don’t wanna know. But I do like being invited to things . . . 😉

    1. Misty, you’re too good to me! Peppermeister had a lot of fun at the show, but that’s IT. He’s NOT a fan of commuting into the city!

      I think I will create a Red Room of Fun, and there will be lots of drinks and “Glee” related things and puppies and you are totally invited. Also it won’t be red. Maybe purple. I guess Fuscia sounds better: The Fuscia Room of Fun.

      1. So, basically what you are telling me is that you were actually STALKING the starts of Dawson’s, yes? And Babs was not only ok with this, but encouraged your deviant ways?

        Ahhh, it’s all starting to make sense now! 😉

  7. Zest and Zeal look so ashamed. I went to vote at Byronic, but there’s some stiff competition there. Heavy bribery may be required. You disappeared from my reader so I resubscribed. I have a feeling I’ve disappeared from MANY readers. BTW, I mentioned you in today’s post.

    1. Oh Peg, sometimes I wonder what it will take for Zest and Zeal to truly feel any shame. If I let you borrow them to test the limits, does that count as bribery?

      Thanks again for the shout-out! 🙂

  8. You showed up in my reader today – but I think only because I unsubscribed and re-subscribed last week. I’m in that damned Question of the Week contest, too, but yours (and Titanic) are definitely better.

    I’m thinking about sending for the 50 shades of Grey crap – it can’t possibly be worse than some of the stuff I’ve been reading/listening to (audiobooks). Oh, wait. I guess it can be.

    1. Huzzah! I was wondering if I should tell other people to try that – it seems to work for me, too, with other bloggers who fell out of my Reader. (To unfollow, refollow.)

      I loved your entry in B-Man’s contest! But frankly, I think we’re both screwed. Speaking of contests and screwing…um, wait, that came out wrong…I am laboring over my Lust entry. It was one of those ones that I thought was hot sh*t and then the next day woke up and went, “Ew.” Also the first version was 8 pages long so I had to do some serious meditating. LOL

      OMG. Someone told me Shades is an audio book, too, and I would love you forever if you did a review of the audio version on your blog. Now THERE’S a perfect Lust entry if ever I heard of one.

      1. I am afraid I would want to puncture my own eardrums…I am working on a post about audio books. I’ll see what I can do – for you my dear. No pain too great to endure!

          1. Ha! My library – here in the land of blue haired ladies – doesn’t carry this book in ANY FORM!!!

            I’m going to call them tomorrow – surely there must be a big demand for this fine literary collection amongs the retired sector

    1. Can you imagine if John Krasinski was one of the guests?! I would have died a thousand, oh so sweet deaths. As it was, my heart stopped when they announced Jimmy and he first came on stage.

    1. I shudder to think what he would try to pull with your sweet, innocent daughter. Sure, it would start out with all his ha-has and the money and the smarts and the charm…but then? Red Room of Pain.

      1. Giggle. Truly. Adds at least 5 miles to my weekly total running distance. Darn orange things.

          1. I see your Cheez-its AND your Doritos and raise you a party sized bag of Cheetos (the crunchy kind – not the wimpy puffed kind). I once drove to Florida with a bag of Cheetos, a bad case of shingles – and no handi-wipes. It was not pretty. El – can you run those off for me? You’re a love.

          2. ha! Katy, that reminds me of Renee’s (Life in the Boomer Lane) entry in the guilty pleasure gift basket giveaway – she said she eats a pint of ice cream in the car without a spoon, LOL!

            El, good thing you’re carb loading, you’re going to need the energy. 😉

  9. Omigod Byronic Man is sooooo cute, in a pixelated “seriously, that’s the best photo you could come up with?” kind of way.

    There seem to be a lot of women who think Seth McFarlane is incredibly sexy. I’m relieved to hear so many commenters say that he’s attractive but disturbing because I don’t get the infatuation. Maybe it’s the “Oooh, he could be genuinely broken in the head” thing?

    1. Oh, we all know the pixilation makes you even more mysterious and McDreamy.

      I don’t think anyone thinks Seth MacFarlane is as sexy as Seth MacFarlane does.

      1. I defintely agree with Jules on Seth MacFarlane. No one thinks he’s as sexy as he does. There is something about him, but it’s more I-can’t-tell-if-he’s-evil/gay/psycho/misunderstood/just plain crazy. I think it’s more animalistic than anything else. It’s almost like he’s a wild animal that has been tamed, but you just never know if/when he’s going to snap.

    1. HA HA! Oh I love that song. I wonder how long it’s going to be stuck in my head now? Thankfully Jimmy still does some great bits/skits on his show.

      I’m watching a 30 Rock rerun and Jimmy just had a cameo. It’s a sign. I’ve been seriously considering a third husband…

  10. If I were Jimmy I would protest that picture and have the internet police retract every single copy. However, I do so fancy that sweater. I wonder if that’s his favorite color too? naaaaaa, I bet someone probably just dressed him for that lovely picture. And thanks for reminding me I haven’t read a real book in a while…must log off now. Good one Jules!

