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Guess Who’s Not Obese?!

You’ve heard of the Body Mass Index (BMI), right? A handy dandy formula for figuring out just how many bacon strips past healthy you are?

I didn't think it could get worse until I saw it in Comic Sans.
I didn’t think it could get worse until I saw it in Comic Sans.

Well, then, I’m glad you put down your vodka and Valium long enough to read this post, because: I know. That shiz is unforgiving.

July 2013.
July 2013.

This past summer, I felt compelled to finally take note. I’d been struggling with a 2 year-long weight loss plateau, and even hiking every mountain in New Jersey wasn’t helping.

Thanks to 1 FitBit (my pedometer on steroids) and 6 months, I realized vodka does, in fact, have calories…

This can't be right.
This can’t be right.

…and have gone from “obese” to “normal.”

Clearly this scale isn't measuring mental health.
Clearly this scale isn’t measuring mental health.

And you know what that means for Go Jules Go…



In all seriousness, this blog has changed my life. I’m 100+ pounds lighter than when I started in February 2011, and while weight may just be a number, I’m also lighter in spirit in ways that cannot be measured.

And that is invaluable.

So thank you.


P.S. – I can totally still celebrate with vodka, right?


104 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Not Obese?!”

    1. Great minds inDEED! I’ve called it that twice on my blog! I thought I should switch it up, but between you and me, I much prefer “crack.”

      I should probably rephrase that.

      1. Only rephrase it if you feel you can’t commit to all possible interpretations. Otherwise, leave it :-P. If you prefer crack, you should use crack and embrace crack.

  1. Wow, you look amazing. I have got to try this FitBit. Jillian Michaels isn’t working for me anymore. (she wasn’t working for me ever, actually) Some day I’d also like to rediscover my butt, I know it’s in there somewhere….

    1. Maybe we should set up Jillian and Tadd so they’ll be too busy to ride our asses?!

      P.S. – Thank you, DP. I have it on good authority that you look amazing, too!

  2. Good job! That’s an amazing and challenging accomplishment. I know what you mean about having the blog- it holds me accountable more than I could alone. It’s like, crap- I have to admit I caved and did nothing all week… No way. Too stubborn and proud, a lethal, but sometimes excellent mixture.

    1. Thank you, Talia! I was just stalking your blog and now I’m raising my morning vodka to your 52 monthly miles!

      You’re so right. I never used to write because I thought I needed to pen the next great American novel 50 Shades; blogging gave me the outlet to take those crucial baby steps. (And the friendships I’ve made are a huge, unexpected perk!)

    1. Thank you so much, Nicki, and Happy New Year! I’m hoping 2014 provides more time for reading my favorite blogs, and less time trying to sell a house. (You went through this hellish process last year, right?!)

  3. Holy cow, Jules! You look smokin’ hot!! And you’ve got a GREAT ASS!! (Sorry, my Pacino was peeking there….still true, though).

    I refuse to put my numbers in that formula. Then, I can keep kidding myself that I may not be obese. I haven’t even stepped on the scale since about thanksgiving! A steady diet of booze and cookies with no exercise does not bode well. Maybe I can get my shizz together in 2014. Maybe….

    1. I wish I had a tangible representation of the BMI scale so I could throw it out a 3rd story window. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE MIDDLE FINGER.

      2014 is going to rule. …Because we’re getting together, right?

      Oh and thank you, Ninja Snaps – for EVERYTHING! 🙂

  4. Is fitbit PAYING YOU for this endorsement? They SHOULD.

    I don’t know how you could look any better, but gosh, Jules, you’ve done it. HOTTTTTTTT – that’s not even enough Ts.

  5. Way to go! I have exposed myself on my blog in hopes that it would kick me in the butt and hold me accountable to get fit. Hasn’t worked so far, but you have given me inspiration. I’m hoping gin has no calories.

    1. Thank you so much, Jess, and I’m sure you’ll kick (shrinking) butt! This little bugger is the bomb! (It even lets me say things like this without judging…much.)

  6. Can you do us all a big favor and post every weird/inappropriate offline comment that full body shot generates? There’s bound to be a few.

