Pi Day Pie Challenge: Are You Ready For the Next Level?

Remember how much you love my Tollhouse pie, JM? *cough*

Remember how much you love my Tollhouse pie, JM? *cough*

My friend, JM Randolph, author of the spectacularly funny and engaging blog, Accidental Stepmom, is hosting a Pi Day Pie Challenge.

What the fudge is that, you ask?

In her early blogging days, JM had to make a ‘Pi Day Pie’ for her stepdaughter’s math class – they were celebrating March 14th (= 3.14) as Pi Day. Though JM claims to have half-assed it, this was the result:



This year, JM decided to host a contest where you can create your best Pi Day Pie, and the winner gets “Poopourri” (seeing smelling is believing)! But really, everyone’s a winner, because… pie.

There was obviously no way I wasn’t entering this contest.

I love pie. Me ‘n pie (pie and I?) go way back. I even talk about pie on my About page. I’m very proud of the fact that I make my own crust.

But this experience uncovered a dark secret. Something I’m hesitant to admit…

I f&*$#% hate making pie crust!

I hate it the way Michelle hates wrapping presents.

The way Speaker7 loves hates 50 Shades of Grey.

The way Thoughtsy hates unfrosted Pop-Tarts.

It starts with the stress of adding ice water. Not regular water. Ice water. One drop too little, your dough won’t stick together. One drop too much, you’ve got chewy, tough crust.

Pi Day Pie Water

Can you hear my heart pounding?

Then there’s cleaning the food processor. (Oh sure – you try making crust without a food processor. That’s what hell looks like: A stick of cold butter, flour and a fork.)

Ah, like scrubbing super glue with tears.

Ah, like scrubbing super glue with tears.

Then there’s making an even bigger mess rolling it out, which, half the time, ends in a piece of dough the shape of Texas.

Pray for me.

I’m not even kidding – that scar on my wrist is from making pie.

Nevertheless, I finally got my chocolate chip-walnut Tollhouse pie assembled, still not sure how I was going to decorate it.

Pi Day Pie oven

Just as I closed the oven door, inspiration hit.

Next. Level.

Next. Level.

And it was green lights and all rights from there on out.

Note my vain attempt to counterbalance this activity with a green smoothie.

Speaking of green, note my vain attempt to counterbalance this activity with a kale smoothie.

I've never done anything more fulfilling in my life.

I’ve never done anything more fulfilling in my life.

And the final product…

Pi Day Pie Final

Game. On.

Deadline: 11:59pm EST on March 13, 2013. Email your photos to JM or blog it up like me and link back to her source post!

Do you have any cooking / baking pet peeves?


117 responses to “Pi Day Pie Challenge: Are You Ready For the Next Level?

  1. If bf’s kiddo’s don’t invade his home and we are alone this wknd then,,it’s GAME ON,,sista!!
    But bacon on pie,,,,that’s blasphemie to the PIE!!!
    I shun you!!

    • Oh Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, have you ever tried chocolate-covered bacon? It’s why we’re here, on this earth. It’s why the sun shines, why birds sing, and why I can’t fit in my g.d. pants.

      I would love to see your ‘Pi’ creation – here’s to a kid-free weekend!

      • Hahaha,,,yes I must try,,,maybe if it is a kid free wknd I will persuade bf to make some of the blessed chocolate dipped bacon. He’s weird like you and bakes his bacon on a baking sheet in the oven.
        Oh and fyi,,,don’t be jealous,,,but I emailed the peppermeister this morn for some seeds,,,,bf has a a super huge backyard perfect for me to garden this year!!

        • You are rocking the domestic life, my friend! (Will you come clean my house?)

          Actually, I normally make bacon in a frying pan – that one time was a TOTAL fail – apparently I should have put it under the broiler, and not just baked it. This pie bacon was done in a pan and utterly flawless.