    1. LOL Something tells me that picture is a dime a dozen if you Google “Jimmy Fallon breaks down during SNL sketch” 😉

      Ha ha! You’ll have to let me know what books you’re reading!

    1. THANK YOU, Marta, for being my only blog buddy to reinforce what I know it my heart of hearts to be true.

      So, but, OMG, I totally did catch him looking at me, and then he looked away right away. I’m sure it was unintentional, and I’m sure I creeped him out with my answering mega-watt-I-love-you grin. The wattage is directly proportional to the amount of humor, talent and looks someone possesses. So I probably looked like I was swallowing my own face.

      I mean…yeah. He’s in love with me. Obviously.

  11. Glad you had fun in the Big Apple. Seth would have been very interesting. Quite the smart fellow.

    Stay out of trouble during the holiday, and have a great week with Z, Z, and the Pepper-man!

  12. Not gonna lie, I actually did not like Jimmy Fallon on SNL. That is, until I realized his secret power of comedy is that he finds the sketches simultaneously hilarious and serious.
    I note the “More Cowbell” sketch. He clearly finds things uproarious.

    That said, I’m glad I stumbled upon (read: I basically clicked a link on Byronic Man’s blogroll because I now understand what good taste he has) your blog. Yay for me. And, well, you.

    1. Hiya Meredith! Any friend of Byronic Man’s is a friend of mine – I second that yay and add a woot woot (and by woot woot I mean a drink)!

      Ah. “More cowbell.” Does it get any better?! Actually, at the NBC Studio store, they had magnets with that catch phrase on them – I was soooo close to buying one (or ten).

  13. Fun! Who knew people could actually appear bigger/taller in person? (And what’s up with Blake Lively’s outfit? I’m no fashion expert, but…)

    1. I think Jimmy might be a fairy, like the kind on True Blood. He’s magical.

      Le sigh. I didn’t want to like her because she dated MY Leo, but, she seems pretty great, and she looked gorgeous, with or without incomplete clothing.

  14. Wooah how much does jimmy look like his brother (I think it says a lot about his career and my ever failing memory that i had to google to find his name) Chris Kattan<—wait….they're not related. Wow. I was reading wikipedia of Jimmy Fallon and i was like why don't they say that he is related to Chris Kattan? That's pretty bad that they're not listing them as relatives just because no one has seen Chris Kattan in anything since well i can't actually remember. I have 100% with no doubt in my mind thought that they were related as long as i have known of their existence. Wow. Thankyou Jules for accidentally shedding light on this important subject for me.

    Okay that wasn't the comment i was going for but it spiraled pretty quickly lol.
    I have to say that you have also disappeared from my blog reader so you will probably get many comments from me as i catch up today. My appologies in advance for flooding your inbox

    1. ha ha ha Erin you crack me up! I’m glad I inadvertently shed light on this for you at long last!

      NEVER apologize for flooding my inbox – I was so happy when I saw these comments come in (and SUCK for taking so long to respond)! Sometimes unfollowing/refollowing seems to work – I had to do that for some blogs that fell out of my reader.

  15. Oh, Jules, how I’ve missed your posts whilst I was frolicking on the beach with a cocktail in hand! I’m back now and would like to suggest a new guilty pleasure in book form…uglies and pretties and the rest of them. It’s a four-book series. And it’s sci-fi, which is one of my guilty pleasures. They are also teen fiction, so you know they’re good! 😉 And perfect for the beach whilst drinking lots of blueberry wine (they don’t require much concentration).

    1. Aw, Rache, thanks and back at’cha! You definitely know how to vacation the right way!

      And thanks for the book recommendation – it sounds right up my alley, and I’m going to need some new books for August!

  16. Ahh I love Jimmy Fallon. I’ll assume you gave him my number. Oh wait, he’s married…nevermind. I’m sure it would’ve worked out otherwise.

  17. Are you saying that WordPress temporarily disabled your account? They did that to me once – I was very unimpressed. I asked them why and they said it was an accident, something about an automatic spambot but that it would never happen again. Then they removed one of my friends from my friends list 😐 then they wouldn’t let him post comments, same spambot I am guessing?! So frustrating.. but that is amazing about Jimmy Fallon! 🙂

    1. Oh you’re kidding?! Yikes – that’s bad! Fortunately they haven’t ever disabled my account, it’s just that sometimes my posts don’t show up in people’s WordPress readers. And I have the same problem with certain blogs not showing up in MY reader even though I follow them (it seems to be a frequent problem for people)!

      1. I’ve had that problem too! I’ve been like geez, that person never updates any more – then I go to their blog and there are 5 posts. What is going on?!! It’s very strange.

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