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Do You Know What Today Is?

It’s Rachel’s Table‘s birthday!

Rachel is a fellow blogger I’m lucky enough to call a real-life friend, though we met through the magical blogosphere.

First meeting.
First meeting.
Second meeting.
Second meeting.
Third meeting. Toldja.
Third meeting. What can I say? She makes me feel all warm and Instagram-y inside.

Back in April, when I celebrated my 31st 21st birthday, Rachel gathered a bunch of bloggy friends to write haikus for me.

Dear Rachey-Poo Head,

That was the Best. Present. Ever.

Chocolate bacon.

I’m sorry. I don’t know where the “chocolate bacon” came from.

Yes I do. And I know where it's going.
Yes I do. And I know where it’s going.

I think about Rachel all the time.

I thought of Rachel when I texted my hub, Peppermeister, about Monday night’s dinner:


I thought of Rachel when I made last night’s dinner, and Peppermeister left me a bowl of his mysterious homegrown peppers. Surely I couldn’t put any in the bacon turkey meatloaf without trying them first?


Speaking of.

I’m not sure your present has arrived, Rache, so spoiler alert: It’s to recognize your Peppermeister Roulette (hot pepper tasting) victory against the man himself:

I might be sleeping on the couch tonight. Care to join me, Rachey-Poo?
I might be sleeping on the couch tonight. Care to join me, Rachey-Poo?

In all seriousness, Rachel is one of those undeniably special people who is not only talented, beautiful and clever, but always knows just what to say to let you know she’s there for you, and she gets it she’ll totally hook you up with the Amish bacon. I hope you’ll join me in wishing her a VERY happy birthday!

If you had to wear someone’s face on your chest, whose would it be (besides Rachel’s) and why? (Bet you didn’t think you’d be answering that question today.)


80 thoughts on “Do You Know What Today Is?”

    1. Uncle Spike, you might be the man I’ve been seeking. Can you explain those Cadbury Turkish Delights? Bacon and chocolate I get (oh, how I get it), but those things… Yeesh.

      1. Nope… Cadbury’s is a British brand and nothing to do with Turkey. I guess it’s like the odd flavour crisps they bring out every now and again in the UK – cultural strangeness indeed 🙂

        Real Turkish Delight, or Lokum as it’s known here is soooo different to the stuff you see overseas. We have many flavours, all sweet – and definitely none with bacon!


        1. Hilarious – I was Google image searching Turkish Delights right before I replied to you, and I was all, “Those don’t look at ALL like the Cadbury nightmares.”

          I’ve had some of those suspicious crisps, too. And yet, England is still one of my top ‘dream travel locale trips’…

  1. Rachel (yeah, that’s right),
    Happy birthday to you! I remember when we first met around an organic, fair trade and local (don’t even argue) poutine with polar bear meat. To me, it was one=ab at first sight.

    Wishing you a glorious day.
    Le Clown

  2. Happy Birthday Rachel!

    As for who’s face? Either Kristin Chenowith or Jenna Bush. They both bug the hell outta me so I think it’ll be fun to get shit all over their faces like grease spatters and sauce moustaches.

  3. Did your second meeting take place at a nuclear reactor facility?

    It’s Lance Armstrong’s birthday, too! Ohh boy. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought him up. Hokay, how about James Gandolfini? It’s his birthday too, yeah! Oh…wait…early demise. I’m going to stop right now. Habby birfday. *Hic.*

    I have a Charles Bukowski t-shirt for real. I wore it while walking around Disneyworld to be CONTRARIAN. A woman walked up and had her picture taken next to me because her last name was actually Bukowski.

    Do you know anyone in Seaside? That poor boardwalk. It’s like they’re being punished but I can’t connect the sin.

    1. We like to meet up only at places that could double for “Breaking Bad” sets.

      Wow. Way to burst a birthday balloon there. Heh.

      Assuming locusts don’t descend upon the Seaside boardwalk next, promise me you’ll wear the t-shirt there, too.

  4. Happy birthday to Rachel! It’s my birthday too, so happy birthday Vanessa too! 🙂 I won’t say anything obvious like all the best people have their birthdays today – some things don’t need to be said, they are just known. Do I get some chocolate bacon too?

    1. Get out! Happy birthday!!! (You might not want to read Exile on Pain Street’s comment, then…)

      As for the bacon chocolate, ah, I’m afraid I have some unfortunate news. The…chipmunks…seem to have raided my stash overnight. Would you settle for some frozen peas and American cheese slices?

      1. Thank you. I did read Exile’s comment – he follows my blog too and generally comments, so I’ll see if he says anything similar over there, ’cause I mentioned it’s my birthday on a post I did a little earlier. Frozen peas and American cheese?! I guess, if that’s all you’ve got…

  5. Oh Jules, you are the best bloggy/real-life friend a girl could ever dream or wish for! I thought this was especially true when I received my apron last night with this note:

    Dear Rachey-Poo, Happy birthday,friend; Cook in this and nothing else, but please be careful. Love, Jules

    (I’ll be very careful)

    Thank you so much for thinking of me today (and every day)!!

    A haiku:

    I’ve weaseled my way
    Into your heart and blog posts
    Now to steal the dog

    1. R-r-rachey Poo! I knew you were after my little dog, too. (Side note: The vet just called with the blood/stool test results from his annual visit, and he is one healthy pupster. Yay! Happy birthday to… you!)

      I can’t wait to add more photos to our Instagram Installment.

  6. Happy birthday Rachel! Wishing you a year where you receive all of the bacon chocolate. ALL OF IT. Because, really, it deserves to be with someone as wonderful as you.

  7. Well, I guess she’s OK and all. For a locavore. 😉

    Happy Birthday to your bloggy bestie! I have had the privilege of spending time with both of you together in the same room WITH Uncle Jesse . . . and bacon. So, pretty much, I win! 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday Rachel! Or, as one of my ticky tacky friends likes to say, happy anniversary of the day you came out of your mother’s vagina! Cuz I’m classy like that.

    And whose face would I have on my chest? George Lucas. Duh. But only if it was like, for reals. Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow. Even George Lucas.

    1. Thanks!

      I’ve never tried bacon ice cream. It just seems wrong. But chocolate covered bacon, I get. It’s like dipping bacon in maple syrup, right? Sweet and savory. Now get to Whole Foods and buy some chocolate!

  9. Happy, happy birdday, Miss Rachel! I love how Jules and B-man coordinated their tributes with him running that picture of you as a teenage jazz dancer – fabulous!

  10. This PG rated blog precludes me from sharing my comment about the pleasant thoughts I’ll have of you two sleeping on the couch together (think tickle fight) while PM is in his bed alone popping peppers and watching the Three Stooges in peace, so I’ll just say hello. Hello, ladies.

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