          • Yah,,NO,,,,I don’t even like cleaning his place,,but I figure when I’m there I eat and live free,,,better do something eh?
            Oh yeah,,now that I think of it he does do it under the broiler,,,it weirds me out how straight it comes out,,lol

  2. I am weeping at your last photo! Why do you do this to me??! Kudos to the perfect curvature of the bacon for the pi symbol. I am impressed!

    Great placement of the WWSSD bracelet too.

    My baking/cooking pet peeves is you know how when you go to bake or cook, people expect you do actually bake or cook? yeah, I hate that. If someone else would just do all the baking and cooking for me, and let me simply shovel food into my mouth, we’d all be much happier.

    • DP, if you tried this pie, I guarantee that, too, would bring tears to your eyes. I thought I’d botched the crust (too much water), but it may be the greatest crust I’ve ever made.

      You crack me up. Also, don’t tell anyone, but the little curve on the right is a little extra piece of bacon I had to add to really give that pi some va-va-voom.

  3. I hope this doesn’t take our relationship down a level, but I am normally not a fan of pie. . . but that tollhouse pie is something I would eat in a heartbeat. The bacon is genius.

    • Would you be surprised to hear that that actually takes our relationship up to an exciting level, because it’s like your taste buds are playing hard to get?

      When I thought of the bacon, my immediate next thought was, DUH.

  4. I LOVE pie, but like you, I HATE making the crust. Also, we have Wegmans in these parts, so I don’t. Except during Thanksgiving when it is mandatory or you fail Thanksgiving. Or something.

    • I *almost* got the frozen kind that you just fold out, but B Man may enter this contest with his allegedly ‘perfect’ pie crust, so it was NOT AN OPTION.

      HEAR THAT? You’re going down, B.

  5. Fabulous pie, crust and all!

    I wonder if it’s ok to submit an old photo. I made Pi Day pies last year and I’m not sure my colleagues can handle my enthusiasm for Pi Day two years in a row.

    • Debbie, as one with zero jurisdiction over this contest, I say: YES! Let’s see it!

      Your colleagues don’t know what they’re missing. I know the feeling. Mine don’t read this blog.

      • The thought of my colleagues reading my blog reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when George explained that Friend George and Relationship George must never meet. The universe might implode or something.

        I baked the pies for the post and then someone had to eat them, so I took them to the office and explained that it was Pi Day and these were my Pi Day pies and . . . .they didn’t get it. It was as close as Blog Debbie and Office Debbie ever came to meeting and it wasn’t pretty. They don’t get me, Jules.

    • Yes, because Jules said so.

  6. So this is a giant cookie pie with chocolate bacon on it? I’d ask you to marry me, but that green beverage leads me to wonder if you’re not a closet health nut. Well, that and my current wife would put her boot in my toll house cookies.

    • Yes, yes that’s exactly what it is, and I always have room in my [clogged – don’t be fooled by the smoothie] heart for more husbands.

      It really is the best pie I’ve ever made. I almost feel like the Keebler elves were involved. Side note: I’ve been trying to pinpoint my spirit animal – do you think a Keebler elf counts?

  7. Ingenious!! You’ve got this one in the bag, Julesy!!

    I don’t bake, so you are in no danger of me competing with you for this trophy. What IS the trophy, by the way? I mean, there must be a trophy, right? Is it in the shape of a pie? Or just a long string of numbers? Or that little chocolate bacon shaped symbol? I MUST KNOW!!

    Oh, and you are making that pie for our next brunch. IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN. :p

    • And here we weren’t sure where we’d go from chocolate croissants and Amish bacon! Peppermeister (okay, me) kept walking by and snagging pieces of chocolate-covered bacon off the pie.

      The prize is ‘Pooppouri’ – ha! http://poopourri.com/

      • No no no no no, child. Not the PRIZE. I got that part. I mean THE TROPHY. For pies that magical, there must be some sort of object to hold aloft and thank god and your agent for all agreeing that you are the bestest thing that has ever happened to pie!! Right? Come ON.