    Happy new year, by the way. Enjoy the wx tomorrow. From 50° to 5° in 12 hours. Garden State, my ass.

    1. Hmm. Now I’m really disappointed I haven’t gotten any weird/inappropriate offline comments.

      I almost killed myself walking [on ice] today! Stay safe out there, my friend, and Happy New Year, to you, too!

  7. Hoozah as you might say, Jules! A happy Jules is my favorite Jules and you should be happy with the way you’re probably feeling now! Best wishes for even more fun in 2014. Vodka is a no brainer, just quit drinking it in sugared up Kool Aid.

    1. HOOZAH! I tried drinking it with grapefruit juice for a while, but now I’m back to delicious, delicious cranberry. I splurge on the fancy stuff, though, so good old-fashioned sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

      I think there needs to be an informal midwest Bloggy Summit in 2014. Maybe we could get Bud Lite Lime to sponsor it?

  8. Congratulations!! That is incredible and something you should be VERY proud of!!

    I got a Fitbit for Christmas… and – damn if it doesn’t make me walk more. PS – this is pre-vacation “Sober January” to, you know…. drop a few. Alcohol and I are still friends, but we’re long-distance now, and it’s just not the same.

    1. Thank you! I’m finally starting to really notice/feel the difference. Still have ~15 lbs to go, but I am feeling GOOD. This is the first time I’ve been patient, slow and steady with weight loss. And I’ve allowed myself to eat what I want, just while keeping track of calories. Which I’m hoping means it’s here to stay.

      Will be dying to know how you like the Fitbit after some time with it!

      P.S. – Vodka called. It wants to know if you’ll consider moving back in together on a trial basis.

    1. Thank you!! I have to admit, it’s REALLY not been bad! Nothing is off limits, and I’m eating a ‘normal’ (not ‘diet’) amount, so I’m hoping this means maintenance mode won’t be my downfall…

      Save me some ice cream!

    1. Thank you! I think I’m actually going to keep some jiggle JUST so, next Christmas, I can sing “Jiggle Bells.”

      Wow. Apparently I’ve not only lost weight, but also my sense of humor.

  9. Well done. That is a great achievement. I am aiming to lose 5 1/2 stone this year (just one of my 101 challenges!), so appreciate the hard work and dedication you must have put in. Loving your blog. x

    1. Thank you so much, Caroline! 101 challenges?! I bow down to you! I have quite a few mountains to climb in 2014, so maybe we can give each other some moral support (and by that I mean vodka).

  10. Congrats, Jules! You’ve always looked fabulous to me, regardless of where you sat on the stupid Comic Sans BMI scale, but I agree that the mental/emotional/spiritual lightness of being is PRICELESS. Huzzah for the Fitbit (and double huzzah to YOU for workin’ it!)

    1. Thank you, Dana! In the past, losing weight was a Comic Sans kind of hell, but this time around, I took it nice and slow and still eat (and more importantly, drink) like a normal person, so I really, really hope this is just as it feels [like it is] – my new lifestyle.

  11. I’ve seen you in person so I can confirm how hot you are. Rrrrrrrow. And how did you lose weight during the holidays? What are you, some kind of crazy blond superhero crime-fighting fembot? What do you have against sugar cookies anyway?

    Congrats, studpuppy!

      1. Yes, well I didn’t want to say anything but obviously there is a problem with formula and definitely not my new found love of cadburys creations. What a relief! Off to the fridge…

  12. You lost 100 pounds, congrats! But you also lost your moustache, which kind of a bummer… but you know, Jules, your ‘stacheless look actually works pretty well, too!

  13. Jules, Guess who IS obese? ME! But, I’m fine with it. No, seriously. I’m so happy. I love my body. I am incredibly fit for my size. And, I know, I’m one of the veeeery few out there. Oh, before I forget, BMI is not a true or remotely accurate indicator of health, happiness, and well-being, my darling, adorbs, and super funny friend. It’s all a crock of doo-doo, but I get why people use it. Despite my views on that, I am VERY proud of you for working so hard to increase your health and well-being. If losing weight helped you, then I’m all for it. But, I hope you know that you are gorgeous no matter what. 🙂

    1. Hear hear, Lizzy! That BMI scale is such a Comic Sans crock of turkey. I wish more people had your attitude; being healthy and fit is NOT one size fits all. The ‘low’ end of ‘normal’ on that scale is skeletal for me. The only time I saw that number? When I was 16, a size 2… and anorexic.

