Vote for My Final 3rd Spouse Candidate!

GoJulesGo-Cold-BedWell I’ve gotta tell you Chipmunks, it makes a gal feel good to know some of you are so willing to snuggle up as my 3rd spouse, joining the ranks of First Husband, Peppermeister, and Second Husband, Darren Criss (of Glee fame).

When I put the question out there on Monday, I was delighted by your responses.

I don’t know why I think it’s so flattering, though. Taking a brief glimpse back in time, why wouldn’t anyone volunteer for Go Jules Go back rub duty?

It's just...
I mean…
…I am too sexy for my shirt.

I face a tough road ahead. Figuring out how to keep those pics from popping up on your blogs who’ll be the 5th candidate (along with my BFF, Jenn, Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake and Bacon) for 3rd spouse.

Like choosing between champagne and more champagne.

The Candidates

  • Speaker7‘s Boy Toy, Hugo
    • Heavily influenced by 50 Shades of Grey; sure to overcompensate for lack of bottom half
  • Sandy from SandyLand
    • Cleans during bouts of insomnia; curious about New Jersey
  • The Good Humor ice cream man (courtesy of Ice Scream Mama)
    • “Brings the goods and good humor”; may lure additional spouses with said goods
  • Misty from Misty’s Laws
    • Will not hog covers other spouses and has “huge…bathtub”; will bring bacon, booze and thoughtful gifts
  • Ryan Gosling (courtesy of She’s A Maineiac)
    • Abs; also abs
  • Rache from Rachel’s Table
    • Cooks, writes loving haikus, enjoys pillow fights and long walks on the beach in the brewery
  • The Byronic Man
    • Can borrow wardrobe, will share pie crust secrets (editor’s note: unconfirmed), believes bears have feelings, too
  • Chris Brown (courtesy of PILCHARDRABIES)
    • Lends diversity; has tattoos
  • The wizard troll doll (courtesy of Katiepede’s Blog)
    • Will “make me feel ‘Oh so special’ in that kind of crazy hair way that no other doll can do” (take note, Hugo)
  • The Former Pope, Benedict XVI (courtesy of GINGERFIGHTBACK)
    • “Great wardrobe, lovely condo in Rome and can always get his hands on some nice candle holders for a romantic dinner”
  • Seth MacFarlane (courtesy of The Sacred and The Profane)
    • Super rich; most likely to already have a Red Room of Pain

Clearly I need your help. Who’s your pick For the final 3rd spouse candidate? (Vote for up to 3!)

Cast your vote(s) by NOON EST on Saturday, March 30th. On Monday, April 1st, we’ll put the final 5 candidates head-to-head (because why do something in one post when you can draw it out in 3?)!