        • I’m glad you clarified, Misty, because I was truly surprised that you might have missed the ‘Poopourri’ – with your lawyer eagle eyes and all.

          I would like my trophy made out of bacon, if you’re listening, JM.

  8. Whoa…you made your own crust? I’ve done that once. I’m impressed!

  9. Somedays I wish blogs had a *Love button, cuz like is not enough for that.

  10. Well, clearly I’m going to win this thing, because your crusts are made with stress and anger. Did you learn nothing from “Like Water For Chocolate”?

    My crusts? Love. And that’s the secret ingredient: Love. Also butter.

    And I say “I’m going to win this thing” on the hilarious assumption that I’ll have time to make a pie…

    • You sound just like Peppermeister. He’s always walking into the kitchen asking, “Is this made out of anger and hate?”

      But I think anything covered in chocolate-bacon is love. Allllll love. Just LOOK at it. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, pillowcases aside.

      • Interesting. You have made me realize 90% of what I cook is made with anxiety and doomed hope. Which explains the cramp in my face when I am in the kitchen. Anger and hate at least shows a fighting spirit. I salute you.

        • Saluting right back! B Man is GOING DOWN in a flaming pile of love and butter.

          This post has resulted in me saying things I never thought I’d say. I like it.

  11. Oh, you’re good. You’re very, very good. I do, in fact, remember how much I love your Tollhouse pie. And Bacon. And Chocolate. And chocolate-covered bacon. And pie. And Pi. Oh my.

    • I’m just ashamed it took me until the ‘oven’ stage to think of bacon! And I call myself a guilty pleasure enthusiast!

      It might be worth a trip down here just so you can try this thing. I’m not kidding, it’s the best-tasting pie I’ve ever made.

  12. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Those are mad baking skillz, Jules. You are taking it to such a next level that everybody else is going to need an elevator to even approach you.

    What a fun contest! I am full of admiration for JM and you and anybody else who can make pie.

    Can I tell you a little secret? I can’t make a pie crust. Cannot. I find the whole cold water/dough/glue thing so intimidating I tried maybe once and gave up in disgrace.

    • Ooh. I think I’m going to rename my blog The Penthouse and all of my chipmunks will be renamed “The VIP Posse.” Hmm, that sounds borderline dirty, sort of like chocolate-covered bacon seems borderline sinful.

      B Man is in charge of making any and all pie crusts from here on out.

  13. Pie crust is THE WORST! I have cried real tears over trying to make the perfect crust, so I refuse to make it now.

    I’m intrigued by this toll house pi pie. What’s in it? And is it local?

    • Please save any future tears so I can clean my food processor. I’m pretty sure there’s flour from 2007 stuck in parts of it.

      Tollhouse pie is basically a chocolate chip cookie, put into a pie crust. Cover it with chocolate-bacon, and soon you’ll need a crane to get out of the house!

  14. Oh good god

  15. Thank you for reminding me why I never ever make pie crust from scratch. I got frustrated just looking at the pictures and my heart raced at the thought of even attempting a flaky-buttery crust since I switched to gluten-free baking a few years back. I guess I am just destined to live a pie-less life. Sigh. However, I must say that chocolate dipped bacon looked oddly tempting to someone who hasn’t eaten meat in over 2 decades! 🙂

    • Bacon-chocolate is the surefire way to lure anyone back to the dark side! I’m pretty sure the devil is dressed in it.

      Trying to make a flaky, perfect gluten-free pie crust? Oh. No. I need to sit down.

  16. Chocolate covered bacon? Genius!!

  17. Next level. Achieved. (slow hand clap)

  18. I can’t like this Jules. I simply cannot. Chocolate covered bacon? What in the…?

  19. This is just beautiful.

  20. I’m stumped over how you could possibly make that Pi(e) any better… Well, plied, that pie. Well plied.

  21. “That’s what hell looks like: A stick of cold butter, flour and a fork.” I had always wondered. I feel I have learned a lot here today.

