Cleanse Your Palette In 3 Easy Steps

So maybe a little deer carcass wasn’t what you were expecting when you so kindly sailed over to Go Jules Go this past Wednesday.

Fair enough.

I thought I’d make it up to you with a few nuggets of undeniable hilarity / adorable-ness.

You’re welcome.

3 Step Palette Cleanser

Step 1 – Read the email I just got from my mom (click to enlarge).

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 6.02.29 PM

Step 2 – Look at this picture.


Step 3 – Know that I’m hanging out with Rachel’s Table again on Monday, and Will share her hotness with you forthwith.

Want beer. Like beer. Beer good.

What websites do you frequent when you need a little pick-me-up?

51 thoughts on “Cleanse Your Palette In 3 Easy Steps”

  1. Haha! Much better. 🙂

    My pick-me ups are generally outside in my yard, rain or shine. Wish you and Rachel could join me with a cabernet by the creek. Cheers, girls!

  2. I don’t know why this is all italicized… immediately convinced me that I would go see that with your mom. Plus dinner and drinks? How could you resist?

    I love the bear. My husband and I turned on PBS the other night and watched a documentary on salmon. We decided that our next couple costume would be bear and salmon.

    1. Nikki! (Tee hee) Nicki! Isn’t Babs the best? I so want to submit this email to postcardsfromyomomma.com (have you ever been to that site? HILARIOUS)!

      As if GOING to the show wasn’t blog fodder enough.

      Bear and Salmon! AWESOME.

      1. Jules,
        Yes. It’s dark humour, I won’t lie. But it’s clever. The last year of PIF is not my favourite one, I would suggest skipping it. Enjoy.

    1. She’s still waiting for the paperwork to go through on Misty (Misty’s Laws), but it’s looking good for you, Tori. How do you feel about Long Island Iced Teas?

  3. I love your mom. That’s really all I got out of this. She is super rad. Is that adoption still pending? Because seriously, I need in on this fam. 😉

    Oh, and also . . . super jealous that you and Rach are gonna hang. But at least I’ll get to read all about the shenanigans. There better be shenanigans! Oh wait, look who I’m talking to. Pfft.

    Oh, and that bear pic helped. I’m still scared by the deer carcass, but it helped. Carry on.

    1. I was just telling Tori she has to get in line re: adoption!

      We need to figure out a meeting point for the three of us. I wonder if Rache is halfway between? I think so. Not that she’d be obligated to host and cook for us, except, hey Rache, whaddya say? Misty, you’re not allergic to cats, are you?

      That bear picture is ALMOST as amazing as the email from Babs. Almost.

        1. And when you say vacuum, you are referring to the need to suck up all the cat hair from the 827 felines you own? I mean, I’m just assuming based on Jules qualifying question regarding said cats.

          Either way, I’m in. Delaware isn’t THAT far. (How far are you, say, from Baltimore?). Let’s plan something. Or maybe even Philly? Whatever, you guys figure it out and I’ll be there. Sans husband, though. So maybe a just girls day/night? Or not. My nickname in high school was “5th wheel” so it’s cool.

          1. I’m about 1.5 hours from Baltimore, Misty. I’m up for anything. And if we decide on my house, I know how to de-cat it efficiently. My friend is both allergic and asthmatic–so if she wants to sit on the couch AND breathe I have to make sure to clean carefully! Are you allergic?

  4. This here little slice of blog heaven always gives me a pick me up. I missed the deer story, but I’m taking a few days off work so maybe I’ll catch up. I have no idea why this is all italicized.

  5. Have you heard of a new web-site called Facebook? It’s still in the early stages of development and not many people are using it as yet.
    It’s like a cross between Friends Reunited and MySpace, but with games and poking people etc….
    This is the web-site I would recommend for a quick pick me up.
    …..and Xhamster (Not like Facebook…..does have poking).

        1. How do I tag everyone I know in this comment thread and then “Twitter” it? Once I figure that out, I trust you’ll re-Twitter it and share it on NogginSpace and pin it to…something.

          1. I don’t use Twitter…..it’s for Twats.

            I like to ‘spread the word’ the old fashioned way by using my fleet of carrier pigeons.
            I also like to utilise the ‘message in a bottle’ system but this can take a while to go viral……

  6. OMG, I have to find out more about this parody. I love that it’s called Spank. That’s what the real series should have been called. Well, after 50 Shades of Fuckballs, maybe. I would totally love to learn about more pick-me-up sites (besides yours, natch). I already read Stuphdaddy, who I’m voting to be president of WP, nevermind a fan club.

    BTW, your expressions alone are enough to crack me up. Thanks.

    1. I cannot even BEGIN to imagine what we’re in for on June 1st. I made it through the first two Shades books, and got a kick (a spank?) out of them, but couldn’t finish the third.

      The potential President of WP! I must investigate this esteemed blogger. Thanks for the recommendation – and the compliment!

  7. I come right here for a pick me up! I would love to go to the parody.of FSOG. I guess I would finally have to read the book!
    Looking forward to the Brew tour on Monday!

  8. For starters, I really hoped it was “all deer carcasses all the time” here now.

    Second, what does it tell you about the state of culture that it didn’t click that SPANK was a parody at first, nor did I disbelieve there was a musical of 50 Shades.

    Third, The Onion and AV Club. Love them. Also, bear pictures. But you knew that.

    1. But the real question is, did it surprise you that Babs already bought tickets? Curious what lies beneath the woman making adorable advent calendars and folding fitted sheets. I don’t know how we’re related…

      Idea: The Deer Carcass / Bear Meme Blog.

  9. Jules, are you sure YOU didn’t write that email? You and Babs definitely share DNA. And now I’m signing all my correspondence “Loving you,”.

    No lie–the other night I was feeling a bit down due to January and I perused your archives. I was healed of my mood, had a good laugh, and felt like I took our friendship to the next level.

    I watch Glee when I’m down too. Because come on it’s Glee and you know how I feel about Britney S. Pierce.

    Thank you, Ju, for the mention today. 🙂 Cannot wait to drink with you…I mean exchange meaningful conversation with you… on Monday.

  10. you of course and your other brother Byronic Man and Brigitte and Heidi and Barefoot Bareness and LeClown and Robin, and Lynne and Grippy and Cindy and TBM and Mr Bunny and Frank and the blog with no name….there are just too many–why isn’t this in italics?

  11. You had a deer carcass post? and why was I not notified of this?

    Enjoy your time with Rachel (I’m so jealous) and all the beer (beyond ticked off at you both) and the giggling and the stuff (grrrr)

    Where do I go for a pick-me-up? Here. Always here.

  12. I want in on all this meeting-share-the-bloggy-love. What’s wrong with the Midwest??? What about ME????? waaaa-a-a-a-a-a! (falling to floor and kicking heels in a tantrum to make any 2-year-old proud.)

    Anyhoo, thanks for the mood lifters and have a great time!

  13. I love how she prepaid for parking. Would that have been a deal breaker if she didn’t?

    For pick me ups, this site is always good. Been really loving milkhoneygeeksgangstas.wordpress.com and bethtourek.com. And Byronic man.

    1. Aw man, I just saw this comment in my spam folder! How sad, WP, how sad.

      I love the part about the parking, too. And mentioning MULTIPLE bars. I can’t wait to blog about this show. Hurry up, June!

      And thank you! I am going to have to check these sites out!

  14. I used to go read this poet’s blog called planaquarium. But then he shut it down. Now I don’t have a site I go to. If I want a real pick me up though I just try and beg my friends to send me pictures of themselves making funny faces or doing something ridiculous… or just holding a hotpocket.

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