      You said it – it all comes down to your own idea of your healthiest self (mind, body and spirit); mine happens to fall in this general weight range, but the number on the scale is so meaningless compared to how you FEEL.

      P.S. – Thank you so much, and DITTO! 🙂

  14. Congrats Jules! Looking good. I am thinking of trying to lose weight but bacon just went on sale-2 1/2 lbs in my fridge. Plus SuperBowl coming up…also the Awards season…and my bike is broken. And I have a bottle of Baileys leftover from Christmas. And all the caramel and marshmallow Santa’s were marked down 90% (I stocked up) on top of just finding the Toblerone I got for my sister’s stocking was still in my sock drawer where I hid it…but soon…..soon..

      1. It IS too cold and rainy to cycle…oh wait. I live in Seattle. It’s always too cold and rainy. (We Pacific NW people always put that out there so we don’t have a population explosion. It’s actually very nice here usually-don’t tell anyone or I’ll send 2 1/2 lbs of bacon and a gross of caramel marshmallow Santa’s)

  15. YAY!! Congrats! You look amazing! This past year I have just been maintaining after an 80 pound loss but I really need to drop another 30… this year I definitely plan on changing that! It is great that losing weight also makes you feel lighter in spirit. I have definitely become less depressed because of it! Congrats again! =D

  16. Jules, I’m so, so proud of you. You look fantastic and I bet you feel even better. Woot, woot, woot! You’re inspiring me to get back on that damn fitness horse, because I fell off big time.

  17. Jules, congrats on your achievement. One hundred pounds is big time stuff. I hope you will be able to handle weight maintenance as well. Don’t go celebrating and put any back. Remember, it’s one day at a time. Gabi sends regards to Uncle Jesse.
    PS I have a page on How to lose weight – and keep it off that might prove helpful.

  18. Jules, congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! My pie chart looks a lot like yours above, except the breakdown for me is: 75% red wine; 20% chocolate; 5% everything else (meaning pasta, cookies, ice cream….) In short, I can best be described as a walking carb. Your story is an inspiration for me and others who struggle with the concept of eating for survival versus eating for sport. Thanks for your humor and honesty about your journey through the BMI chart as a result of your healthier lifestyle choices. With that, I withdraw my hand from my jumbo bag of holiday-inspired peanut M&Ms and beg my long-stemmed wine glass to let go of my hand…

  19. YAYAYAYAY!! I am so happy for you and proud of you! Not only is your ass smoking in those jeans, but you also figured out how to crush a road block (the weight loss plateau) in your life by getting a little creative, which is way more important. Here’s to another year of smiles, good health, and skinny jeans. And you know what goes best with skinny jeans and a regular walking regimen? VODKA (obviously).

  20. I am so proud of you!!! So amazing Jules! So amazing!

    I just BMI’d after reading that and I’m overweight which is better than I thought because I assumed I’d be in obese. BUT I’ve been kicking my ass the last 10 days and (rocking it if I do say so myself) and hope to continue to do so for the next 6 months to come until I lose the remaining 38 lbs I’ve got to go. SO. Do you love your fitbit. LIke love love it enough to break my other resolution which is not to needlessly spend money?

  21. Well, Jules, first off, Congrats on a wonderful goal, effort, and result!
    Second, just know that I will miss that great close-up smile and beautiful face, so don’t drop them altogether!
    I have followed your blog for quite awhile and I have to say that I have watched you change, mentally and physically over the time and you do yourself proud, girl!

  22. Damn, not sure how I missed this post. Big huge congrats on all of this!! Absolutely amazing – and you did it safely by changing lifestyle instead of a crash diet. (Or lemonade cleanse)

    Not to diminish you awesome accomplishments, but I think BMI still isn’t that accurate. I’m considered thisclose to severely obese, but it doesn’t take muscle/fat composition into account. I’m sure if you did body fat % your achievements would be even greater!

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