    Crazy amazing pies, ladies.

  22. Wow, that’s a delicious looking pie, Jules! Especially the chocolate covered bacon 🙂 I don’t make my own pie crust, maybe some day I’ll give it a try but it seems like the simplest most difficult thing ever.

  23. Chocolate dipped bacon on a pie?! The world may not be able to handle such glorious deliciousness!
    Can you send me a slice? PLEASE

    • Oh Audrey, I feel this is the pie that could save the world, make friends out of enemies, believers out of lost souls.

      I’m saving you a slice. I don’t know about Peppermeister, though.

      • Oh, Peppermeister… he better watch out.

        Sounds like this pie could bring peace to the world and cause wars over each tasty slice in an instant!

        The One Pie to rule them all! (Sorry, my inner Lord of the Rings nerd is showing, I’ll tuck that away now)

  24. Omg just reading this stresses me out. Keebler graham cracker crust. Premade. Don’t over think it.

    • The Oreo one makes me happy, too. But see, this sick part of my brain reads this and goes, “Well if I was making cheesecake, I’d have to make it myself, it’s the only way.”

      I need help.

  25. love, baby!! you hi pied it! and i’ve never made crust myself and now i never will. thank you for saving me that trouble.

  26. Everything is better with bacon – FACT

  27. I can attest to the greatness of this pie. As I have already enjoyed an ample slice and plan to finish the rest before the week’s end. It is the most moist and delicious pie crust I have ever tasted, despite the fact that it was made with anger and frustration. The bacon is thick cut, super crispy, and covered in chocolate. Nuff said.

  28. You. Are. Amazing. (And I don’t even like bacon!)
    My mom is an official Pie Master. Her homemade crusts have won several awards, and as a matter of fact, growing up in her house turned my siblings and I into super Pie Snobs. We usually don’t even give other pies a fighting chance. (Why put ourselves through inevitable disappointment?) Guess what, Jules? My ma doesn’t have a food processor. Blood, sweat, tears, and a g-damn FORK go into her crust. Bring it, sister. 🙂

  29. Chocolate covered bacon????? Did you really eat it?
    I use my grandmother’s pie crust recipe only with more shortening. I guess on all the ingredients. Never measure the water mixed with an egg. I count to 8 as it comes out of the refrigerator. And I use an old pastry blender. Crap. I knew there was something I needed from the grocery store. Mine just broke after making pies for 25 years! Not every day. Once in a while. in the summer…. mostly…
    I think yours should win!

  30. Okay. I had to look. I LOVE POOpouri! I have got to order some for gifts…. hilarious and kind of pretty!

  31. Looks great, Jules! Any recipe that includes bacon is a good recipe to make. I’ve made a number of bacon-inspired treats over the years, but your pie is one that I’ve never toyed with. Now, I just might have to bring the pork to the pie!

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  33. What a hoot! I love this and all the comments. My mouth is watering and you know I don’t even like chocolate — but I do LOVE me some pie! “Abort. abort mission” hysterical! and the cold butter, fork, flour = hell? hahahahahah I know there were several others, including Peg’s, but I can’t remember exactly. Hope the B. man does a pi pie, just to see, but would challenge him to describe it as tantalizingly as you did yours. Thanks for today’s laugh! O,BTW – Lori wants a pink bunny that hands out vodka shots. How about a reggae dancing brown bunny, pink boa – giving out those little bottles of Titos instead of eggs? I know. It needs work. Babs

  34. Great pie! I share your hatred of making dough, so I just don’t. I don’t like the ready-made kind, so I use puff pastry sheets.

  35. Bacon wins. Every. Time.

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  38. The chocolate bacon is inspiration at the highest level … seriously. You got jacked by the venison pie…. I’d suggest you contest the voting!! (but we love JM too much to really do that..) You are a PI-lot supreme!

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